Gothenburg University in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Postdoctoral fellow in cancer genomics and bioinformaticsFixed termPAR 2023/3712023-04-14
PARSE Journal Front end developerOpen endedPAR 2023/4082023-04-11
Postdoctor in Type theory for mathematics and computer scienceFixed termPAR 2023/4052023-04-14
Database Manager to the Department of Political Science and the QoG instituteOpen endedPAR 2023/2922023-04-17
Senior lecturer in social work with a specialization in social lawOpen endedPAR 2023/3282023-05-04
Doctoral student in Inorganic materials for direct capture of carbon dioxide from airFixed termPAR 2023/3962023-04-12
Doctoral student in Marine biogeochemistry and pollution, 3 PhD studentsFixed termPAR 2023/3672023-04-07
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Fat intake and effects on blood lipids and inflammationFixed termPAR 2023/2702023-04-20
Postdoctor in Political ScienceFixed termPAR 2023/3432023-05-02
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Intake of vitamin D – strategies for sustainable health and climateFixed termPAR 2023/2202023-04-20
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Reproduction and cardiometabolic risk in womenFixed termPAR 2023/2682023-04-20
Labb- och fältassistentFixed termPAR 2023/3702023-04-21
Educational AssistantFixed termPAR 2023/3622023-04-03
ResearcherFixed termPAR 2023/3822023-04-11
Postdoc in European Research (1-3 positions)Fixed termPAR 2023/3592023-05-15
Postdoc: Subject areas: marine biological sciences, bioengineering, mechatronics, energy systems engineering, automation and control engineering, electromechanical engineering, hydraulic engineering, computer science, programming, systems designFixed termPAR 2022/17022023-04-30
Assistant researcher to the department of Political Science and the V-Dem InstituteFixed termPAR 2023/3772023-04-06
Assistant researcher to the department of Political ScienceFixed termPAR 2023/2322023-04-06
Postdoctor; Subject areas: marine biological sciences, bioengineering, microbiologyFixed termPAR 2022/17052023-04-30
University lecturer in ocean governance lawFixed termPAR 2023/12023-03-29

Doctoral student in Medical Science – Computational cancer genomics
Fixed termPAR 2023/3442023-04-04
PhD student: Marine ecologyFixed termPAR 2023/3682023-04-16
Doctoral student in Artistic PracticeFixed termPAR 2023/2022023-05-02
Doctoral student in C. elegans Membrane HomeostasisFixed termPAR 2023/3692023-05-01
Lecturer in Psychology with a specialization in Legal PsychologyOpen endedPAR 2023/1062023-03-27
Postdoctor in NeurochemistryFixed termPAR 2023/2472023-03-29
Associate Senior Lecturer in Corporate FinanceFixed termPAR 2023/682023-04-17
Doctoral student in Software Engineering for AI ApplicationsFixed termPAR 2023/3462023-04-24
1 – 3 PhD students in Human GeographyFixed termPAR 2023/3402023-04-19
Two doctoral students in Environmental Social Science – with a focus on just urban and regional climate transitionsFixed termPAR 2023/1172023-04-28

Researcher assistent – Biomolecular NMR and AlphaFold
Fixed termPAR 2023/1392023-03-30
Project assistant in biodiversity informaticsFixed termPAR 2023/3382023-03-29
Associate researcherFixed termPAR 2023/3172023-03-29
Lecturer in Fine ArtFixed termPAR 2023/3222023-03-30
Researcher in RadiologyFixed termPAR 2023/3272023-03-30
3 PhD students in Economic HistoryFixed termPAR 2023/2042023-05-22
Doctoral student in Natural Science, specialising in BiologyFixed termPAR 2023/3212023-04-17
Field assistants for the summer season 2023Fixed termPAR 2023/3102023-04-03
Doctoral student in Medical Science – eHealth for Women’s healthFixed termPAR 2023/2712023-03-27
StatisticianOpen endedPAR 2023/3092023-03-27

Doctoral student in Medical Science – Bioinformatics- Spatial Transcriptomics
Fixed termPAR 2022/15622023-03-27
Postdoctoral fellow in single-cell genomics and spatial transcriptomics in metabolic and cardiovascular diseaseFixed termPAR 2023/2052023-03-27
Doctoral student in Sociology with focus on migration and integrationFixed termPAR 2023/1552023-04-05
Researcher in human pregnancy genomics/epidemiologyFixed termPAR 2023/3012023-03-31
Postdoctor in Political ScienceFixed termPAR 2023/2462023-04-11
PhD student in subject matter education with specialization – science education or technology.Fixed termPAR 2023/2732023-04-03
PhD student in subject matter education with specialization – mathematics.Fixed termPAR 2023/2742023-04-03
PhD student in educational work – mathematics.Fixed termPAR 2023/2772023-04-03
PhD student in educational work – science education or technology.Fixed termPAR 2023/2782023-04-03

Two doctoral positions in Religious Studies with a focus on the study of Islam
Fixed termPAR 2023/2312023-04-03
Postdoctor in epilepsy epidemiologyFixed termPAR 2023/102023-03-31
2 postdocs in Marine GHG BiogeochemistryFixed termPAR 2023/2182023-03-26
Doctoral student in Film StudiesFixed termPAR 2023/1822023-03-27
Senior lecturer in zoophysiology, PAR 2023/13Open endedPAR 2023/132023-03-30
Postdoctor in Cardiovascular artificial intelligenceFixed termPAR 2023/1932023-04-06
Doctoral student in Art History and Visual StudiesFixed termPAR 2023/1832023-03-27
Doctoral student in EthnologyFixed termPAR 2023/1802023-03-27
Doctoral student in MusicologyFixed termPAR 2023/1792023-03-27
Doctoral student in Cultural StudiesFixed termPAR 2023/1812023-03-27
Doctoral students in Gender StudiesFixed termPAR 2023/1762023-03-27
Doctoral position in LogicFixed termPAR 2023/722023-05-02
Senior lecturer in innovation, entrepreneurship and management of intellectual assetsFixed termPAR 2022/16162023-04-03
1-2 PhD students in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual AssetsFixed termPAR 2022/16152023-04-14

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