PhD and Academic Positions at The University of Oulu, one of the largest universities in Finland, located in the city of Oulu, Finland

Yliopisto-opettaja, oppimistieteet

Faculty of EducationApplication deadline 10.4.202223.3.2022 JOBS


OtherApplication deadline 10.4.202228.3.2022 JOBS


Faculty of HumanitiesApplication deadline 11.4.202230.3.2022 JOBS


Faculty of EducationApplication deadline 14.4.202230.3.2022 JOBS


OtherApplication deadline 17.4.202230.3.2022 JOBS

Yliopisto-opettaja, suomen kieli ja viestintä

OtherApplication deadline 18.4.202221.3.2022 JOBS

Doctoral Researcher, Biochemistry, Structural Biology and Drug Discovery

Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular MedicineApplication deadline 24.4.202215.3.2022 JOBS

Postdoctoral Researcher, Research Unit of Biomedicine, Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of MedicineApplication deadline 1.5.202228.3.2022 JOBS

Yliopisto-opettaja, varhaiskasvatus

Faculty of EducationApplication deadline 1.5.202224.2.2022 JOBS

Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical EngineeringApplication deadline 2.5.202228.3.2022 JOBS

Doctoral Researcher, Civil Engineering

Faculty of TechnologyApplication deadline 31.5.202231.1.2022 JOBS

Sijaisuuksia Oulun yliopiston harjoittelukouluun

Faculty of EducationApplication deadline 5.6.2022

Doctoral Student, Continuously Observed Quantum Matter with Superconducting Circuits

Faculty of ScienceApplication deadline 31.3.202228.2.2022 JOBS

Yliopisto-opettaja, Sukupuolentutkimus

Faculty of EducationApplication deadline 31.3.20221.3.2022 JOBS

Psykologian yliopistonlehtori

Faculty of EducationApplication deadline 31.3.20222.3.2022 JOBS

Yliopisto-opettaja, rahoitus

Oulu Business SchoolApplication deadline 31.3.20222.3.2022 JOBS

Psykologian yliopistonlehtori

Faculty of EducationApplication deadline 31.3.20228.3.2022 JOBS

Professor of Saami Culture

Faculty of HumanitiesApplication deadline 31.3.20228.3.2022 JOBS

Professor of Saami languages

Faculty of HumanitiesApplication deadline 31.3.202216.3.2022 JOBS


Faculty of TechnologyApplication deadline 31.3.202221.3.2022 JOBS


OtherApplication deadline 5.4.202223.3.2022 JOBS

Suunnittelija, digipedagogiikka ja oppimisympäristöt

OtherApplication deadline 8.4.2022

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