The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Switzerland invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Academic Positions, the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland

Software Scientist / Research Software EngineerExperiment Control and Data Visualization for SLS 2.07901-00100
Postdoctoral FellowExperimental and Numerical Investigations of Pollutant Transport in a Model City4103-00100
PhD Studenton Net-Zero GHG emission target, life cycle and externalities assessment4501-00100
Scientistfor Undulator Development6511-00100
Fachspezialist*in Maschinensicherheit (80 – 100 %)8315-0080 – 100
Postdoctoral Fellowon environmental assessment of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)4501-04100
FPGA and Embedded Software Developer8221-00100
TraineeAutomatized report and analysis generation within the novel framework for the activity calculations8142-T1100
Postdoctoral Fellow2316-00100
Postdoctoral FellowChip Design / Detector Development Photon Science Division6222‐01100
Elektronikingenieur*inSystem- und Hardware-Entwicklung (80 – 100 %)8222-0180 – 100
TraineeExperimental AC losses assessment in superconducting magnets for proton therapy8433-T1100
Electronics EngineerSystem- and Hardware- Development (80 – 100 %)8222-0180 – 100
TraineeRF Cavity Simulator for LLRF Lab Testing8221-T1100
TraineeTouschek Life Time and Losses in Swiss Light Source (SLS)8121-T1100
Miterzieher*in (Springer*in)40 %1302-0440
Postdoctoral Fellowfor ASIC design3202-00100
Bau-Controller*in50 %9102-0250
PhD Student in Materials ScienceMulti-scale characterization of carbon fiber composites using X-rays6317-00100
PhD Student in Materials ScienceComputational Development of X-ray scattering tensor tomography6317-01100
Mitarbeiter*in Rüst- und Abwaschküche9171-0060
Instrument Scientist (Tenure Track)3304-03100
PhD StudentIn physics of soft condensed matter3303-02100
Berufsbildner*in Informatik EFZ als Gruppenleiter*in (Kennziffer 1392-00)80 – 100 %1392-00100
PhD StudentIn fundamental physics to work on the n2EDM experiment3204-01100
Ingenieur*in HLKoder Maschineningenieur*in9350-00100
Postdoctoral Fellowon the assessment of the role of forests and wood-based materials to achieve net-zero CO2 targets4501-05100
Scientist Tenure Track: Electronic-structure simulations of excited-state propertiesSCD Division / Laboratory for Materials Simulations / Materials Software and Data Group7301-01100
Scientist Tenure Track: Electronic-structure simulations of complex materialsSCD Division / Laboratory for Materials Simulations / Materials Software and Data Group7301-00100
Postdoctoral FellowIn atmospheric science5504-02100
Postdoctoral Fellow3D Thermo-mechanical Solver Development for Nuclear Fuels4103-02100
Postdoctoral FellowCatalytic Hydrothermal Gasification to renewable hydrogen5101-00100
PhD StudentIn the field of Cement Environmental Chemistry4404-00100
PhD Student

In the field of Cement Environmental Chemistry4404-011

Postdoctoral Fellow


Division Coordinator


PhD Student in Dirac materials field emission cathodes




Postdoctoral Fellow

Magnetic Correlations in Artificial Spin Systems3701

PhD Student

in the field of targeting the microenvironment2222-0210

SAP CC Senior Expert*in

100 % oder Teilzeit im Job-Sharing9101-00

Linux Engineer / System Engineer

Science IT Infrastructure and Services / Core Linux Research Services7906-0010008.12.2022


80-100 %8111-00

PhD Student

in the field of targeting the microenvironment2222-0110

Technische*n Mitarbeiter*in


PhD Student

in Controlling the Behaviour of Artificial Spin Ice Through Spintronics3701-0310

Head Radiation Oncology

Lead of the Radiation Oncology team1711-0210

Head Radiation Oncology

Lead of the Radiation Oncology team1711-02100

Project Scientist

on air quality transport modelling5503-021000

PhD Student

On sources of organic aerosols in Europe5503-00100

PhD Student

on organic aerosols sources and data mining5503-0110028.10.2022


80 – 100 %9642-2

Polymechanikerin/Polymechaniker EFZ

Elektroinstallateurin/Elektroinstallateur EFZ

Anlage- und Apparatebauerin/Anlage- und Apparatebauer EFZ

Fachfrau/Fachmann Betreuung EFZ

Fachrichtung Kinder-100

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