Uppsala University in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD and Academic Positions, among the world’s 100 best universities, research university in Uppsala, Sweden

Research assistant, Department of Peace and Conflict Research2022-09-02Department of Peace and Conflict ResearchLast application date: 2022-09-21

The Department of Peace and UCDP is looking for a full-time research assistant in the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) for the period October 2022 – April 2023 (7 months).

Hosts for Uppsala Health Summit 24-26 October, 20222022-09-02Division for Communication and External RelationsLast application date: 2022-09-23

As a host at Uppsala Health Summit, your duties may include working at the information desk, ensuring that microphones are available and assisting in plenary sessions and workshops, guiding delegates around the conference venues at Uppsala Castle.

The exact nature of the duties that you will be assigned will be decided about one week before the summit. At that time, there will also be a briefing where we inform about the tasks involved. The date for this briefing is on October 10 in the afternoon. We made this briefing compulsory to help you carry out your work efficiently. At that time, you will also be given information about working hours. The early shifts start at 07:30 and late shifts end at around 20:00. One shift can last between 4 and 10 hours, depending on each employee’s individual timetable.

PhD student in Physics2022-09-01Department of Physics and AstronomyLast application date: 2022-10-14

We are in a lively and inspiring research and teaching environment with a strong, and highly active PhD representation. The position is placed in the group of Prof. Philippe Wernet. In this group we are currently working on understanding the coupling of electronic, spin and nuclear coordinates in the photo-induced dynamics of molecules, on photochemical bond activation by metal complexes, and new methods for revealing the local chemistry of bond-activating metalloproteins. Research will be carried out using experiments at synchrotron radiation facilities and X-ray free-electron lasers combined with femtosecond laser spectroscopy at Uppsala University.

PhD student with a focus on technical development of e-Health2022-08-31Department of Women’s and Children’s HealthLast application date: 2022-09-30

The position is within the research group Healthcare Sciences and e-Health, hosting U-CARE an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research program (http://www.u-care.uu.se). The U-CARE group e.g. specializes in, the development, piloting, and evaluation of Mental Health interventions for people with somatic disease, and their significant others, e.g. e-Health interventions. Representatives of the target groups are involved in our research. U-CARE has several international collaborations and our broad competence within research methodology was acknowledged in the latest evaluation of research conducted at Uppsala University. We have developed the internet-based platform The U-CARE-portal (Portal) that supports internet-administered interventions (e.g. psychological support and treatment) and research procedures such as informed consent, randomization, and data collection. Several feasibility-, pilot-, and controlled studies with principal investigators within U-CARE or in other research groups are conducted on the Portal.

PhD student in the medical humanities/immunology2022-08-31Department of Medical Cell BiologyLast application date: 2022-09-29

This position is one of five doctoral positions in Uppsala University’s graduate school in medical humanities. Medical humanities is an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of medicine, pharmacy, humanities, art/literature and social sciences. It tackles issues such as the individual’s experience of illness, the development of biomedical research and medical practices, and political perspectives on health care from different methodological and theoretical perspectives. Thus, the medical humanities create added value for biomedicine and healthcare by highlighting the social and cultural aspects of health and disease, and for the humanities and social sciences through a broader thematic approach to contemporary health-related societal challenges.

Research Assistant 50%2022-08-30Department of Women’s and Children’s HealthLast application date: 2022-09-09

University education in a relevant field, complimented by courses in epidemiology, statistics and environmental health. Documented experience of international work, as student or through work experience. Relevant research experience of working with planning and conducting scientific writing, with a specific focus in low- and middle-income countries. Documented interest in and good prior knowledge of global environmental health and nutrition issues. Good IT skills including Microsoft Office, SPSS and reference action system. Big emphasis is placed on personal suitability as structured, easy to make contacts, very good communication skills, good language skills in spoken and written English, and good cooperation skills. 

PhD student in Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic modelling2022-08-29Department of PharmacyLast application date: 2022-09-12

A doctoral position focusing on the characterization of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic relationships for antibiotic therapy is available within the research area of ​​pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics, focusing on antibiotics, at the Department of Pharmacy.

