PhD and Postdoc scholarships at Linköping University, a public university in Linköping, Sweden, one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions.

Associate Professor in Applied Physics with specialisation in Additive Structuring of Multifunctional Materials for Sustainability10/10/2022LiU-2022-01989
Postdoc in machine learning for image generation31/08/2022LiU-2022-02090
PhD students in machine learning for image generation15/08/2022LiU-2022-02089
Ph D position in Business Administration15/08/2022IEI-2022-00296
PhD student in Integrated Circuits and Systems15/08/2022LiU-2022-01393
PhD student with focus on decentralized AI in wireless networks31/07/2022LiU-2022-02212
PhD student in Medical Science30/06/2022BKV-2022-00317
PhD student in Medical Science30/06/2022BKV-2022-00294
Associate professor in System-on-Chip design30/06/2022LiU-2022-00253
PhD students in Machine Learning within WASP Graduate School28/06/2022LiU-2022-02052
PhD positions in Hardware for Machine Learning at the Edge within WASP Graduate School28/06/2022LiU-2022-02078
Postdoc in Heterogeneous machine learning hardware for system-on-chip monitoring and health diagnosis within WASP28/06/2022LiU-2022-02080
Associate Professor of Computer Science with a specialisation in Natural Language Processing22/06/2022LiU-2022-02137
PhD positions in Automatic Control with focus on Complex Networks17/06/2022LiU-2022-02187
PhD student in Environmental Science16/06/2022TEMA-2022-00046
Postdoc in Computer Science within WASP15/06/2022IDA-2022-00101
PhD student in Computer Science within WASP15/06/2022IDA-2022-00102
Research Engineer within autonomous systems, perception, and visualization13/06/2022LiU-2022-02014
Postdoc in the field of Theory of disordered materials09/06/2022IFM-2021-00429
Postdoc in Analytical Sociology09/06/2022IEI-2022-00145
Application experts in AI/ML at the National Supercomputer Centre in Sweden07/06/2022LiU-2022-02107
Skilled System administrators to the National Supercomputer Centre, Sweden07/06/2022LiU-2022-02108
Postdoc in the field of Materials science07/06/2022IFM-2022-00326
Associate professor in Ethology07/06/2022LiU-2022-01600
Postdoc in Communication Systems07/06/2022LiU-2022-01811
Postdoc in Computer Engineering06/06/2022LiU-2021-04980
Impact manager02/06/2022LiU-2022-01742
PhD student within medical sciences, focus on MR and liver diseases02/06/2022LiU-2022-02097
Postdoctor with focus on immunological mechanisms in inflammatory kidney diseases01/06/2022LiU-2022-01970
PhD student in Medical sciences31/05/2022LiU-2022-02103
Programmer in computer science/computer engineering31/05/2022IDA-2022-00137
Postdoc in cognitive neuroscience31/05/2022BKV-2022-00339
Postdoc in Medical Image Processing and Deep Learning31/05/2022LiU-2022-01916
PhD student in Medical Science30/05/2022BKV-2022-00345
Resarch assistant within the Department Thematic Studies – Environmental change30/05/2022TEMA-2022-00111

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