The University of Antwerp in Belgium invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc Positions, one of the major Belgian universities located in the city of Antwerp, Belgium

Faculty of Applied Engineering

Predoctoral level

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Predoctoral level

Postdoctoral level

Faculty of Business and Economics

Postdoctoral level

Faculty of Design Sciences

Predoctoral level

Doctoral scholarship holder, Conservation-Restoration and Heritage science, focussing on Hydrophobic and water-impermeable textiles for the applied arts and hippomobiles

Doctoral candidate in the interdisciplinary field of Conservation-Restoration and Applied Sciences, focussing on the development and assessment of gel cleaning techniques

Doctoral scholarship holder, Sustainable design, more specifically “design for Nature”

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Predoctoral level

Postdoctoral level

Senior research professor (ZAPBOF) in Vaccine Immunology

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Health Economics

Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences

Predoctoral level

Doctoral scholarship holder, In vitro gametogenesis within the context of fertility preservation

Doctoral scholarship holder, Chemical Biology

Doctoral scholarship holder in Cognitive genetics

Postdoctoral level

Postdoc position Computational neurobiology lab

Postdoc position in Computational genomics of Alzheimer’s disease

Research professor (tenure track) ZAPBOF, Immunology of parasitic diseases

Post-doc researcher to develop an LC-HRMS platform for metabolomics in human matrices

Postdoctoral researcher in protease research

Postdoctoral researcher, Chemical biology

Postdoctoral researcher, Vascular ageing

Postdoctoral researcher, Preclinical research of respiratory (co-)infections

Postdoctoral scholarship holder in Toxicology

Faculty of Science

Predoctoral level

Joint doctoral grant, Quantitative transmission electron microscopy (TEM) combined with theoretical chemistry modelling techniques

Doctoral scholarship holder, Combined air purification technologies

Doctoral scholarship holder on filter-feeding kinematics and hydrodynamics in ducks and paddlefish

Postdoctoral level

Postdoctoral researcher in Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

Postdoctoral researcher Active-passive sampling of pollutants

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