Models that link dosing with antibiotic concentrations and bacterial killing have gained increasing influence to optimize treatment in severe infections. The overall goal of the project is to characterize nanoparticles loaded with antibiotics as precision therapy against bacterial infections in the lower respiratory tract, with the aim of overcoming and/or minimizing the risk of developing antibiotic resistance. The project will involve the application of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles, described in in silico models, to develop strategies for optimized treatment of a new type of nanoparticles that can be effectively delivered to the areas of the lung where the bacteria reside.

Two PhD student in Applied Geophysics2022-08-29Department of Earth SciencesLast application date: 2022-09-30

The PhD candidate(s) will conduct research within a series of planned projects inside and outside Sweden sponsored by a number of industry and research funding organizations with focus on reflection seismic imaging of large-scale structures and for geological carbon storage (GCS). Modern sensing methods on the surface will be experimented. The PhD candidate(s) will work within a larger research team including experts from different countries. In the continuation of the PhD study, additional experiments and imaging solutions are also envisaged.

Bioinformatician2022-08-29Department of Medical Cell BiologyLast application date: 2022-09-26

The Phillipson lab is now looking for an experienced bioinformatician for analysing data coming from the lab, mainly single cell RNA-seq data but also bulk RNA-seq and metagenomics data. This person will also work on data mining of public databases. In addition, interest / competence in the development of software for image analysis is an advantage.

PhD student in Information Studies2022-08-29Department of ALMLast application date: 2022-10-07

The recruited doctoral student will be working in research project The Multifaceted Life of Digital Health Records: Between Official Documentation, Personal Information and Cultural Objects as a part of a new graduate school in medical humanities at the Centre for Medical Humanities. The doctoral student is expected to conduct empirical research (incl. interviews and co-creation) in the nexus of different meanings assigned to digital health records (medical records, electronic health records) by different actors in different parts of the lifetime of the records as medical and cultural artefacts. The project is multidisciplinary and combines perspectives from medical informatics and archival and heritage studies. Supervisors of the project are professor Isto Huvila (Department of ALM) och associate professor Maria Hägglund (Department of Women’s and Children’s Health).

PhD student in chemistry of battery interfaces2022-08-26Department of Chemistry – Ångström LaboratoryLast application date: 2022-09-19

The main focus of the project will be to advance the knowledge of electrode-electrolyte interfaces in rechargeable batteries and to develop novel methodologies for stabilising such interfaces. This is aimed at enabling the use of safer and more sustainable battery materials, such as non-flammable electrolytes. While lithium-ion batteries will be the primary target, next-generation technologies such as those based on sodium or potassium will also be investigated. Electrochemical methods will be used to assess cell performance and reaction mechanisms, while particular attention will be paid to studying interfacial chemistry using advanced characterisation methods. One such technique would be hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, which would require regular travel to synchrotron facilities.

Research assistant for English/French historical research project2022-08-26Department of History of Science and IdeasLast application date: 2022-09-09

The research project International Ideas at UNESCO (INIDUN) is seeking a research assistant (forskningsassistent). Based at Uppsala University’s Department of History of Science and Ideas, the research project conducts digital analysis of texts produced by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) from 1945 to 2015. The tasks for the research assistant include assisting in curating these texts: that is, proof-reading digitized text files and inserting labels into the files at particular places (“tagging”). The texts are in English and French. 

Postdoctoral position in atomistic modelling of electrolyte materials2022-08-26Department of Chemistry – Ångström LaboratoryLast application date: 2022-09-20

The main duty involved in a postdoctoral position is to conduct research. Teaching may also be included, but up to no more than 20% of working hours. The present research project concerns modelling electrolyte materials in electrochemical energy storage/conversion. The focus of this project will be on i) Computing transport coefficients in liquid and polymer electrolytes from molecular dynamics simulations; ii) Developing and applying atomistic machine learning code PiNN (https://github.com/Teoroo-CMC/PiNN/) for modelling bulk electrolytes and associated interfaces.

Research Assistant in the Prevent project2022-08-26Department of Women’s and Children’s HealthLast application date: 2022-09-09

The PREVENT project aims to co-design, implement and test a tele-health coaching intervention with community outreach for the reduction of cardio-metabolic risk among high-risk population in Region Uppsala. It builds on a previous EU project and uses a mixed methods approach comprising a co-design component and an implementation trial. The interdisciplinary consortium comprises two higher education institutions (Uppsala University and Karolinska Institutet), Region Uppsala and the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, specializing in co-design for system and policy transformations. 

