James Cook University in Singapore invites application for vacant Academic Positions, a branch of James Cook University, based in Townsville, Australia

Senior Executive Enrolment Marketing and Alumni EngagementSingapore9 Dec 2022
Sessional Lecturer (Counselling & Education)Singapore31 Dec 2022
Sessional Lecturer/Tutorial (ELPP)Singapore31 Dec 2022
Sessional Lecturer / Tutor – Early Childhood EducationSingapore31 Dec 2022
Sessional Lecturer/Tutor (Earth Science / Geology)Singapore31 Dec 2022
Sessional Lecturer/Tutor (Environmental Science)Singapore31 Dec 2022
Sessional Lecturer/Tutor (Information Technology)Singapore31 Dec 2022
Sessional Lecturer/Tutor BusinessSingapore31 Dec 2022
Sessional Lecturer/Tutor (Psychology)Singapore31 Dec 2022
Executive Recruitment and Partnerships (South Asia)Singapore21 Dec 2022
Assistant Manager Counselling & ProgressionsSingapore12 Dec 2022
In Country Representative China (Shanghai)China12 Dec 2022
Executive East Asia BrandingSingapore12 Dec 2022
Executive East Asia Branding (Graphic Design)Singapore12 Dec 2022
Executive University PartnershipsSingapore12 Dec 2022
Assistant Manager Recruitment and PartnershipsSingapore20 Dec 2022
Executive Facilities (EHS)Singapore22 Dec 2022
Exam SupervisorSingapore10 Apr 2023
Sessional Lecturer/Tutor AquacultureSingapore31 Dec 2022
Senior Executive Facilities (Projects)Singapore22 Dec 2022

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