Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, a public research university located in Munich, Germany.

Institution▲Job title▼Application deadline▼
Faculty of Chemistry and PharmacyFull Professorship (W3) of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Chair)2023-01-31
Faculty of History and the ArtsFull Professorship (W3) of Contemporary History (Chair)2022-12-11
Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and StatisticsAssistant Professor in Econometrics (m/w/d)2022-12-21
Faculty of Social SciencesFull Professorship (W3) of Communication with a Focus on Media Uses and Media Effects (Chair)2023-01-11
Faculty of MedicineResearch Assistant Molecular Medical Microbiology (m/f/x)TV-L2022-11-30
Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and StatisticsStudent Assistant (m/f/x)2022-12-31
Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and StatisticsStudent assistants for support in data collection and analysis (m/f/x)2022-11-30
Central University InstitutionsProgram Associate (m/f/x)2022-12-17
Institution▲Job title▼Remuneration group▼Application deadline▼
Faculty of Business Administration – Munich School of ManagementResearch and Teaching Assistants (“PhD Candidates”) in Applied Artificial Intelligence (m/f/x)TV-L E132023-02-28
Faculty of BiologyResearch Associate -Akademischer Rat auf Zeit- in the Behavioural Ecology Group at LMU Munich (m/f/x)BesGr A132022-12-04
Faculty of BiologyDoctoral candidate (m/f/x)TV-L E132022-12-09
Faculty of BiologyPostdoctoral position (m/f/x)TV-L E132022-12-09
Faculty of Chemistry and PharmacyNMR Facility Manager (m/f/x)TV-L E132022-11-30
Faculty of Chemistry and PharmacyPhD and Postdoctoral Positions in Functional Genomics of Mitochondrial Stress (m/f/x)TV-L2022-12-31
Faculty of GeosciencesPhD position on flood resilience studies (m/f/x)TV-L E132023-01-08
Faculty of GeosciencesPostdoc position on modeling flood resilience (m/f/x)TV-L E142023-01-08
Faculty of GeosciencesScientific researcher modeling forest-climate interactions (m/f/x)TV-L E132022-11-30
Faculty of GeosciencesScientific researcher modeling Earth system feedbacks (m/f/x)TV-L E132022-11-30
Faculty for the Study of CulturePostdoctoral Researcher in the History of Art and Archeology of South Asia (m/f/x)TV-L2022-12-22
Faculty for the Study of CultureLecturer of Sanskrit (m/f/x)BesGr A132022-12-21
Faculty of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and the Study of ReligionAssistant Professorship (m/f/x)BesGr A132023-01-31
Faculty of PhysicsPostdoc in machine learning of emergent dynamics for active matter systems (m/f/x)TV-L E132022-12-21
Faculty of Languages and LiteraturesOrganisational head of the English language teaching section (Sprachpraxis) in the Department of English and American Studies (m/f/x)TV-L E142022-12-18
Faculty of MedicinePostdoctoral (100%) and PhD (50%) positions in P2X7 Receptor Signaling (m/f/x)TV-L2022-12-09
Faculty of MedicinePostdoctoral Fellow in sugar–to–lipid gene regulation and drug discovery (m/f/x)TV-L E132022-12-27
Faculty of MedicinePhD Position in tumor chemosensitization (m/f/d) (m/f/x)TV-L2022-12-31
Faculty of MedicinePostdoctoral scientist (m/f/x)TV-L E132022-11-30
Faculty of MedicinePhD Position in Molecular HIV Research (m/f/x)TV-L2022-12-31
Faculty of Social SciencesPredoc position / research scientist specializing in the quantitative sociology of science (m/f/x)TV-L E132022-12-19
Central University InstitutionsDoctoral Candidate in Environmental Humanities (m/f/x)TV-L E132022-12-01

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