Researcher in eHealth with a focus on Ethics2022-08-26Department of Women’s and Children’s HealthLast application date: 2022-09-09

In your role as a researcher, you will have varying tasks and be involved in several ongoing research projects, mainly; ”Beyond implementation of eHealth” and ”Nordic eHealth for Patients: Benchmarking and Developing for the Future” (https://nordehealth.eu/). The projects aim to explore factors that will affect the implementation and use of eHealth as a tool for collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals, as well as recommend and design concrete interventions or tools to ensure that eHealth solutions are actually used. One of the most discussed eHealth solutions to be implemented in Sweden and internationally is patient’s access to their electronic health records (in Sweden “Journalen”, in the US open notes). This is the main focus in both projects describe above, which are both international collaborations with partners in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, and the USA. Ethical aspects of patients’ online access to their health records is a key aspect of both projects, and will be the main focus for this researcher position. This will also be relevant for the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) Health Data Sweden, where the researcher can also be involved.

Researcher2022-08-26Department of Immunology, Genetics and PathologyLast application date: 2022-09-13

Development of targeted radionuclide therapy using engineered scaffold proteins (affibody molecules, ADAPTs and DARPins). The methodology includes both direct targeting and pretargeting. The work includes development of labelling  chemistry of proteins and peptide nucleic acids with beta-emitting radionuclides, evaluation of the labelled constructs in vitro (stability, binding specificity, affinity, and cellular processing) and in vivo (biodistribution, targeting specificity, radionuclide imaging, dosimetry, experimental therapy). Work might include a supervision of MSc and PhD students.

PhD student in medical cell biology specialized in advanced microscopy and image analysis2022-08-25Department of Medical Cell BiologyLast application date: 2022-09-15

The PhD student project aims to implement a super-resolution technique known as image scanning microscopy combined with spinning-disk confocal microscopy. Routines for image scanning, reconstruction and analyses must be developed to increase the spatial resolution while maintaining a high acquisition speed for imaging of cells and islets in three dimensions as a function of time. The method will be applied in studies of the primary cilium and signalling in this and other subcellular compartments. Signalling with calcium ions and cyclic nucleotides is of special interest. Fluorescent sensors for these messengers will be expressed with specific targeting sequences and the importance of various receptors and signalling proteins determined by pharmacological and molecular biological perturbations. The project will include technical work to build the microscope setup, programming to develop image acquisition routines and analysis methods, as well as experimental laboratory work with living cells in culture.

PhD student in materials chemistry, metal hydrides for the hydrogen society2022-08-25Department of Chemistry – Ångström LaboratoryLast application date: 2022-09-07

PhD-student in the group of bulk materials within the research program for inorganic chemistry. The research focuses on how material properties are affected by chemical composition and crystal structure. For example, we study how the chemical composition affect the hydrogen absorption/desorption properties. An important area is new alloys for hydrogen compression and storage. The PhD-student will work in the border area between chemistry, physics and materials theory; more specifically, with the synthesis and characterizations of new high entropy alloys for application in hydrogen compression. The project will be carried out in the group of Professor Martin Sahlberg at the Department of Chemistry-Angstrom. The project is a collaboration between Uppsala University and Sandia National labs, US, as the international partner. Synthesis using high temperature methods such as electric arc furnace, induction furnace and possibly solid-gas methods will be used. Characterization will primarily be conducted using diffraction methods like single crystal X-ray diffraction, Neutron diffraction and in situ measurements using synchrotron radiation.

Postdoctor in computational chemistry2022-08-24Department of Cell and Molecular BiologyLast application date: 2022-09-19

Perform high-throughput molecular simulations of chemical and biological systems and analyze the results by comparison with experimental data or data from quantum chemistry calculations. We study, for example, the physical properties of liquids and gases as part of the development of a new force field for molecular dynamics simulations. Development of code in C++ and scripting in Python. Parameterization of force fields.

