PhD and Academic Positions at the University of Gothenburg, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Doctoral student in Health Care Science – Self-rated health in older adults2022-03-24Fixed termPAR 2022/32
Researcher at the Department of Political Science and GLD2022-03-29Fixed termPAR 2022/308
PhD Student in Physics (with focus on machine learning and/or robotics and/or optical tweezers, Soft Matter Lab)2022-03-31Fixed termPAR 2022/189
Researcher in radiation biology2022-03-21Fixed termPAR 2022/290
Postdoc in Physics (with focus on machine learning and/or robotics and/or optical tweezers, Soft Matter Lab)2022-03-31Fixed termPAR 2022/190
Doctoral student in Basic Medicine, 4 positions2022-03-22Fixed termPAR 2022/211
Researcher2022-03-21Open endedPAR 2022/295
PhD in Marine Sciences specializing in cold-water coral reproductive ecology2022-03-20Fixed termPAR 2022/136
Postdoctor in Behavioral Ecology2022-03-28Fixed termPAR 2022/283
Postdoctor in Immunology2022-03-10Fixed termPAR 2022/89
Senior lecturer in food and nutrition2022-04-04Open endedPAR 2022/280
Postdoc Researcher Software Engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems/Automotive Software Engineering2022-03-24Fixed termPAR 2022/266
Systems developer specialising in research infrastructure for digital humanities2022-03-17Open endedPAR 2022/281
Research engineer in digital humanities specialising in front-end development2022-03-17Open endedPAR 2022/270
Research engineer specialising in database development and geographic information systems (GIS)2022-03-17Open endedPAR 2022/282
Postdoctor in Neurochemistry2022-03-18Fixed termPAR 2022/289
PhD in Marine Sciences specializing in cold-water coral and sponge ecology, with a focus on Alaskan deep ecosystems2022-03-18Fixed termPAR 2022/137
Lecturer in film with orientation decolonial practice2022-03-17Fixed termPAR 2022/259
Lecturer in film with orientation production and essay film2022-03-10Fixed termPAR 2022/256
Researcher2022-03-17Fixed termPAR 2022/277
PhD student, specializing in analying university students’ impact on innovation2022-06-03Fixed termPAR 2022/272
PhD student, specializing in analyzing innovation processes for new sustainability technology2022-06-03Fixed termPAR 2022/271
Professor in clinical pathology combined with employment as specialist in clinical pathology at Sahlgrenska University Hospital2022-04-25Open endedPAR 2022/77
Researcher2022-03-16Fixed termPAR 2022/263
1-2 Associate Senior Lecturer/s in Innovation, entrepreneurship and management of intellectual assets2022-04-11Fixed termPAR 2022/52
Research assistant in environmental economics and international projects2022-03-16Fixed termPAR 2022/175
Associate senior lecturer in Economic History2022-03-16Fixed termPAR 2022/19
Researcher2022-03-15Fixed termPAR 2022/243
Administrative assistant for the digital platform for arts&political ideas L’internationale online (6 months)2022-03-08Fixed termPAR 2022/168
Postdoctoral position in conjugation of transmembrane peptides2022-03-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1533
One or several Researchers to the Department of Political Science with a focus on political responsiveness2022-03-15Fixed termPAR 2022/228
PhD Student in Biophysics (with focus on single-molecule imaging)2022-03-14Fixed termPAR 2022/173
Researcher in Bayesian chronological modelling and stable isotope analysis2022-03-14Fixed termPAR 2022/85
Postdoctor in Environmental Sciences with a focus on chemical risk assessment2022-03-14Fixed termPAR 2022/150
Researcher in cancer diagnostics2022-03-14Open endedPAR 2022/240
Senior lecturer in film practice2022-03-24Open endedPAR 2021/1553
Researcher in Applied Information Technology in Education2022-03-14Fixed termPAR 2022/246
Researcher2022-03-14Fixed termPAR 2022/241
Senior Lecturer in Global public health2022-03-31Open endedPAR 2022/221
Researcher in nano electrochemistry at cells and vesicles2022-03-10Fixed termPAR 2022/132
Researcher in nano electrochemistry of exosomes and short-term memory2022-03-10Fixed termPAR 2022/133
Researcher on the transition to a low-carbon economy in the Global South2022-03-10Fixed termPAR 2022/178
Postdoctoral fellow in Mitochondrial Biogenesis2022-03-09Fixed termPAR 2022/172
Associate researcher in Cancer Research2022-03-09Fixed termPAR 2022/223
Postdoctoral fellow in Computational genomics of UV-induced DNA damage2022-03-11Fixed termPAR 2022/12
Researcher2022-03-07Fixed termPAR 2022/210
Postdoctor in Mass Spectrometry of Alzheimer Pathology2022-03-07Fixed termPAR 2022/207
Postdoctor in Psychology with a specialization in lifestyle and health over the life-course2022-03-07Fixed termPAR 2022/97
PhD student in conservation, specialising in traditional knowledge and sustainable building construction2022-03-25Fixed termPAR 2021/964
Research engineer in modelling X-ray scattering data from microtubules2022-03-03Fixed termPAR 2022/110
Postdoctor in Cancer Research2022-03-02Fixed termPAR 2022/193
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Health Economics2022-03-03Fixed termPAR 2022/166
Senior lecturer in mathematics or mathematical statistics2022-03-15Open endedPAR 2022/76
Adjunct lecturer in dramatic performance focusing on musical rehearsal, opera2022-03-09Fixed termPAR 2022/199
Researcher in Atmospheric Chemistry2022-03-02Fixed termPAR 2022/183
Postdoc in atomic and molecular physics2022-03-18Fixed termPAR 2021/1609
Doctoral Position in Environmental Social Science – with a focus on climate change and migration2022-03-15Fixed termPAR 2022/153
Researcher, Core Facilities2022-03-02Fixed termPAR 2022/143
Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology2022-03-15Open endedPAR 2022/115

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