Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden invites application for vacant Academic, PhD and Postdoc Scholarships, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

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20230101PhD student position: Internationalised Higher Education and English-Medium Instruction01/05/2023
20230104Postdoc in theory of open quantum systems/nonlinear quantum optomechanics30/04/2023
20230146PhD in experimental superconducting quantum computing30/04/2023
20220626PhD student position in fluid mechanics of turbulent clouds23/04/2023
20230067PhD student position in experimental quantum optomechanics16/04/2023
20230138Two PhD student positions in platform strategy15/04/2023
20220398Associate professor in Chemical Process Engineering07/04/2023
20230118PhD student position in Innovation Ecosystems within Infrastructure Construction05/04/2023
20230147Postdoctoral position in computational plasma physics01/04/2023
20220682Industrial PhD student position in millimetre-wave electronics for climate and environment31/03/2023
20220691Associate Professor/Professor in Electric Power Engineering31/03/2023
20220720Assistant Professor in Electric Power Engineering31/03/2023
20220734Postdoc in optimization techniques for vehicle aerodynamic applications31/03/2023
20230047Associate Professor in Energy Conversion for Propulsion Systems31/03/2023
20230054Internal recruitment to associate professor31/03/2023
20230086PhD student position in materials physics: characterization of next-generation lighting materials31/03/2023
20230139Postdoc in carbon cycle science31/03/2023
20230140PhD in Arctic atmospheric rivers31/03/2023
20230034PhD student position in Environmental Humanities & Law – focusing on Rights of Nature30/03/2023
20230137Postdoc in noise exposure in future air traffic30/03/2023
20230143Research Engineer/Senior Research Engineer28/03/2023
20230142PhD student position in Service Innovation Management27/03/2023
20230039PhD student position in sustainable materials for green battery26/03/2023
20230077Assistant Professor in Probability Theory26/03/2023
20230078PhD student in Biological Nanoparticle Nanofluidic Scattering Microscopy26/03/2023
20230084PhD Student Position in Cryptography26/03/2023
20230135Postdoc: Operando Spectroscopist – Next Generation Batteries25/03/2023
20230136Postdoc: Molecular level modeling / AI / ML – Next Generation Batteries25/03/2023
20230119PhD student position in plasma physics24/03/2023
20230120PhD student position in Materials Physics for Stable Organic Electronics24/03/2023
20230121PhD student position in Inverse design of nanoresonators for quantum optomechanics24/03/2023
20230122PhD student position in Modelling of Interfaces in Solar Cells and Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors24/03/2023
20230123PhD student position in Physics: Understanding battery interphases using X-rays24/03/2023
20230124PhD student position in Novel electrolytes for high temperature battery technology24/03/2023
20230125PhD student position in Processes and interfaces in solid state batteries24/03/2023
20230126PhD student position in Fuel Cell Catalyst Materials and Applications24/03/2023
20230127PhD student position in Designing the free energy landscapes of solar storage materials by machine learning24/03/2023
20230134Join us – and share knowledge: The Department of Physics seeks ten PhD students24/03/2023
20230040PhD student position in photophysical studies of photon up- and down conversion20/03/2023
20230116PhD student position in signal processing for multi-antenna receivers20/03/2023
20230050PhD student position at Division of Energy Technology in Emission Control19/03/2023
20230089Postdoctoral position in evidence-based urban design and planning, full-time temporary employment17/03/2023
20230110PhD student in proton conducting materials17/03/2023
20220340Postdoctoral researcher positions in Computer Architecture15/03/2023
20220610Excellence PhD positions at Excellence Initiative Nano15/03/2023
20220729PhD student position in geomechanics: genesis and failure of quick clay15/03/2023
20230041PhD student position in Circular Logistics Services15/03/2023
20230085Postdoc in Operando imaging and spectroscopy of processes on metal anodes15/03/2023
20230103PhD student position in business models for sustainable transport15/03/2023
20230105Postdoc in in numerical modeling of falling film evaporators15/03/2023
20230129PhD student in medical image analysis15/03/2023
20230098Amanuens/teaching assistant, one or more, Software Engineering14/03/2023
20230111Postdoctoral position: Engineering of metal-organic frameworks for antibiofouling applications14/03/2023
20230068Mästarlärare kemi/matematik13/03/2023
20220694Assistant Professor/Associate professor in Digital Health12/03/2023
20230015Associate Professor in Computer and Network Systems12/03/2023
20230049PhD student position in onalgorithms for near term quantum (NISQ) computers12/03/2023
20230060PhD student position in Waviness and kinking in unidirectional composites-modelling12/03/2023
20230106Post-doc in modeling robust energy systems12/03/2023
20230075PhD student position in Stability assessment of converter-dominated power systems11/03/2023
20230076PhD student position in Power Electronics for Medium Voltage Grids11/03/2023
20230023Doktorand inom kritiska urbana studier med fokus på rättvisa och klimat10/03/2023
20230066Doktorand i människa-maskinsystem och utformning av framtidens kontrollrum10/03/2023
20230081Postdoc in machine learning for advanced antibody discovery technologies10/03/2023
20230082Postdoc in AI-driven optimization of variational algorithms for near-term quantum computers10/03/2023
20230091PhD student position in chemistry: Mechanistic understanding of photocatalytic processes10/03/2023
20230108PhD student in diagnostics of PEM based devices: fuel cells and electrolysers10/03/2023
20220628PhD student position in New Materials Concepts for Stable Organic Solar Cells09/03/2023
20230071Ekonom till institutionen för Industri- och materialvetenskap, Chalmers09/03/2023
20220555PhD student: Negative CO2 emissions by bioenergy with carbon capture08/03/2023
20220684Postdoc in developing deep learning for satellite images07/03/2023
20220640Industrial PhD student: Novel modeling approaches in drug development05/03/2023
20230073Postdoc as research leader in new aeroengine concepts03/03/2023
20230074Postdoc in sustainable mobility: ABM, big data, optimization03/03/2023
20230115Amanuens within research03/03/2023
20220203PhD student position in Electrochemistry funded by the European Research Council02/03/2023
20230059PhD student position in computational mathematics02/03/2023
20220722Postdoc position on preparation of 2D materials and their applications01/03/2023
20230048PhD student position in Silicon integrated circuit design for sub-THz communication01/03/2023
20230051Postdoc in Silicon integrated circuit design for sub-THz communication01/03/2023
20230058PhD student position in Machine Learning: Causality & Generalization01/03/2023
20230065PhD student position in Cementitious Materials01/03/2023
20230100Amanuens/teaching assistant, one or more, Interaction Design01/03/2023

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