The University of Basel in Switzerland invites application for vacant PhD and Academic Positions, offers attractive terms of employment and supports the advancement of staff.

Didaktisch-technische Assistenz 60%

Postdoc position “Unraveling the genomic origin of species in the large white-headed gull radiation”


Organizational Change & Culture Development Expert


Postdoctoral Scientist Position in Liver Immunology

Informations- und Dokumentationsspezialist*in FH für die UB Wirtschaft – das SWA

two open Phd or one PostDoc positions

Infectious Disease Modeler

antelope Karriereprogramm 2023

Projektleiter*in Bauherrenvertretung

Objektbetreuer*in Campus Services Life Sciences

Postdoc Position in Analytical Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics

Lehrstelle Kauffrau / Kaufmann EFZ

Junior Project Accountant / Controller

Wissenschaftliche:r Assistent:in auf Stufe Doktorat


Assistent*in des Verwaltungsdirektors

Praktikant*in Recruiting

Hilfsassistent*in Psychologie mit Programmierkenntnissen gesucht

Forschungspraktikant*in Psychologie (Durchführen von Intelligenztests)


Procurement and Supply Management Expert – health products Position based in lusophone Africa

Open PhD position in soil erosion research


Studierende in Assistenzfunktion


Scientific Officer (Postdoctoral level)

Mitarbeiter*in Stabsstelle Direktion Infrastruktur & Betrieb

Lehrstelle als Polymechaniker*in EFZ

PhD position in theoretical and computational modeling of gene regulatory networks and genome evolution

Post doc position in theoretical and computational modeling of gene regulatory networks and genome evolution

PhD student position in the Skin Biology Laboratory (Prof. A. Navarini)

Postdoctoral / Scientist Position in Cancer Immunotherapy

Research Associate, Cancer Immunotherapy Laboratory

Postdoc position in Supramolecular Catalysis

Ph.D. position in Supramolecular Catalysis

Professur für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie (open-rank)

Studentische Hilfsassistenz – Gefängnispsychologie

Wissenschaftliche Assistenz in Geschlechterforschung auf Stufe Doktorat

Wissenschaftliche Assistenz in Geschlechterforschung auf Stufe PostDoc

Managing Editor 60 – 80%

Fundraiser*in mit Verantwortung CRM-Datenbank


2 PhD positions in Implementation Science Research / Health Economics in Long-Term Care

Lehrbeauftragte*r für «Gymnastik und Tanz»

Doctoral position in Natural Product Biosynthesis (Pharmaceutical Biology)

Postdoctoral researcher in Structural Biology (Pharmaceutical Biology)

PhD position on plant ecophysiology modelling in urban environments

Teamleiter*in Controlling 80 – 100%

PhD position: Towards Earth-Abundant Nanocatalysts for Hydrogenation Reactions: Understanding the Promoting Role of Sulfur in Cobalt Phosphide Nanocatalysts (P2203)

PhD Position in Environmental / Energy Economics

PhD position on targeted scintillator nanoparticles for X-ray-mediated optogenetics in behaving mice (P2207)

PhD position: NanoPhase, a multi-scale view of phase separation from cells to nanostructure (P2204)

PhD position on multi-compartment nanofactories for on-site and on-demand drug synthesis and delivery (P2206)

Head of Digital Health Unit

Informationsbibliothekar*in Kundenservices UB Basel Hauptbibliothek

PhD position on MacEtch based nanofabrication of high aspect ratio silicon nanowires with magnetic tips (P2205)

PhD student position: Find new and unconventional antibacterial compounds to treat Tuberculosis

PhD position: bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics depends on physiological states of bacteria

Teamleiter*in Kundenservices UB Medizin

Position Lab technician in Cardiac Molecular Imaging

Mitarbeiter*in Stabsstelle Direktion Infrastruktur & Betrieb: Schwerpunkt Hochschulgastronomie

PhD position in quantitative biology: central metabolism in mediating antibiotic tolerance

PhD position quantitative biology: metabolism in mediating functions of tumor suppressor/oncogenes

PhD position “Unraveling the genomic origin of species in the large white-headed gull radiation”

Dipl. Biomedizinische/r Analytiker/in HF

Computational Biologist for Biomedicine (100%)

Student Assistant HPC user support

Accountant Schwerpunkt Debitoren 100%

Forschungspraktikant:in Psychologie

Administrative Student Assistant Back Office (20%)

IT Projektleiter/in (80-100%)

Postdoctoral position in Plant Evolutionary Ecology and Climate Adaptation

Veterinär*in Tierstationen

Project Assistant (GlobMal Phase 3), 100%

Postdoc Position in Molecular Toxicology

Studentische Hilfsassistierende Web-Applikationen – technisch

Studentische Hilfsassistierende Web-Applikationen – redaktionell

Fachspezialistin / Fachspezialist Kursadministration / Zivildienst 50 %

Study Coordinator

Biomedical Engineering expert (Oxygen)

Laboratory expert

Open positions for PhD and Post-Doc in soil erosion research

Postdoc Researcher / RSE in High Performance Computing for Astrophysics/Cosmology

PhD Student / Postdoc Researcher / RSE in High Performance Computing for Data Analysis Pipelines

Postdoctoral Position: Development of artificial organelles and cells

Postdoctoral Position in Development of Clusters of Compartments for Bio-applications


Economic evaluation specialist


Studentische Hilfskraft Research and Infrastructure Support (RISE)

PhD position in the development and evolution of artificial metalloenzymes based on earth-abundant metal cofactors

Protein Engineering Platform Leader

2 PhD candidate positions in SNF-Project Shared Reading in the Digital Age

Professorship in Finance and Financial Economics (tenured)

PhD position on the search for 2D ferromagnetism at room temperature (P2202)

PhD position on strongly correlated electronic phases in twisted and stretched bilayer semiconductor nanostructures (P2201)

Deux bourses de début de thèse en littérature de 30 000 CHF

Two Start-up Grants of the Doctoral Program in Literary Studies: 30,000 Swiss francs each

Zwei Anschubstipendien des Doktoratsprogramms Literaturwissenschaft à CHF 30 000

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