Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Linköping University, it is a public university in Linköping, Sweden.

JobPublished toExternal ID
PhD Student in Applied Physics, with focus on Organic Photonics and Nanooptics05/01/2022LiU-2021-04617
Postdoc in cognitive neuroscience03/01/2022BKV-2021-00691
Postdoc in magnetic resonance imaging with elements of deep learning29/12/2021LiU-2021-04559
Associate professor in Fault Diagnostics and Prognostics22/12/2021LiU-2021-04257
Postdoc in Organic Electronics16/12/2021LiU-2021-04722
PhD student in Materials physics13/12/2021IFM-2021-00538
Principal Research Engineer in population genetics13/12/2021IFM-2021-00564
Postdoctor in sustainable resource management09/12/2021IFM-2021-00603
PhD student in Technology and Social Change09/12/2021TEMA-2021-00228
Postdoc in Technology and Social Change09/12/2021TEMA-2021-00229
Postdoctor in Materials physics07/12/2021IFM-2021-00532
Postdoctor in Materials physics07/12/2021IFM-2021-00531
Postdoctor in Materials physics07/12/2021IFM-2021-00530
Research Assistent in cell and molecular biology03/12/2021BKV-2021-00712
PhD student in cybersecurity03/12/2021IDA-2021-00302
Postdoctor in Automatic Control with Focus on System Identification for Hearing Assessment02/12/2021LiU-2021-04366
Postdoc in Computer Science01/12/2021IDA-2021-00297
PhD student in Medical Science30/11/2021BKV-2021-00681
PhD student in Medical Science30/11/2021BKV-2021-00680

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