Postdoc position in development of electrolytes for lithium-based batteries2022-08-24Department of Chemistry – Ångström LaboratoryLast application date: 2022-09-09

The primary focus of the research project will be to develop liquid, gel and solid polymer electrolytes for lithium-based batteries. The project will entail electrolyte preparation, electrochemical testing and characterization of interfaces (largely XPS, but also SEM, FTIR, XRD). The postdoc is expected to perform high quality research, with the aim of disseminating resulting works through high impact peer-reviewed journals or at national and international conferences. Strong collaboration with colleagues in the Department of Chemistry Ångström and other national and international project partners will be expected.

Research assistant in Natural resources and Sustainable Development2022-08-23Department of Earth SciencesLast application date: 2022-09-06

The main tasks consist of being helpful with simple research tasks such as transcription, project communication, project administration, simple compilations, proofreading, bookings and fieldwork.

Researcher in the field of Microsystems Technology – Inertial Microfluidics2022-08-23Department of Materials Science and EngineeringLast application date: 2022-09-05

In an ongoing project continue research and development of techniques for inertial microfluidics and demonstration by sorting biological particles that are less than one micrometre in cross section. The assignments may also include supervision of students in projects related to the research issues

PhD student in Scientific Computing focusing on Secure Federated Machine Learning2022-08-23Department of Information TechnologyLast application date: 2022-09-27

The successful candidates will be integrated in the newly established Graduate School in Cybersecurity at the Department of Information Technology. The Graduate School provides an environment where students and researchers in cybersecurity and related areas work together, through a core PhD-level curriculum of joint courses and research activities. Regular seminars are planned with presentations from the school’s participants and by invited speakers. Active participation in the Graduate School activities is expected.

Postdoctoral position with specialization in high power terahertz vacuum electron devices2022-08-22Department of Physics and AstronomyLast application date: 2022-09-05

The candidate is offered the opportunity to work in an exciting modern research area in physics and will have opportunities to interact and collaborate with leading groups in experimental physics and technology.

PhD student in historical geology and palaeontology2022-08-22Department of Earth SciencesLast application date: 2022-09-05

A four-year PhD position in Historical geology and Paleontology focusing on marine micropaleontology and paleoceanography is available at the Department of Earth Sciences, Palaeobiology Programme. Our research programme focuses on education and research across the interface between the Earth and Life Sciences, encompassing the time span from the origin of life to the significant climatic changes of recent millenia.

Associate Senior Lecturer in Economics, specialising in Migration2022-08-22Department of EconomicsLast application date: 2022-09-19

Research in economics, especially migration in a historical and contemporaneous perspective, and teaching in economics. Teaching includes responsibility for courses, supervision and course administration. The position may also include administrative duties. Teaching comprises up to 50 percent of the position.

Fixed term researcher in theoretical physics2022-08-19Department of Physics and AstronomyLast application date: 2022-09-12

The research position is part of two projects funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Olle Engkvists Stiftelse. The successfull candidate will work on topics related to the above project under the supervision of Dr. Agnese Bissi, at the interface the group of theoretical physics of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the group of algebra and geometry. The duties include collaboration with the various members of the group and the production of research results.

Postdoc in bacteriology with focus on development of rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing2022-08-18Department of Electrical EngineeringLast application date: 2022-10-03

Rapid antibiotic susceptibility tests (rASTs) are highly desired in modern clinical practice for quick selection of right antibiotics to treat infectious diseases at the early but critical stage. However, currently available testing methods normally require growth of bacteria into colonies, which usually take more than two days to accomplish a task. They are, therefore, not satisfactory for practical needs that require fast answers. Moreover, these methods are not applicable for slow-growing bacteria, or samples containing sub-populations of slow- or non-growing bacteria which can resume growth after the antibiotic attack. To understand if and how the sub-population of slow-/non-growing bacteria causes failure in infection treatments, rASTs at the single cell level is required. To address these challenges, our project aims at developing a novel Silicon (Si) chip based all-electrical testing platform to achieve rAST at single cell level. The success of this project will potentially provide a low-cost and rapid ASTs platform for effective infection treatments. It could also help to accelerate the development of new antibiotic drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Research assistants, Department of Peace and Conflict Research2022-08-18Department of Peace and Conflict ResearchLast application date: 2022-09-05

The Department of Peace and Conflict Research seeks to hire up to 8 research assistants within the ERC-financed project “Variation in Oversight of Police Misconduct”, during the remaining part of 2022. Research assistants will be responsible for data collection on 1 or more countries. The length of employment depends on the number of countries assigned, as well as the scope of employment (full-time or 50%).

