Monash University in Australia invites applications for vacant PhD and Academic Positions, a public research university based in Melbourne, Australia

PositionLocationLevel / SalaryCloses
Senior Program ManagerClayton campusHEW 9 ($126,416 – $134,184)3 May 2023
With your substantial experience in leading design and implementation of adaptive program management systems you will be ideally placed to provide a range of complex program management and coordination services to support the Fire to Flourish Program.
Senior Technical Officer – CAD & Space ManagementClayton campusHEW 7 ($96,320 – $105,645)3 May 2023
Join a dynamic team in this role where you will oversee and administer the University’s Space Inventory/Management System and digital floor-plan drawings!
Project Officer, Residential Aged Care Research NetworkPeninsula campusHEW 5 ($75,245 – $86,431)3 May 2023
Provide high-level administrative and project coordination services to support the end-to-end delivery of the Residential Aged Care Research Network.
Communications and Marketing ManagerClayton campusHEW 8 ($108,360 – $119,610)3 May 2023
A fantastic opportunity for an experienced communications and marketing specialist who is deeply passionate about start-up projects.
Associate Professor (Research) and Deputy Head of Department, Psychiatry553 St Kilda RoadLevel D ($158,284 – $174,373)31 May 2023
Provide academic and research leadership within the Department of Psychiatry, Central Clinical School.
Research Fellow – Future Building InitiativeCaulfield campusLevel B ($107,311 – $127,432)3 May 2023
Work in close collaboration with an industry partner, investigating the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) of an apartment building utilising digitally-integrated design systems, industrialised building principles, and offsite manufacturing.
Senior Data and Innovation AnalystClayton campusHEW 8 ($108,360 – $119,610)9 May 2023
The Strategic Operations and Business Support team is currently seeking a Senior Data and Innovation Analyst to join the team to provide a range of complex analytical services and solutions across various aspects of the student lifecycle and core operations of the University.
Senior CounsellorClayton campusHEW 8 ($108,360 – $119,610)2 May 2023
Provide expert psychological advice and counselling to staff and students at one of Australia’s leading universities.
Research DevOps Senior Systems EngineerClayton campus– A competitive remuneration package will apply2 May 2023
eResearch is looking for two experienced Systems Engineer to oversee the Core Services.
Research FellowClayton campusLevel A ($75,115 – $101,944)16 May 2023
Monash University is seeking a highly motivated candidate to fill the need of a Research Fellow role within the Faculty of Engineering.
Research Assistant, Residential Aged Care Research NetworkPeninsula campusLevel A ($75,115 – $101,944)2 May 2023
Join our Residential Aged Care Research Network (RACReN) as a Research Assistant and make a meaningful contribution to aged care research.
Transition and Success Project OfficerClayton campusHEW 6 ($87,282 – $94,211)1 May 2023
An exciting part-time opportunity to support the improvement of the student experience at a global top 50 University!
Manager, Scheduling OperationsClayton campusHEW 9 ($126,416 – $134,184)26 Apr 2023
An exciting opportunity has arisen to join Student & Education Business Services as a Manager, Scheduling Operations on a ongoing basis.
IT Service Centre Support OfficerClayton campusHEW 5 ($75,245 – $86,431)1 May 2023
Join our Service Desk team in delivering operational support to our diverse stakeholders! Hybrid work options available!
Performance Analytics SpecialistClayton campusHEW 9 ($126,416 – $134,184)1 May 2023
As the Performance Analytics Specialist, you will be responsible for utilising multiple corporate systems to provide solid intelligence on student load planning, space, staff and research performance and outcomes.
Senior Coordinator, OutreachClayton campusHEW 7 ($96,320 – $105,645)1 May 2023
An exciting opportunity to support community engagement programs to increase access and participation with Monash University!
Research Fellow Level A or Level B (Immunotherapy)Clayton campusLevel B ($107,311 – $127,432)15 May 2023
Conduct research in the area of immuno-oncology and the development of novel immunotherapeutic approaches for the treatment of cancer.
Research FellowClayton campusLevel A ($75,115 – $101,944)15 May 2023
Looking to advance your research career in academia? Consider applying for our Level A research-only academic role!
Senior Academic Integrity (Prevention and Detection) ConsultantClayton campusHEW 9 ($126,416 – $134,184)26 Apr 2023
We are seeking a Senior Academic Integrity (Prevention and Detection) Consultant to join the Student Conduct and Complaints team at Monash.
Operations ManagerClayton campusHEW 8 ($108,360 – $119,610)7 May 2023
Manage a range of strategic and operational priorities; including supporting planning; project resourcing; reporting; business improvement; performance measurement; general resource management, and administration.
PositionLocationLevel / SalaryCloses
Senior Manager, Project and DevelopmentClayton campusHEW 9 ($126,416 – $134,184)30 Apr 2023
An exciting opportunity to make an impact by increasing aspirations, participation, retention and success for students from under-represented backgrounds!
