Luleå University of Technology in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoctoral Positions, Scandinavia’s northernmost university of technology

Open positionsApplication DeadlinerefNoOrganization unit level 1
Postdoctoral position in ore geology15/05/20231375-2023Teachers and Researchers
PhD Student in Experimental Mechanics (MSCA COFUND project PRISMAS)02/05/2023781-2023Ph D Students
Summer Internships in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence02/05/2023835-2023Teachers and Researchers
PhD in Economics26/04/2023804-2023Ph D Students
PhD student position at AI Factory in Operation and maintenance with specialization in Industrial Artificial Intelligence and eMaintenance17/04/2023996-2023Ph D Students
PhD Student in Ore Geology15/04/20231138-2023Ph D Students
PhD Student in Solid Mechanics14/04/20231244-2023Ph D Students
Senior Lecturer in Rock Mechanics11/04/20231296-2023Teachers and Researchers
PhD Student in Robotics and AI10/04/20231241-2023Ph D Students
PhD student in Biochemical Process Engineering with a special focus on the development of enzyme-based systems for efficient carbon dioxide capture07/04/20231037-2023Ph D Students
Postdoctor Position in Machine Elements06/04/20231211-2023Teachers and Researchers
PhD Student in Energy Engineering with special emphasis on biomass pyrolysis process05/04/20231221-2023Ph D Students
Associate Professor (tenured) in Robotics and AI31/03/20234713-2022Teachers and Researchers
Senior Lecturer (tenured) in Robotics and AI31/03/20234714-2022Teachers and Researchers
Postdoc position in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence31/03/20235204-2022Teachers and Researchers
Two Post Docs in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence31/03/20235087-2022Teachers and Researchers
PhD Student in Planetary Science31/03/2023592-2023Ph D Students
Postdoctoral position in Product Innovation31/03/2023742-2023Teachers and Researchers
PhD student in Construction Management and Building Technology with a focus on circular business models for sustainable construction projects31/03/202387-2023Ph D Students
PhD student in Chemical Technology28/03/2023897-2023Ph D Students

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