Postdoctoral position in predictability of compound climate extremes2022-08-18Department of Earth SciencesLast application date: 2022-09-29

G. Messori’s research group hosts two H2020 research projects and several national projects, focussing on multiple aspects of mid and high latitude climate extremes. More information on ongoing research can be found at https://gmessori.weebly.com/. The post-doc will work within the frame of G. Messori’s ERC grant: “Compound Climate Extremes in North America and Europe: from Dynamics to Predictability”. The aim of the work is to identify the large-scale atmospheric drivers of compound extremes in Europe and North America and study their predictability. There is considerable freedom to focus on different approaches, from indicators issued from dynamical systems theory to data-driven/machine learning or numerical forecast modelling tools. The post-doc, if s/he so wishes, will also have the opportunity to engage in teaching/supervising duties.

Postdoctoral position in dynamics of compound climate extremes2022-08-18Department of Earth SciencesLast application date: 2022-09-29

G. Messori’s research group hosts two H2020 research projects and several national projects, focussing on multiple aspects of mid and high latitude climate extremes. More information on ongoing research can be found at https://gmessori.weebly.com/. The post-doc will work within the frame of G. Messori’s ERC grant: “Compound Climate Extremes in North America and Europe: from Dynamics to Predictability”. The aim of the work is to identify compound extremes hotspots in Europe and North America and advance our understanding of the dynamical processes in the atmosphere and large-scale circulation dynamics driving the compound occurrences. There is considerable freedom to focus on different approaches, from indicators issued from dynamical systems theory to data-driven or idealized modelling tools. The post-doc, if s/he so wishes, will also have the opportunity to engage in teaching/supervising duties.

Associate Professor in Scientific Computing with specialization in distributed, parallel and data-intensive computing2022-08-18Department of Information TechnologyLast application date: 2022-10-17

With this position we plan to strengthen our activities in distributed, parallel and data-intensive computation and their applications. Examples of research in the area at the division include development of new programming models and frameworks for task-based parallelism, federated machine learning, new frameworks for distributed and cloud-based analysis of streaming data, large-scale parallel numerical linear algebra, optimization and simulation with applications in, e.g., computational chemistry, systems biology, genetics and computational fluid dynamics.

Postdoctoral position in Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic modelling2022-08-17Department of PharmacyLast application date: 2022-09-09

The project will involve establishment of pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) relationships based on preclinical and clinical data for new and available antibiotics and nanoparticles. Pharmacometric models will be developed based on in vitroin vivo and literature data. The models aim to bridge (translate) exposure-response relationships from animals to humans in order to optimize clinical dosing. The project is part of a new research environment and involves collaboration with expertise in nanoparticle technology, microbiology, infectious diseases and organic chemistry. We expect that the project will lead to new advances in predictive and quantitative methods for characterizing pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in the field.

Research Engineer 1 in Microbiology2022-08-16Department of Cell and Molecular BiologyLast application date: 2022-09-30

As the Research Engineer 1, you will work closely with the other researchers and PhD students in the group and support them in their projects. You will construct single strains as well as libraries of genetically modified bacteria and be responsible for NGS including sample preparation and data analysis. Protein purification and microscopy can also be part of your work duties if the projects so require. You will train and support the other researchers in the group in NGA and cloning, and you will have the overall responsibility for the lab’s strain database and be the primary contact point for the sequencing facility. If time allows, you are welcome to also peruse your own projects. You will be offered continuous training and you will be expected to stay up-to-date in your area of ​​expertise. The lab is interdisciplinary, which means that you will collaborate closely with microbiologists, microfluidics engineers, biophysicists, computer scientists, optical engineers, biochemists, molecular biologists, and software engineers.

