The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Switzerland invites application for vacant (58) PhD, Postdoc and Academic Positions, the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland

DescriptionCode digitPensum
PhD Studentin experimental research on aviation emission impacts on air quality at airports5502-04100
Steuerungstechniker*in80 – 100 % / Projektierung von Steuerungen und Anlagen9371-0080 – 100
Laborant*in60 %2317-0060
Steuerungsingenieur*in80 ‐ 100 % / Projektierung von Steuerungen und Anlagen9371-0180 – 100
PhD Studenton organic aerosols sources and data mining5503-01100
Strahlenschutzexpert*in80 – 100 %9642-0380 – 100
Techniker*infür die Entwicklung von supraleitenden Magneten8433-05100
Postdoctoral FellowX-ray optics and X-ray wavefront characterization6212-03100
Postdoctoral Fellowin the scientific context of ultrafast X-ray probes for advanced laser-based machining and manufacturing6412-00100
Polymechaniker(in) – Versuchsmechaniker(in) 80-100% (EPFL)80 – 100
PhD StudentIn Radiopharmaceutical Sciences2211-00100
Scientist (Tenure Track)Time-resolved X-ray experiments at SwissFEL Bernina6316-02100
PhD StudentOn machine learning in photoelectron spectroscopy6215-00100
ScientistMachine learning assisted reactive transport modelling4403-00100
PhD StudentResonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering on two-dimensional quantum materials6516-00100
Group Leader Control Systems8216-02100
Laborant*in80-100 %2222-0080 – 100
Miterzieher*in60 – 100% (Springer*in)1302-0480 – 100
Postdoctoral Fellow DH UQNuclear data uncertainties in decay heat calculations4102-03100
Postdoctoral FellowRadionuclide release from liquid metals4702-00100
Postdoctoral FellowCharacterization of radiation effects in structural materials4601-00100
Elektroinstallateur*in EFZ9330-00100
PSI-FELLOW-III-3i / Postdoctoral Fellows (f/m/d)100
Linux Engineer / System EngineerScience IT Infrastructure and Services / Core Linux Research Services7906-00100
Polymechanikerin/Polymechaniker EFZ100
Elektroinstallateurin/Elektroinstallateur EFZ100
Anlage- und Apparatebauerin/Anlage- und Apparatebauer EFZ100
Fachfrau/Fachmann Betreuung EFZFachrichtung Kinder100
Praktikum im Bereich Controlling60 – 100 %9102-T1100

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