Gothenburg University in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Researcher assistant
Fixed termPAR 2022/12332022-10-14
Postdoctoral fellow in Biomedical photonicsFixed termPAR 2022/12482022-10-14
A doctoral candidate position in education with research focus on special educationFixed termPAR 2022/12902022-10-16
Postdoctoral fellow in Epidemiology of Antimicrobial Use in PigsFixed termPAR 2022/12852022-10-22
Postdoctoral fellow in Spatio-temporal dynamics of antimicrobial resistance in animalsFixed termPAR 2022/12862022-10-22
Postdoctor in Occupational- and Environmental HealthFixed termPAR 2022/12882022-10-12
ResearcherOpen endedPAR 2022/12872022-10-11
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Cancer researchFixed termPAR 2022/7512022-09-26
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Oxytocin and social behavior in zebrafishFixed termPAR 2022/12492022-10-11
Research AssistantOpen endedPAR 2022/12762022-10-10
Researcher: Analysis of ship contaminant particles in marine environmental samples, SwedenFixed termPAR 2022/12642022-09-30
Researcher in practical philosophy related to bioethics and forensic psychiatryOpen endedPAR 2022/12512022-10-03
ResearcherFixed termPAR 2022/12612022-10-06
Senior lecturer in Conservation specialized in building restoration and traditional craftsOpen endedPAR 2022/12562022-10-26
2-3 Postdoctoral fellows in Molecular MetabolismFixed termPAR 2022/12412022-11-14
Doctoral student in Natural Science, specializing in biologyFixed termPAR 2022/12602022-11-01
Scientific editorOpen endedPAR 2022/12592022-10-09
Research assistantFixed termPAR 2022/12572022-10-04
ResearcherFixed termPAR 2022/12472022-10-03
Doctoral student in Odontological Science – Immune reactions in oral cancerFixed termPAR 2022/10122022-10-03
ResearcherOpen endedPAR 2022/12522022-10-03
Postdoctoral fellow in goblet cell biologyFixed termPAR 2022/12462022-09-30
StatisticianFixed termPAR 2022/12452022-10-03
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Molecular biologyFixed termPAR 2022/12342022-10-20
Senior Lecturer in terrestrial sedimentology and Quaternary geologyOpen endedPAR 2022/5782022-09-30
Research assistantFixed termPAR 2022/11552022-09-28
Senior Lecturer in Geography with specialization in Physical GeographyOpen endedPAR 2022/5792022-09-30
Research AssistantFixed termPAR 2022/12392022-09-28
Senior lecturer in Geology with specialisation in mineral resources and geothermal energyOpen endedPAR 2022/7672022-09-30
Five student employees to the Department of PsychologyFixed termPAR 2022/12252022-09-27
Amanuens/teaching assistant, one or more, Computing ScienceFixed termPAR 2022/10552022-09-28
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Growth factors and Rheumatoid ArthritisFixed termPAR 2022/12092022-09-27
Senior Lecturer in clinical pathology combined with employment as specialist in clinical pathology at Sahlgrenska University HospitalOpen endedPAR 2022/12132022-10-17
ResearcherFixed termPAR 2022/12292022-09-26
Postdoctor in Neurochemistry with focus on tau pathology biomarkers in CSF and plasmaFixed termPAR 2022/12272022-09-26
Research AssistantFixed termPAR 2022/12142022-09-22
Visiting lecturer/s in Economics (Intermittent employment) Dnr PAR 2022/1177Fixed termPAR 2022/11772022-09-22
Postdoctor in Molecular brain imaging/Medicial image analysisFixed termPAR 2022/12212022-09-23
Doktorandplats i språkvetenskaplig databehandlingFixed termPAR 2022/11792022-09-29
Doctoral student in Natural Language ProcessingFixed termPAR 2022/11792022-09-29
Doctoral student in Swedish as a second languageFixed termPAR 2022/11812022-09-29
Doctoral student in Scandinavian languagesFixed termPAR 2022/11802022-09-29
Senior lecturer in public administration focusing on management accountingOpen endedPAR 2022/10252022-10-16
Senior lecturer in social workOpen endedPAR 2022/11372022-09-26
Associate Researcher at the Department of Political ScienceFixed termPAR 2022/11922022-09-26
Researcher (Protein Scientist), Core FacilitiesOpen endedPAR 2022/11382022-09-26
Postdoctoral position in Biotechnology / Bioengineering (aquaponics / recirculating aquaculture)Fixed termPAR 2022/11202022-10-31
Full professor in Botany with a focus on systematics, taxonomy, and plant geography.Open endedPAR 2022/1382022-09-30
Doctoral position in Theory of Science with a focus on the research basis of coastal fisheries in SwedenFixed termPAR 2022/4462022-10-03

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