Postdocs and Research Positions at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy, promote excellence in research and the development of economy.

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral Fellowship in “Nanomedicine for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases” 20/01/2022 – 21000052

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPostdoc position in Data science for renewable energies 20/01/2022 – 2100007Q

Administrative GENOVASenior Administrative Assistant (Grants writing – Horizon Europe) 23/01/2022 – 2100007M

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral position in cellular and molecular cancer biology 24/01/2022 – 2100007R

Administrative GENOVAWeb Content Manager 24/01/2022 – 2100008I

Postdoc GENOVAPost Doc position in Microencapsulation of actives in yeast 26/01/2022 – 22000005

PhD Fellow GENOVAPhD fellow in Bi-directional high-resolution neuroelectronics 26/01/2022 – 22000009

Administrative MILANO POLIMIAdministrative Support Assistant for Research Lines 27/01/2022 – 2200000B

Postdoc GENOVA S. QUIRICOPost Doc position in Robotics and AI 27/01/2022 – 22000007

Fellow GENOVAFellow position in System Integration Engineer for Legged Robots 27/01/2022 – 22000008

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOEngineer in Embedded Systems Designer for Robotics and AI – Artificial and Mechanical Intelligence 31/01/2022 – 2100007O

Postdoc LECCEPostdoctoral position in piezoelectric biointerfaces 31/01/2022 – 2100004O

Fellow GENOVA S. QUIRICOFellow position in Robotics and AI 31/01/2022 – 21000063

Technical GENOVA2 JUNIOR ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS 31/01/2022 – 2100008H

Fellow GENOVAFellow position in Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineering 31/01/2022 – 2100006Q

Fellow GENOVAResearch Fellow in Mechanical Engineering for Soft Robotics 31/01/2022 – 2100007U

Administrative GENOVAWindows System Engineer 02/02/2022 – 2100003B

Administrative GENOVALinux System Engineer 02/02/2022 – 21000086

Administrative GENOVAIT System Engineer 02/02/2022 – 21000087

Postdoc PISAPost-doctoral Position in the field of two-dimensional materials 04/02/2022 – 2100008G

Postdoc MILANO POLIMIPost-Doctoral position on time-resolved optical spectroscopy on perovskite semiconductors 14/01/2022 – 2100008B

Postdoc GENOVAPost Doc in Behavioral Neuroscience 15/01/2022 – 2100008C

Fellow GENOVAResearch Fellow in Simulation, Modeling, and Control 15/01/2022 – 2100007W

Technical GENOVATechnician position in cellular and/or molecular biology in neurodevelopmental disorders 15/01/2022 – 2100008D

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLI2 Postdoctoral positions in Medicinal Chemistry 15/01/2022 – 2100008A

Fellow GENOVAFellow position in Development of Firmware & High Level Control for Exoskeletons 15/01/2022 – 2100005L

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral position in the Neuromodulation of Synaptic Circuits 15/01/2022 – 2100005M

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPost-doc Functional Memory Network in collaborative AI for context awareness and action planning in robotics 16/01/2022 – 21000089

Administrative GENOVASoftware Developer 16/01/2022 – 2100005C

Postdoc TORINO ENVIPARKPostdoctoral position in “in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy“ 17/01/2022 – 2100000S

Postdoc MILANO POLIMIPost-doctoral position in Light coupling to nanostructured materials 15/02/2022 – 2100007X

Postdoc LECCEPost Doc in Computational Nanoplasmonics 15/02/2022 – 2100006R

Researcher VENEZIAResearcher in nanocomposite design for material preservation 15/02/2022 – 2000005M

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on Machine Learning for Earth Observation data 15/02/2022 – 2000002S

Postdoc MILANO POLIMIPost-Doctoral Position in Edible Electronics 20/02/2022 – 22000006

Postdoc GENOVAPost Doc in Soft Robotics Engineer 28/02/2022 – 22000001

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral position in Advanced Teleoperation and Haptics – 2100006U

Fellow GENOVATwo Fellow Positions on Advanced Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration – 21000065

Fellow GENOVA S. QUIRICOFellow position in software engineering for robotic applications – 2100005N

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOJunior Mechatronic/Assembly Engineer for Robotics – 2100004Z

Postdoc GENOVAPOST DOC opening in Intelligent and Ergonomic Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration – 2100004L

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoc on Robot learning and control – 22000002

Fellow GENOVAFellow Positions in developing the next generation of bionic rehabilitation systems – 2100003S

Postdoc BERGAMOPost-doc position in Human Robot Interaction for Industrial Collaborative Robots – 2100001C

Technical GENOVATechnical position in Mechanical design and Mechatronics. – 2000004Y

Administrative GENOVASupporto all’attività Tecnico/Amministrativa L.68/99 – 1900001C

Fellow GENOVAOne Fellow Position on Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Manipulation – 2100007F

Postdoc GENOVAPost-Doc in Perception for Legged Robots – 2100006Z

Postdoc GENOVAPost-Doc in Machine Learning for Legged Robots – 2100006Y

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