Researcher in Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic modelling2022-08-16Department of PharmacyLast application date: 2022-09-09

The Department of Pharmacy at Uppsala University has an interdisciplinary environment at the center of the pharmaceutical arena. With frontline research, first-rate education and extensive collaborations we constitute an important driving force in the development of our academic field. In this inspiring environment our rich diversity of research groups, several of international prominence, develop and conduct work of great scientific importance. Among our core competences are pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics, computational modelling and simulations, in vitro ADME models, advanced in vivo methods, as well as patient and societal aspects, from optimizing the use of drugs in individuals to societal pharmaceutical policies. Together, we form a unique cluster of academic competences within pharmaceutical science, playing a key role in shaping the future of pharmacy in both Sweden and globally.

PhD student in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, focus on Biodiversity and Landscape Governance2022-08-16Department of Earth SciencesLast application date: 2022-09-30

The PhD position is part of the new research program LANDPATHS (The multifunctional landscapes of the future: barriers and drivers for transformation pathways), funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in 2022-2027 (see https://www.geo.uu.se/research/natural-resources-sustainable-development/ongoing-research/landpaths/). The program aims to promote and provide knowledge on sustainable and integrated practises in landscape planning and management. The PhD student will primarily work in the subproject “Transformative landscape governance pathways”, which explores questions regarding landscape and biodiversity governance and policy in general, and transformative pathways for forest, agricultural, sea and coast, urban or mountain landscapes. The work includes collaboration with other PhD students as well as senior researchers in other subprojects in LANDPATHS. The work will span from policy-related studies to participatory research with stakeholders in Sweden. The PhD student is also expected to help organising and coordinating activities in which stakeholders take part, as well as to actively contribute to communication and other outreach activities.

Research assistant, AI-based physiotherapeutic training2022-08-16Department of Informatics and MediaLast application date: 2022-09-05

You will work in the research project “Interactive machine learning for individualized physiotherapeutic training”. The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council. Your role in the project will be to project manage a short development project, which aims to develop concept prototypes for one or two technology solutions with a focus on home training. The work includes supervising two trainees and interacting with researchers and physiotherapists.

Senior Lecturer in Political Science2022-08-15Department of GovernmentLast application date: 2022-10-17

The position includes teaching, examination, research and administration. The Third Mission of the University prescribes also academic outreach. Teaching duties include course coordination, course administration and supervision. Duties also include actively pursuing external research funding, following developments in the subject field as well as following relevant development in society that is of relevance for the research and education at the university. As a senior lecturer at our department, you are expected to participate actively in the collegial governing of the university, for example as department board member, member of the faculty board and member of various university committees.

PhD student in Information Systems2022-08-12Department of Informatics and MediaLast application date: 2022-09-09

Doctoral studies comprises a set of PhD courses and a comprehensive research project that is to be reported and publicly defended in the form of a doctoral dissertation. Successful fulfilment of the course work and the research project will be awarded by a PhD degree in Information Systems, from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Uppsala University. Additionally, the PhD student will be enrolled into Sweden’s National Research School on Management and Information Technology. This enrolment will provide the student with a set of additional benefits such as the access to specific PhD courses, mandatory participation in bi-annual research student conferences, and the access to a large network of junior and senior researchers. The PhD student will be supervised by two senior researchers.

Assistant Professor in electricity with specialization in electrical machines and the system aspects2022-08-12Department of Electrical EngineeringLast application date: 2022-10-06

Generators and electrical machines are fundamental parts of our power system. Replacing more and more of the traditional electricity generation to variable renewable generation requires research not only on the electricity generation itself but also on the control aspects and system integration aspects. New control, storage and flexibility needs have appeared. The subject area of this position is renewable electricity generation and especially the control and system aspects of such variable electricity generation.

Assistant Professor in Solid-State Electronics with specialisation in semiconductor process technology2022-08-12Department of Electrical EngineeringLast application date: 2022-09-26

The research at the Division has three major focus areas: Electronics for Life ScienceElectronics for Healthcare Technology and Electronics for Next-Generation Computing. The technological base for our research is thin-film technology, semiconductor processing and semiconductor device technology using the in-house state-of-art cleanroom facilities, supported by device and process simulation as well as advanced electrical and optical characterisation. Our research within life science is to develop technological solutions, from devices to small systems, for comprehensive analysis of biomolecules at different levels in an individual, thereby enabling AI assisted predictive diagnosis and preemptive therapy. As to healthcare technology, we strive for innovations such as near-body-network systems, flexible and wearable self-powered systems including electronic skin and prosthetics, and medical systems for continuous and real-time health monitoring. Finally, for next-generation computing we harness novel materials and electronic device solutions towards a new computing paradigm wherein quantum and neuromorphic electronics play a crucial role.

