Funded PhD scholarships at Jülich Research Centre, a member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres

  Reference number
  Title  Institute  Location
2022D-039PhD Position – Theoretical condensed-matter physicsPGI-9 – Semiconductor NanoelectronicsJülich
2022D-032PhD Position – Neuromorphic architecturesPGI-14 – Neuromorphic Compute NodesAachen
2022D-031PhD Position – Neuromorphic systems for solving hard optimization problemsPGI-14 – Neuromorphic Compute NodesAachen
2022D-030PhD Position – Mixed analog-digital VLSI circuit design for neuromorphic systemsPGI-14 – Neuromorphic Compute NodesAachen
2022D-037PhD Position – The role of CO2 as a resource in a global greenhouse gas-neutral energy systemIEK-3 – Techno-economic Systems AnalysisJülich
2021D-091PhD Position – Data-Driven Approaches to Rational Designs of Covalent DrugsJSC – Jülich Supercomputing CentreJülich
2022D-036PhD Position – High Dimensional Multi Omics Data IntegrationIBG-4 – BioinformaticsJülich
2022D-028PhD Position – Development of a stationary 3D tomography measurement system for high-resolution surveying of soils using georadarZEA-2 – Electronic SystemsJülich
2022D-022PhD Position – High Throughput Assembly, Characterization and Testing of Membrane ElectrodesIEK-11 – Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable EnergyErlangen-Nürnberg
2022D-033PhD Position – Model-Based Analysis and Optimization of Intra- and Inter-Chip Communication for High Speed ComputingZEA-2 – Electronic SystemsJülich
2021D-132PhD position: Model informed data acquisition for emission flux estimation using 4-dimensional variational data assimilationIEK-8 – TroposphereJülich
2022D-017PhD Position – Development of new UHV Technologies for the “Einstein Telescope for Graviational Waves Detection”ZEA-1 – Engineering and TechnologyJülich
2022D-029PhD Position – Plant root water uptake and its dependence on soil typesIBG-2 – Plant SciencesJülich
2022D-023PhD Position – Co-design of Remote Sensing Applications in Modular Supercomputing ArchitecturesJSC – Jülich Supercomputing CentreJülich
2022D-027PhD Position – Development of an Open-Source Model Framework for Identifying Wind Power PotentialsIEK-3 – Techno-economic Systems AnalysisJülich
2022D-025PhD Position – Photonics based on SiGeSn heterostructuresPGI-9 – Semiconductor NanoelectronicsJülich
2022D-007PhD Position – Data-driven model regression for plasma catalytic processesIEK-4 – Plasma PhysicsJülich
2022D-002PhD Position – Cryogenic Digital-to-Analog Converter Design in CMOS for Quantum Computing ApplicationsZEA-2 – Electronic SystemsJülich
2021D-151PhD-Position: Data-driven modelling for power system operationIEK-10 – Energy Systems EngineeringJülich
2021D-214PhD Position – Coherent Control of Correlations in Spin Systems using Scanning Probe MethodsPGI-3 – Quantum NanoscienceJülich

  Reference number
  Title  Institute  Location
2021D-200PhD Position – The Role of Agriculture in the Global Energy TransitionIEK-3 – Techno-economic Systems AnalysisJülich
2021D-142PhD Position: Method development of cryo-STEM imagingER-C-3 – Structural BiologyJülich
2021D-118PhD Position – Graph Convolutional Neural Networks in computational enzyme engineeringIBG-4 – BioinformaticsJülich
2021D-153PhD-Position: Operation of Local Energy CommunitiesIEK-10 – Energy Systems EngineeringJülich
2021D-152PhD-Position: Monitoring of Energy Systems for Control PurposeIEK-10 – Energy Systems EngineeringJülich
2021D-149PhD Position – Chemical mechanism development of atmospheric VOC degradation aided by pattern analysis of high-resolution mass spectrometric dataIEK-8 – TroposphereJülich
2021D-035PhD position – Development and application of high-performance models for the analysis of European energy systemsIEK-10 – Energy Systems EngineeringJülich
2021D-024PhD position – Use of Hardware Solutions for Modern Energy System Simulation and ControlIEK-10 – Energy Systems EngineeringJülich
2021D-015PhD Position – Methodical Conception, Design and Development of Modern Multi-Modal Energy System SimulationIEK-10 – Energy Systems EngineeringJülich
2021D-013PhD-Position – Conception, Design and Development of Multi-FPGA Simulation Methods for Real-time Verification of Power Electronics enabled Energy SystemsIEK-10 – Energy Systems EngineeringJülich
2020D-081PhD Position – Conception, Design and Development of Modern Power System Simulation and Control SolutionsIEK-10 – Energy Systems EngineeringJülich
2021D-113PhD position – Data-Driven Distribution Models for Robust Design of Island Energy Systems with a High Share of Renewable ElectricityIEK-10 – Energy Systems EngineeringJülich
2019D-016PhD Position on “Simulating Cytoskeletal Dynamics”IBI-5 – Theoretical Physics of Living MatterJülich

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