University of Southern Denmark in Denmark invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, has campuses located in Southern Denmark, Denmark

Assistant professor for “Microfluidic systems and sensors”Faculty of EngineeringSønderborg2022-Oct-01
Assistant Professor in STEM Education with Focus on MathematicsFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Oct-01
Assistant Professor Position in Digital and Sustainable Maritime and Offshore OperationsFaculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Oct-01
PhD position in Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 for Power-to-X equipment productionFaculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Oct-02
Postdoc Positions in Programming Languages and Distributed SystemsFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Oct-06
Associate Professor in Strategic Organization DesignFaculty of Business and Social SciencesOdense2022-Oct-10
Professor in Applied AI and Data ScienceFaculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Oct-10
PhD Position in Soft Robotic Tactile PerceptionFaculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Oct-15
Postdoc Position in Soft Robotic Locomotion Control and LearningFaculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Oct-15
REANNOUNCEMENT – Postdoc in Spatial TranscriptomicsFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Oct-16
Assistant Professor Positions within Robotics and ControlFaculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Oct-18
Postdoc Position in RNA Therapeutics, Proteomics and LipidomicsFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Nov-01
Associate Professor in Sustainability & InnovationFaculty of EngineeringSønderborg2022-Sept-15
Associate or Assistant Professor in Digitalization and eXtended RealityFaculty of EngineeringSønderborg2022-Sept-15
Assistant professorship or Associate professorship on robotization of large structure productionFaculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Sept-15
Assistant professor or Postdoc position on planning and control of robotic production operations for large maritime structuresFaculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Sept-15
Associate Professor in Musculoskeletal Health in SportsFaculty of Health SciencesOdense2022-Sept-18
Associate Professor in Integrative Physiology and Sports PerformanceFaculty of Health SciencesOdense2022-Sept-18
Relisting: Associate Professor in Information Sciences and IT systems developmentFaculty of HumanitiesKolding2022-Sept-19
Associate Professor Positions in Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Programming LanguagesFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Sept-21
Associate or Assistant Professor in Applied AI and Data Science (AID)Faculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Sept-23
Tenure Track Assistant Professorship/Associate Professorship/Full Professorship in Biomedical Mass SpectrometryFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Sept-30
Postdoctoral Position in Molecular Microbiology and Chemical-genetic ScreeningFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Sept-30
Research assistant at the CIE (undersea robot project)Faculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Sept-30
Research assistant with specialization in sensory evaluation of foodFaculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Aug-28
Professor and Associate Professor Positions in Soft RoboticsFaculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Sept-01
Professor in ancient historyFaculty of HumanitiesOdense2022-Sept-01
Professor in the study of religionFaculty of HumanitiesOdense2022-Sept-01
Professor in modern historyFaculty of HumanitiesOdense2022-Sept-01
Professor in late medieval and early modernFaculty of HumanitiesOdense2022-Sept-01
Postdoc in control engineeringFaculty of EngineeringSønderborg2022-Sept-01
Postdoctoral position at Applied AI and Data Science Unit (AID)Faculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Sept-01
Postdoctoral fellowships in Applied AI and Data Science (AID)Faculty of EngineeringOdense2022-Sept-01
Assistant/Associate Professor in Electrical EngineeringFaculty of EngineeringSønderborg2022-Sept-04
Professor in Sustainability TransitionsFaculty of Business and Social SciencesEsbjerg2022-Sept-05
REANNOUNCEMENT – Postdoc Position in Immunoinformatics, Machine Learning and ProteomicsFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Sept-06
Associate professor (Assistant professor) in Language AcquisitionFaculty of HumanitiesOdense2022-Sept-12

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