Gothenburg University in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Doctoral student in Medical Science – Bioinformatics- Spatial TranscriptomicsFixed termPAR 2022/1562
Postdoctoral fellow in single-cell genomics and spatial transcriptomics in metabolic and cardiovascular diseaseFixed termPAR 2023/205
Doctoral student in Sociology with focus on migration and integrationFixed termPAR 2023/155
Associate ResearcherFixed termPAR 2023/298
Doctoral student in Business Administration, within the project “Just Transitions”Fixed termPAR 2022/1388
Researcher in human pregnancy genomics/epidemiologyFixed termPAR 2023/301
Postdoctor in Political ScienceFixed termPAR 2023/246
Principal Research Engineer exploratory platform ACTRIS SwedenOpen endedPAR 2023/56
Doctoral student in Basic Medicine, 4 positionsFixed termPAR 2023/194
Statistician, Core FacilitiesFixed termPAR 2023/250
PhD student in subject matter education with specialization – mathematics.Fixed termPAR 2023/274
One doctoral position in Law within the Mistra Biopath programmeFixed termPAR 2022/1772
PhD student in educational work – mathematics.Fixed termPAR 2023/277
PhD student in subject matter education with specialization – science education or technology.Fixed termPAR 2023/273
Postdoctor in Experimental immunologyFixed termPAR 2023/233
PhD student in educational work – science education or technology.Fixed termPAR 2023/278
Postdoctor in Cancer ResearchFixed termPAR 2023/264
Two doctoral candidate positions in education with research focus on special educationFixed termPAR 2023/255
Two doctoral candidate positions in education with research focus on school development and leadershipFixed termPAR 2023/258
One doctoral candidate position in EducationFixed termPAR 2023/252
Programme managerFixed termPAR 2023/262
Lecturer in nursingOpen endedPAR 2023/160
Research AssistantFixed termPAR 2023/260
Two doctoral positions in Religious Studies with a focus on the study of IslamFixed termPAR 2023/231
Postdoctoral fellow in experimental cancer researchFixed termPAR 2023/238
Associate Senior Lecturer in Corporate FinanceFixed termPAR 2023/68
Postdoctor in NeurochemistryFixed termPAR 2023/247
Senior Lecturer in Software EngineeringOpen endedPAR 2023/78
Postdoctor in epilepsy epidemiologyFixed termPAR 2023/10
Doktorandplats i Teoretisk FysikFixed termPAR 2023/215
Senior Lecturer in Computer ScienceOpen endedPAR 2023/70
Researcher in environmental economics – research managementOpen endedPAR 2022/1666
Postdoctor in Medical radiation sciencesFixed termPAR 2023/229
Postdoctor in Medical radiation sciencesFixed termPAR 2023/228
ResearcherOpen endedPAR 2023/227
Associate Senior Lecturer Corporate Finance (Mergers & Acquisitions)Fixed termPAR 2023/71
Doctoral student in materials chemistry with a focus on covalent organic frameworksFixed termPAR 2023/222
Doctoral student in Physical Chemistry with a focus on optical spectroscopyFixed termPAR 2023/221
Doctoral student in Sport ScienceFixed termPAR 2023/199
Doctoral student in molecular evolutionFixed termPAR 2023/219
2 postdocs in Marine GHG BiogeochemistryFixed termPAR 2023/218
Senior Lecturer in communication 1-2, fixed termFixed termPAR 2023/217
Postdoctor within statistical physics with focus on active matterFixed termPAR 2023/3
ResearcherOpen endedPAR 2023/211
ResearcherFixed termPAR 2023/213
Two doctoral positions in History of Ideas and Science through the Doctoral School in the History of Political ThoughtFixed termPAR 2023/198
Postdoc position in sedimentology/particle transportFixed termPAR 2023/153
Doctoral student in Film StudiesFixed termPAR 2023/182
Senior lecturer in zoophysiology, PAR 2023/13Open endedPAR 2023/13
Postdoctor in Cardiovascular artificial intelligenceFixed termPAR 2023/193
Doctoral student in Art History and Visual StudiesFixed termPAR 2023/183
Doctoral student in EthnologyFixed termPAR 2023/180
Doctoral student in MusicologyFixed termPAR 2023/179
Doctoral student in Cultural StudiesFixed termPAR 2023/181
Doctoral students in Gender StudiesFixed termPAR 2023/176
Senior Lecturer in Crafts specialising in Ceramic artFixed termPAR 2023/83
Doctoral position in Practical philosophy within the research school Norms and Normativity, one or severalFixed termPAR 2023/97
Postdoctor in Extracellular VesiclesFixed termPAR 2023/175
Postdoc: Subject areas: marine biological sciences, bioengineering, mechatronics, energy systems engineering, automation and control engineering, electromechanical engineering, hydraulic engineering, computer science, programming, systems designFixed termPAR 2022/1702
Postdoctor; Subject areas: marine biological sciences, bioengineering, microbiologyFixed termPAR 2022/1705
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Political Science, with a focus on data collection and surveys in Sub-Saharan AfricaFixed termPAR 2023/125
Doctoral position in LogicFixed termPAR 2023/72
Two doctoral students in Environmental Social Science – with a focus on just urban and regional climate transitionsFixed termPAR 2023/117
Doctoral students in Public AdministrationFixed termPAR 2023/100
Postdoc in HistoryFixed termPAR 2022/1370
Senior lecturer in innovation, entrepreneurship and management of intellectual assetsFixed termPAR 2022/1616
1-2 PhD students in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual AssetsFixed termPAR 2022/1615

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