Postdoc and Research Positions at Stockholm University, Sweden, the natural sciences and the humanities/social sciences

JobDepartmentClosing date
Professor in Child and Youth Studies, focus PreschoolDepartment of Child and Youth Studies05/09/2022
Assistant Professor in Materials Chemistry towards Nanoporous Materials (WISE Fellow)Dep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry15/08/2022
Assistant Professor in Materials Chemistry towards Circular Materials and Processes (WISE Fellow)Dep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry15/08/2022
Assistant Professor in organic synthesis towards sustainable heterogeneous catalysis (WISE Fellow)Department of Organic Chemistry15/08/2022
Postdoctoral position on brain evolution and animal behaviourDepartment of Zoology15/07/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in numerical ice-sheet modellingDepartment of Geological Sciences01/07/2022
Researcher in Political Science (Temporary employment)Department of Political Science27/06/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Molecular ToxicologyDepartment of Environmental Science19/06/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in biobased membranes with antifouling surfacesDep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry15/06/2022
Postdoctoral fellow to FAIRTRANSStockholm Resilience Centre15/06/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in instrumentation for CMB experimentsDepartment of Physics15/06/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in solar physicsDepartment of Astronomy07/06/2022
Research Assistant (temporary employment)Dep of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences31/05/2022
Laboratory Technician (temporary employment)Dep of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Gren Inst31/05/2022
Research assistant (temporary position)Stockholm Resilience Centre31/05/2022
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Art History directed to early periods (Antiquity to c. 1800)Department of Culture and Aesthetics31/05/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Biophysics with focus on machine learningDepartment of Biochemistry and Biophysics31/05/2022
Research Engineer in Arctic carbon cycling (temporary employment)Department of Environmental Science29/05/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Arctic plant-soil interactionsDepartment of Environmental Science29/05/2022

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