The University of Turku in Finland invites application to vacant Postdoc and Academic Positions, , is the third largest university in Finland as measured by student enrollment

ID  Heading  Unit  Application deadline  
14209 Postdoctoral Researcher fixed term position Tutkimuksen tukipalvelut 15.01.2023 
13653 Collegium Researcher fixed term positions Tutkimuksen tukipalvelut 15.01.2023 
14190 Up to eight TIES Fellowship positions (TIAS) Tutkimuksen tukipalvelut 09.01.2023 
14198 Postdoctoral Researcher in Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute of Biomedicine 19.12.2022 
14238 Research assistant (fixed-term position) in the field of Computational Materials Engineering via Artificial Intelligence Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 19.12.2022 
14163 1 – 3 Fixed term positions for postdoctoral researchers, project researchers and/or research assistants Department of Computing 12.12.2022 
14173 Doctoral Reasearcher, fixed-term position in Food Sciences Department of Life Technologies 11.12.2022 
14233 Research Assistant at Biotechnology Project (FUDIS) Department of Life Technologies 07.12.2022 
14201 Fixed-term postdoctoral researcher position on avian movement and dispersal ecology Department of Biology 07.12.2022 
14214 Fixed term position for Doctoral Researcher or Project Researcher Turku PET Centre 01.12.2022 
14143 Doctoral researcher/Project researcher in mathematical modeling of thermal conversion/absorption processes Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 30.11.2022 
14139 Fixed term position of University Lecturer, INVEST INVEST-yksikk√∂ 30.11.2022 
14049 Postdoctoral positions at FINCA Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO 30.11.2022 
14181 University Teacher (German), fixed-term (job alternation leave) School of Languages and Translation Studies 28.11.2022 
14168 University Teacher (English), fixed-term School of Languages and Translation Studies 28.11.2022 

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