Stockholm University in Sweden invites application for vacant Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions, a public research university in Stockholm, Sweden.

Job Department Closing date 
Postdoctoral Fellow in Microbial diversity and soil processesDepartment of Physical Geography05/05/2023
Assistant Professor in Aerosol ChemistryDepartment of Environmental Science30/04/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Science focusing on high-resolution mass spectrometryDepartment of Environmental Science09/04/2023
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in pedagogy, focus on teaching and learning in higher educationDepartment of Education03/04/2023
Lecturer in archaeology with a specialization in maritime archaeology (50 %)Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies31/03/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Scientific Computing with Focus on Modeling of Ice Sheets in contact with the OceanDepartment of Mathematics31/03/2023
Research Engineer, Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyDepartment of Environmental Science28/03/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Isotope Studies of Greenhouse Gases over South AsiaDepartment of Environmental Science27/03/2023
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Fashion StudiesDepartment of Media Studies27/03/2023
Researcher in the Psychology behind Knowledge resistance (temporary employment)Department of Psychology24/03/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Metal-Organic Frameworks for Water TreatmentDep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry22/03/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Data ScienceDepartment of Computer and Systems Sciences20/03/2023
Postdoctor in Physics with Development and Application of the GPMR/GAP Model of WaterDepartment of Physics20/03/2023
Bioinformaticians with training and community building focus ( 1-2 temporary employment)Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics20/03/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Analytical ChemistryDepartment of Environmental Science19/03/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Atmospheric PhysicsDepartment of Meteorology15/03/2023
Researcher in Database Development, Data Mining and Analyses of Soil DataDepartment of Physical Geography13/03/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Thermally Insulating Foams from Textile WasteDep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry13/03/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Experimental Surface Catalytic Operando Studies using Photoelectron SpectroscopyDepartment of Physics10/03/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Physics (2)Nordita, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics08/03/2023

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