Postdoctoral position i biochemistry2022-06-30Department of Chemistry – BMCLast application date: 2022-09-19

In this project we aim to learn how novel function arise in evolving protein sequences. We will explore the evolution of function among de-novo proteins. We will use phage display to explore the binding function of newly evolved proteins. We will characterize identified interactions using biophysical, structural and cell based approaches. The project is a joint endeavor with three collaborating groups (Erich Bornberg-Bauer, Münster; Florian Hollfelder, Cambridge; Klara Hlouchova, Prague).

Postdoctoral position in simulating & fitting of neutron scattering data2022-06-29Department of Physics and AstronomyLast application date: 2022-09-05

We are looking for a scientific researchers with a strong background in software development, or software developer with a strong interest in science. You will join a  new project, within which applied statistics and information theory will be used to quantify the information content of neutron reflectivity datasets. Using this, we are able to optimize the design of experiments and to make previously impossible experiments possible, as well as to run existing experiments faster and better.

Postdoctoral position in reference Layers for Neutron scattering2022-06-29Department of Physics and AstronomyLast application date: 2022-09-05

The project is focused on developing neutron reflectivity methodology, utilising magnetic reference layers. It is a part of the operation of the Super ADAM infrastructure as well as a collaboration efforts with Linköping University, Lund University and ISIS, UK.

We are looking for postdoctoral fellow which will be driving the development of magnetic reference layers, using PVD techniques. The characterisation of the layers will be based on x-ray diffraction and reflectivity as well as magnetisation measurements.

We envisage that the postdoc has some experience of neutron scattering techniques. The intended use of the magnetic contrast layers includes soft matter/life science systems. Understanding of off-specular/grazing incidence neutron scattering would therefore be particularly advantageous. 

Researcher in bacteriology2022-06-28Department of Cell and Molecular BiologyLast application date: 2022-09-16

The applicant is expected to co-ordinate and run the work performed at the platform with a high level of independence. The duties include traditional wet-lab work using microbiological and molecular biological techniques. Some bioinformatic analyses of genomes is also included. The position includes administrative duties such as co-ordination of the work, contacts with collaborators and scheduling of meetings within the platform but also up to 25% in Sanna Koskiniemi’s research group. Writing of scientific papers and oral presentations are part of the work and some teaching on courses given within the microbiology program can be included.

Associate Professor in Biology with specialization in Plant Physiology2022-06-27Department of Organismal BiologyLast application date: 2022-09-15

The subject area includes experimental and functional studies of molecular mechanisms, which form the basis for physiological processes or developmental processes in plants. Over the past decade, physiological research has developed strongly, e.g. using the extensive use of new techniques for the analysis of single cells and tissues. This provides opportunities to understand in detail how tissue-specific gene regulation and cell-cell communication together coordinate developmental pathways and cell behaviors, which then form the basis for the plant’s development and function. By gaining detailed knowledge of how molecular reactions and biochemical processes are regulated in time and space, it is possible to gain an increased knowledge of how external factors such as different environmental factors can affect the plant and its adaptation to different environments and environmental changes.

Professor of Sociology2022-06-23Department of SociologyLast application date: 2022-09-30

Overall responsibility for research and education at all levels in the field of sociology and for development of the same. The Faculty’s ambition is that approximately half of working time should be devoted to one’s own research. Furthermore, there is a possibility of a paid sabbatical period after a longer employment.

Active research and research communication as well as participation, planning and management of research projects (including applications for research funding). Assignments of administrative nature, including management assignments at departmental and other levels within Uppsala University, may also arise. 

Professor of gender-based violence and health2022-06-23Department of Women’s and Children’s HealthLast application date: 2022-09-16

Duties include your own research as well as to follow developments within the subject area and the development of society in general that is important for the work at the university. The professor is expected to develop and lead the research at NCK. The position includes teaching at the first cycle and second cycle education level within the subject area of gender-based violence and health, as well as related management and organisational duties. The position may be combined with a clinical position at the Academic Hospital.

