The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Switzerland invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Academic Positions, the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland

DescriptionCode digit
RF Engineer (80 -100%)8232-00
HF-Ingenieur*in (80 -100 %)8232-00
TraineeAutomatized report and analysis generation within the novel framework for the activity calculations8142-T1
Ingenieur*in Timing und Synchronisation (80-100%)8232-00
PhD Studenton Net-Zero GHG emission target, life cycle and externalities assessment4501-00
Postdoctoral FellowHigh resolution energy systems modelling4502-00
Ingenieur*in HLKoder Maschineningenieur*in9350-00
Postdoctoral FellowLarge Scale Hydrogen Energy Storage5422-02
PhD Studenton environmental assessment of Carbon Dioxide Removal CDR4501-01
Scientist (Tenure Track)Structural Biology of Microtubules2313-00
Postdoctoral FellowChip Design / Detector Development Photon Science Division6222‐01
Maschineningenieur*inEntwicklung, Konstruktion, Koordination3602-00
Postdoctoral FellowElectrode Development for Water Electrolysis5422-01
Postdoctoral Fellow5701-00
Beschleunigeroperateur*in80-100 %8111-00
Praktikum im Bereich Human Resources60 – 100 %1320-T1
Biochemistry Specialist80 – 100 % / SwissFEL6414-00
Fachhochschulpraktikant*in MaschinenbauPiBS M
TraineeNuclear fuels characterization with synchrotron and neutron radiography experiments4602-T2
Postdoctoral FellowScientific programming3300-01
Fachhochschulpraktikant*in WirtschaftsingenieurwesenPiBS WING
Fachhochschulpraktikant*in Informatik oder Informatik mit Profilierung iCompetencePiBS I
TraineeHydride characterization in nuclear fuel zirconium cladding4602-T1
Postdoctoral Fellow (Scientific programming)Prototype ORD procedures for instant data visualization in atmospheric science5505-00
Fachspezialist*in Sicherheit5001-00
Postdoctoral Fellow5008-00
Postdoctoral FellowPulsed magnetic field instrument development at SwissFEL6218-00
Gruppenleiter*in80 – 100 %9671-00
Postdoctoral Fellow7102-02
Techniker*inzur Betreuung von kryogenen Einrichtungen9372-00
Projektleiter*in Entsorgung80 – 100 %9640-00
Fachspezialist*in Entsorgung80 % – 100 %9640-01
Experimentalphysiker*in80 – 100 %9642-03
Technician for the development of superconducting magnets


Techniker*in für die Entwicklung von supraleitenden Magneten


Mitarbeiter*in Unterhaltsreinigung

Arbeitspensum 36.56 %9232-0030 – 4031.01.2023

Process Engineer

Cleanroom technology 80 – 100 %6711-0080 – 10026.01.2023

Group Leader (Tenure Track)

Fuel Cell Systems and Diagnostics5422-0010026.01.2023

Postdoctoral Fellow

Novel electrocatalysts and processes for the electrochemical valorization of nitrite and CO25423-0010025.01.2023

Scientist (Project position)

on Multicriteria Decision Analysis for the Energy System4501-0310024.01.2023

Postdoctoral Fellow

Time-resolved structural biology at SLS and SwissFEL2316-0010013.01.2023


RF Cavity Simulator for LLRF Lab Testing8221-T110012.01.2023

Postdoctoral Fellow

for ASIC design3202-0010006.01.2023

PhD Student in Dirac materials field emission cathodes


Postdoctoral Fellow

Magnetic Correlations in Artificial Spin Systems3701-0410012.12.2022

Linux Engineer / System Engineer

Science IT Infrastructure and Services / Core Linux Research Services7906-0010008.12.2022

Radiation Oncologist

as the leader of the radiation oncology group1711-0210016.11.2022

Fachfrau/Fachmann Betreuung EFZ

Fachrichtung Kinder-10002.08.2022

Anlage- und Apparatebauerin/Anlage- und Apparatebauer EFZ
Elektroinstallateurin/Elektroinstallateur EFZ

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