Linköping University invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc scholarships, a public university in Linköping, Sweden, one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions.

PhD student in Technology and Social Change2023-04-24TEMA-2023-00049
PhD student in Computer Science within WASP2023-04-20IDA-2023-00040
Associate professor in Bioengineering2023-04-07LiU-2023-00272
PhD students in Mathematics2023-04-03MAI-2023-00012
PhD student – Stretchable Electronics for Active Wearable Cooling2023-03-31LiU-2023-00565
PhD student in biomolecular and organic electronics2023-03-31IFM-2023-00057
Post doc with focus novel iontronic drug delivery2023-03-31LiU-2023-00968
Postdoctor with focus on novel iontronic drug delivery systems2023-03-31LiU-2023-00966
Postdoctor with focus novel iontronic drug delivery systems2023-03-31LiU-2023-00967
Postdoc in Plant-based stretchable batteries2023-03-31LiU-2023-00975
Postdoc in physical chemistry with focus on organic electrochemistry2023-03-31LiU-2023-00985
Postdoctor in Engineering Materials with a focus on sustainable materials for additive manufacturing2023-03-23IEI-2023-00082
PhD student in Medical Science2023-03-23BKV-2023-00172
Associate professor in English specializing in English literature2023-03-20LiU-2022-04694
Postdoc in the field of Sustainable materials chemistry2023-03-20IFM-2023-00074
Research Engineer within software development2023-03-20LiU-2023-00846
Principal research engineer in Technical Audiology2023-03-20BKV-2023-00158
Postdoc in Machine Learning2023-03-19IDA-2023-00051
Postdoc in Machine Learning2023-03-19IDA-2023-00052
PhD Student in Applied Physics to join the Organic Photonics and Nanooptics group2023-03-17LiU-2023-00776
Postdoc in Experimental Hearing Research2023-03-17BKV-2023-00153
Postdoctor in theoretical and computational physics2023-03-16IFM-2022-00615
PhD student in Pedagogical work with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), information technology and learning2023-03-15LiU-2023-00122
Postdoc in the field of theoretical and computational physics2023-03-15IFM-2023-00052
PhD student in Stable Next-Generation Solar Cells for sustainable energy generation2023-03-15IFM-2023-00042
PhD student in Organic/Polymer chemistry (utilization of forest-based synthons for the synthesis of conjugated polymers2023-03-14LiU-2023-00934
PhD student in materials science2023-03-13IFM-2023-00040
Postdoc in Communication Systems2023-03-10LiU-2022-03877
Postdoc in Eye Diseases2023-03-10BKV-2023-00128
Postdoc in Analytical Sociology2023-03-09IEI-2022-00678
Senior associate professor in Neurophysiology, with focus on translational research2023-03-09LiU-2022-05140
PhD student in Organic Energy Materials2023-03-09LiU-2023-00828
PhD student in Materials Physics2023-03-06IFM-2023-00025

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