Linköping University invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc scholarships, a public university in Linköping, Sweden, one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions.

Professor in Ageing and Social Change25/01/2023LiU-2022-02535
Associate professor in Communication Systems15/01/2023LiU-2022-04071
Postdoc in the field of structural biology/structural bioinformatics13/01/2023IFM-2022-00586
Postdoc in Communication Systems31/12/2022LiU-2022-03877
Research Assistant in Ageing and Social Change16/12/2022IKOS-2022-00284
Postdoc in Heterogeneous machine learning hardware for system-on-chip monitoring and health diagnosis within WASP09/12/2022LiU-2022-04430
PhD Student in Reinforcement Learning for Control of Partially Observable Dynamical Systems05/12/2022LiU-2022-04375
Postdoc in Plant based biohybrid living materials02/12/2022LiU-2022-04507
PhD student in Infra informatics with an orientation in railway systems02/12/2022LiU-2022-04406
Postdoc in Cell and Molecular Biology30/11/2022BKV-2022-00678
Amanuens/Teaching assistant in Applied Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics (MVS)30/11/2022IEI-2022-00580
Postdoctoral researcher to the project “A Dual-frequency Distributed MIMO Approach for Future 6G Applications (6G-Tandem)”30/11/2022LiU-2022-04274
Research Engineer28/11/2022BKV-2022-00557

PhD student in Technology and Social Change28/11/2022TEMA-2022-00233

PhD student in Information Theoretic Security25/11/2022LiU-2022-04197

PhD student in wood-based sustainable materials for organic solar cells25/11/2022IFM-2022-00562

PhD student in Conductive wood25/11/2022LiU-2022-03987

PhD student in Biomedical devices based on cellulose nanocomposites25/11/2022LiU-2022-04011

PhD student in organic/polymer chemistry on the synthesis of recyclable electroactive coatings25/11/2022LiU-2022-04006

PhD student in organic/polymer chemistry on the utilization of forest-based synthons for the synthesis of conjugated polymers25/11/2022LiU-2022-04005

PhD student in Wood-based electrochemical devices25/11/2022LiU-2022-04002

PhD student in organic energy materials25/11/2022LiU-2022-03988

PhD student in Applied Physics – Computational studies of functional biopolymers from trees.25/11/2022LiU-2022-03931

PhD student in Wood-based stretchable electronics25/11/2022LiU-2022-03924

PhD Student in Applied Physics, with focus on Organic Photonics and Nanooptics25/11/2022LiU-2022-03844

PhD student in Technology and Social Change14/11/2022TEMA-2022-00225

PhD student position in Computer Science within CUGS Research School14/11/2022IDA-2022-00271

PhD student in Technology and Social Change14/11/2022TEMA-2022-00224

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