PhD and Academic Positions at the University of Gothenburg, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Researcher in thermal metasurface glass2022-02-21Fixed termPAR 2022/64
Researcher in materials identification system for the global recycling technology2022-02-21Fixed termPAR 2022/63
Research assistant2022-02-21Fixed termPAR 2022/135
Researcher in biomaterials2022-02-21Fixed termPAR 2022/122
Visiting Lecturer (Intermittent employment)2022-02-18Fixed termPAR 2022/118
Researcher2022-02-17Fixed termPAR 2022/128
Researcher in Blockchain Lab 20222022-02-10Fixed termPAR 2022/114
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Goblet cells as regulators of gut immune responses2022-02-24Fixed termPAR 2022/28
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Predictors for sepsis2022-02-24Fixed termPAR 2022/25
Doctoral student in Odontological Science – Innate immunity/inflammation biology2022-02-24Fixed termPAR 2022/31
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Medical Radiation Sciences, MR-physics2022-02-24Fixed termPAR 2022/24
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Role of adiponectin in women with PCOS2022-02-24Fixed termPAR 2022/27
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Neuroscience-The brain illuminated2022-02-24Fixed termPAR 2022/29
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Neurology2022-02-17Fixed termPAR 2022/112
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Human and molecular genetics to treat NAFLD2022-02-24Fixed termPAR 2022/26
2 PhD students in Structural Biology/Biophysics with special focus on protein structural dynamics.2022-02-18Fixed termPAR 2022/84
1-2 Post-doctoral scholars in Economic History2022-02-16Fixed termPAR 2022/39
Researcher2022-02-16Open endedPAR 2022/125
Researcher2022-02-15Open endedPAR 2022/119
Student assistants for Blockchain Lab 20222022-02-08Fixed termPAR 2022/113
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Cancer diagnostics2022-02-16Fixed termPAR 2022/33
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Maternal vitamin D status and children’s health2022-02-15Fixed termPAR 2022/34
Postdoctoral researcher in Formal Methods2022-02-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1638
Researcher2022-02-14Open endedPAR 2022/104
Postdoc in atomic and molecular physics2022-02-18Fixed termPAR 2021/1609
Associate Researcher2022-02-11Fixed termPAR 2022/91
Researcher2022-02-10Fixed termPAR 2022/88
Postdoctor in Immunology2022-02-10Fixed termPAR 2022/89
Data and Survey Manager to the Department of Political Science and GLD2022-03-03Fixed termPAR 2022/71
PhD student positions in mathematics2022-02-25Fixed termPAR 2022/57
Researcher in cancer research2022-02-07Fixed termPAR 2022/61
Associate Researcher2022-02-07Fixed termPAR 2021/1687

Senior Lecturer in health science statistics, 1-2 positions
2022-02-03Open endedPAR 2021/1731
2 PhD Students in theoretical physics (condensed-matter theory/statistical physics)2022-02-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1501
Scientific editor2022-02-07Fixed termPAR 2022/47
Assistant Researcher in Molecular Biology2022-02-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1683
Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science2022-02-14Open endedPAR 2021/1641
Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science2022-02-14Open endedPAR 2021/1647
Researcher within Neurochemistry2022-02-04Open endedPAR 2022/54
Researcher in Soft Matter lab2022-02-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1707
Senior lecturer in social work2022-02-10Open endedPAR 2022/10
Researcher within molecular metabolism2022-02-03Fixed termPAR 2021/1684
Research Engineer in NMR-Based Structural Biology2022-02-03Fixed termPAR 2021/1695
Researcher, Core Facilities2022-02-07Open endedPAR 2022/23
Post-doctoral scholar, specializing in analyzing university incubators contributions to regional entrepreneurial development2022-02-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1236
1-2 Postdoctoral fellows in Structure and function of GPCR signaling complexes2022-02-01Fixed termPAR 2022/13
One or more doctoral studentships in Sinology2022-02-08Fixed termPAR 2021/1671
Postdoctoral fellow in Computational genomics of UV-induced DNA damage2022-02-18Fixed termPAR 2022/12

One or more doctoral studentships in African languages and/or Latin and/or Slavic languages with a specialisation in Slavic medieval studies
2022-02-08Fixed termPAR 2021/1670
Doctoral student in Archaeology (Radiocarbon dates and Bayesian statistical modelling, From correlations to explanations: towards a new European prehistory)2022-02-14Fixed termPAR 2022/6
Doctoral student in Archaeology (Strontium isotope analysis and human mobility)2022-02-14Fixed termPAR 2022/5
Senior Lecturer in Logic, one or several2022-02-28Open endedPAR 2021/1475
Doctoral Position in Peace and Development Research – with a focus on civil society mobilization in the Middle East and North Africa2022-02-28Fixed termPAR 2022/15
Doctoral Position in Peace and Development Research – with a focus on legal mobilization in Sápmi2022-02-28Fixed termPAR 2022/7
PhD student in Applied Mathematics2022-02-26Fixed termPAR 2021/1734
Doctoral student in Environmental Social Science – with a focus on wolf conflicts2022-02-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1716
Doctoral student in Environmental Social Science – with a focus on sustainable seafood2022-02-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1732
Associate senior lecturer in public administration2022-02-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1434
Associate senior lecturer in public administration with a focus on the education sector2022-02-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1433
1-3 Doctoral studentship positions (PhD positions) in Political Science2022-02-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1615
Doctoral studentship position (PhD position) in Political Science, specialization in corruption and/or environmental politics2022-02-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1623
Senior Lecturer of Crafts specialising in Ceramic Art2022-02-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1514
Senior Lecturer of Crafts specialising in Textile Art2022-02-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1536
Associate Senior Lecturer in Computational Linguistics, one or several2022-02-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1333
3-6 positions in the PhD Program in Economics2022-02-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1259

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