PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at Karolinska Institutet, a research-led medical university in Solna within the Stockholm urban area of Sweden

PositionAvdelningSista ansökningsdatum
Doctoral (PhD) student position in Molecular biology focusing on neurodevelopmental disordersDepartment of Physiology and Pharmacology2023-02-20
Doctoral (PhD) student position in exercise physiologyDepartment of Physiology and Pharmacology2023-02-22
Doctoral student – research on physical activity in various cancersDivision of Physiotherapy2023-02-23
Doctoral (PhD) student position in NeuroscienceDepartment of Neuroscience2023-02-28
Doctoral (PhD) student position in functional oxylipidomics of allergy and asthmaThe Institute of Environmental Medicine2023-02-28
Doctoral (PhD) student position in immunobiology of Merkel cell carcinomaDepartment of Oncology-Pathology2023-02-28
Doktorandplats inom arbetsmiljö och hälsa i hälso- och sjukvårdenThe Institute of Environmental Medicine2023-02-28
Doctoral (PhD) student position in microbiome researchDepartment for Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology2023-03-01
Doctoral (PhD) student position in Leukemia nicheDepartment of Medicine, Huddinge2023-03-02
Doctoral (PhD) student position in striatal neuromodulationDepartment of Neuroscience2023-03-03
Doctoral (PhD) position in the field of Breast Cancer BioinformaticsDepartment of Oncology-Pathology2023-03-05
Doctoral (PhD) student position in Cognitive NeuroscienceDepartment of Clinical Neuroscience2023-03-06
Doctoral student (PhD) position in Upper gastrointestinal cancerDepartment of Molecular Medicine and Surgery2023-03-09
PositionAvdelningSista ansökningsdatum
1-2 Postdoctoral researchers in Mitochondrial BiologyDivision of Molecular Metabolism2023-03-10
Postdoctoral studies in single-cell RNA biology (scholarship)Pelechano2023-03-10
Postdoctoral studies in RNA biology and DNA repair (scholarship)Farnebo2023-03-13
Postdoctoral researcher in adipocyte metabolismCardiovascular Medicine division2023-03-14
Postdoc in highly miniaturized liver modelsDepartment of Oncology-Pathology2023-03-14
Postdoktor till ”Patienten i Förarsätet”Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics2023-03-15
Postdoctoral position in computational structural screening of genetic variants between a bioinformatics group and a clinical genetics labDepartment of Molecular Medicine and Surgery2023-03-15
Postdoctoral researcher in leukemia nicheDepartment of Medicine, Huddinge2023-03-22
Postdoctoral Position in Experimental NeurogeriatricsDivision of Neurogeriatric2023-03-24
Postdoctoral studies in systems biology of mRNA translation (scholarship)Department of Oncology-Pathology2023-03-31
1-2 Postdoctoral studies (scholarship) in characterization of the immuno-oxylipidome in atherosclerosisThe Institute of Environmental Medicine2023-02-28
Postdoctoral studies of mRNA translation in cancer (scholarship)Department of Oncology-Pathology2023-02-28
Postdoctoral position in biostatistics and bioinformaticsDepartment of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics2023-02-28
Postdoctoral studies in Neural circuits in the basal ganglia underlying sensorimotor function(scholarship)Silberberg2023-03-01
Postdoctoral Researcher in Geriatric EpidemiologyAging Research Center, ARC2023-03-02
Postdoctoral studies in genomics and transcriptomicsKutter2023-03-03
Postdocs in Lung Cancer Proteomics and Molecular biology (scholarship)Department of Oncology-Pathology2023-03-03
Postdocs in Bioinformatics for Proteome-guided Precision Medicine in Lung Cancer (scholarship)Department of Oncology-Pathology2023-03-03
Postdoctoral studies in RNA biology (scholarship)Kutter2023-03-03
Postdoctoral Researcher in Insurance MedicineDepartment of Clinical Neuroscience2023-03-08
Postdoctoral Researcher in molecular infection biologyInfectious Diseases division2023-03-09
Postdoctoral Researcher in public health informatics – problem gambling during COVID-19Department of Clinical Neuroscience2023-03-09
Postdoctoral studies in single-cell RNA biology (scholarship)Pelechano2023-03-10
PositionAvdelningSista ansökningsdatum
Postdoctoral studies in Immuno Oncology and the tumor microenvironment (scholarship)Forskargrupp Rolny2023-02-18
Postdoktor i VårdforskningDivision of Nursing2023-02-19
Postdoctoral studies in the field of mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegeneration (scholarship)Division of Molecular Metabolism2023-02-22
Postdoctoral studies in Cardiovascular research (scholarship)Cardiology division2023-02-22
Postdoctoral studies in Neurobiology (scholarship)Division of Clinical Geriatric2023-02-22
Postdoctoral studies in spinal cord regeneration (scholarship)Simon2023-02-23
Postdoctoral researcher in spinal cord regenerationSimon2023-02-23
Postdoctor – Oral microbiota in human health & disease (scholarship)Department of Dental Medicine2023-02-23
Postdoc researcher in Developmental programming and NanomedicineDepartment of Physiology and Pharmacology2023-02-25
Postdoctoral Researcher in Brain ConnectivityDepartment of Clinical Neuroscience2023-02-28
Postdoctoral researcher position in Cell replacement therapy for Parkinson’s diseaseMolecular Neurobiology2023-02-28
1-2 Postdoctoral Researchers in characterization of the immuno-oxylipidome in atherosclerosisThe Institute of Environmental Medicine2023-02-28

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