Post-doctoral researcher in gene therapy for Alzheimer’s disease2022-06-14Department of Public Health and Caring SciencesLast application date: 2022-09-05

Alzheimer’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease and is characterized by pathologically altered forms of the protein amyloid-beta in different parts of the brain. The treatment, which is aimed at increasing the levels of the signal substance acetyl choline, only relieves symptoms and is not aimed at the underlying disease process. There is therefore a great need to develop new therapies. One possibility may be to influence the formation of amyloid-beta with new gene therapeutic methods. The gene encoding this protein, APP, may in rare cases be mutated, leading to the formation of either more amyloid-beta, or an altered form of the protein. However, the vast majority of cases are sporadic, but even for these there is evidence that increased expression of APP is central in the disease process. In an ongoing project, the research team is developing a gene editing method to reduce the formation of amyloid-beta. 

Associate Senior Lecturer in Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences2022-06-06Department of Medical Cell BiologyLast application date: 2022-10-31

The position includes research, teaching and administration. Teaching duties include course responsibility and course administration as well as teaching and supervision, primarily of second- and third-cycle students. Post-doctoral supervision may also be included. Typical teaching topics can be additive manufacturing, bioprinting and bioengineering for life science applications. It is also expected that the holder will follow developments within the subject area and the development of the society in general that is relevant to the position. Duties may include a certain amount of budget responsibility as well as general project management. Collaboration with industry and participation in public outreach activities are expected.

Assistant Professor in Geohydrology with specialization in materials for pollution mitigation (WISE-Fellow)2022-06-01Department of Earth SciencesLast application date: 2022-09-19

Research will focus on development of sustainable hybrid nanocomposite materials and their methods of application in the mitigation of pollution caused by emerging and legacy contaminants in soil, groundwater and sediments. The spread of persistent organic and metallic contaminants is a threat to the global natural environment, including water resources, soils and aquatic sediment. Thus, the research will focus on (i) the mitigation and remediation of emerging contaminants (e.g. PFAS) using both laboratory experiments and field trials, and/or (ii) the mitigation and limitation of the dispersal of legacy contaminants from sediments. For these needs, novel materials such as nanostructured sorbent materials will be developed and the research will utilize materials that can be synthesized in sustainable and up-scalable processes and be recoverable and/or recyclable to ensure environmentally benign life cycles. Mechanically strong and flexible hybrid materials of cellulose and metal-organic frameworks, covalent organic frameworks and porous carbons are some materials should be developed in this work and include collaboration with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. In order to be effectively applied at real contaminated sites, new functional materials and methods for contaminant mitigation must also be combined with new knowledge about contaminant transport mechanisms coupled to the new mitigation technologies, as well as state-of-the-art characterization methods for relevant environmental parameters. The development of the new materials and testing their efficiency prior to industrial-scale use will, therefore, be closely linked to development of fundamental knowledge as well as modelling tools to predict contaminant fate and transport and perform risk assessments (including field-trials) of the new mitigation techniques.

Professor in Business Studies, especially Marketing2022-05-24Department of Business StudiesLast application date: 2022-09-30

Overall responsibility for research and third-cycle (doctoral) education in the field and its development. Teaching and supervision in courses and programmes at all levels. Own research. To lead research groups in different sub-areas of marketing. Information about research and development work and participation in, planning and leadership of research projects (including applications for research funding). Duties of an administrative nature, including management roles at department and other levels at Uppsala University, may also occur.

The faculty’s ambition is that the appointee will be able to dedicate around half of their working hours to their own research. In addition, the appointee will be eligible for a paid sabbatical of one semester after a number of years in the post.

Associate Professor in magnetic or in optical materials for sustainable energy applications (WISE Fellow)2022-05-16Faculty of Science and TechnologyLast application date: 2022-09-19

For this position as WISE Fellow we look for a candidate in one of two main research areas: Magnetic materials for sustainable energy applications, or Modern materials optics for sustainable energy. The Magnetic materials position will be hosted by the Department of Chemistry-Ångström or by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, while the Modern material optics will be hosted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy or by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Candidates should select one of the two research areas and preferred department in their application. 

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