Business Analyst553 St Kilda RoadHEW 7 ($96,320 – $105,645)30 Apr 2023
Be a part of the team that revolutionises how we use tech to support ground-breaking research! Work from home up to 2 days/ week!
Executive Assistant & Executive Officer Opportunities – Join the Monash talent community today!Caulfield campus, Clayton campus, Parkville campus, Peninsula campus, Vic RuralHEW 7 ($96,320 – $105,645)14 May 2023
Join our talent community and a thriving, supportive network of Executive Assistants at Monash University locations in Victoria!
Deputy Director, ServicesClayton campus– A competitive remuneration package will apply7 May 2023
Exceptional opportunity for a Deputy Director, Services within our award-winning Building and Property Division.
Library Frontline Services CoordinatorClayton campus, Parkville campusHEW 6 ($87,282 – $94,211)27 Apr 2023
Manage the Library frontline services for Monash students, staff, Alumni, and visitors across six libraries via our physical and virtual service points.
Regulatory Compliance ConsultantClayton campusHEW 8 ($108,360 – $119,610)27 Apr 2023
This pivotal position partners with key stakeholders to provide guidance and advice to underpin client responsibilities for legislative and regulatory compliance programs, to ensure an integrated approach to risk and compliance management at Monash.
Administrative Officer – ManagementCaulfield campusHEW 5 ($75,245 – $86,431)27 Apr 2023
The Administrative Officer provides a range of professional and high-quality executive support and administrative services to contribute to the effective management and administration of the Department
Senior Project OfficerClayton campusHEW 7 ($96,320 – $105,645)24 Apr 2023
We have an exciting opportunity for a Senior Project Officer to oversee multiple initiatives aimed at improving the technology suite supporting corporate, research, and education services.
Student Recruitment and International Development ManagerParkville campusHEW 8 ($108,360 – $119,610)26 Apr 2023
We’re on the look out for an exceptional Student Recruitment and International Development Manager!
Senior Research CoordinatorClayton campus, OtherHEW 7 ($96,320 – $105,645)26 Apr 2023
An opportunity has arisen for a research support professional to join Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI) as Senior Research Coordinator. Working within the MBI administration team, the Senior Research Coordinator will contribute to the growth of the research platform by supporting new and existing researchers with the utilisation of specialised equipment and services provided by MBI. Responsibilities include planning and implementing complex administrative processes and systems to support research projects, provision of OHS and research regulatory advice, and stakeholder communications and management.
Property ManagerClayton campusHEW 8 ($108,360 – $119,610)30 Apr 2023
Leverage your extensive property management expertise across a broad range of industries within BPD’s innovative Property and Leasing team.
Professor/Associate Professor of Aerospace EngineeringClayton campusLevel E ($203,891)24 May 2023
The Professor/Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering will create new research initiatives to enhance the aerospace research culture at Monash University and demonstrate that Aerospace is an inclusive career path for all genders.
Professor of Cancer Research and Tony Charlton Chair553 St Kilda RoadLevel E ($203,891)24 May 2023
We are currently recruiting for a Professor of Cancer Research and Tony Charlton Chair. Seeking exceptional leader with expertise in cancer research, treatment, and innovation
Research Fellow MIPS and Riverstone BiotechParkville campusLevel A ($75,115 – $101,944)26 Apr 2023
Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) is a world-class, multi-disciplinary organisation, and the Medicinal Chemistry theme is at the forefront of drug discovery research. This is an exciting opportunity to join a multi-disciplinary and international research team working on an array of medicinal chemistry projects. These include projects in areas related to cancer, autoimmune diseases, and cardiology.
Senior Teaching Simulation OfficerVictorian Heart HospitalHEW 7 ($96,320 – $105,645)27 Apr 2023
New opportunity to support research at Australia’s first dedicated heart hospital.
Senior Student Services OfficerMonash Medical CentreHEW 6 ($87,282 – $94,211)27 Apr 2023
Coordinate the effective delivery of the undergraduate obstetrics and gynaecology medical program at the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health
Field Instrumentation Technician, MTI (VIC) – Multiple positions available!Clayton campusHEW 5 ($75,245 – $86,431)4 May 2023
An exciting opportunity to join Monash University’s Maintenance Technology Institute and work with top mining organisations and travel interstate!
Theme Leader, Medicinal Chemistry, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical SciencesParkville campusLevel E ($203,891)19 May 2023
Collaborate across the drug discovery and development pipeline with experts at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (MIPS), Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the broader Parkville and Clayton precincts.
Research Fellow, SPHERE Centre of Research Excellence553 St Kilda RoadLevel B ($107,311 – $127,432)28 Apr 2023
Join the Department of General Practice to undertake projects within the contraception and medical abortion streams of the SPHERE Research Program
PhD Scholarship in Business Model InnovationsCaulfield campus31 May 2023
This PhD project, working with relevant industry partners, will examine how new business models and value propositions are being developed and implemented by firms in the cell therapy industry.
PositionLocationLevel / SalaryCloses
Research Officer – ScienceClayton campusHEW 5 ($75,245 – $86,431)25 Apr 2023
The Faculty of Science have a great opportunity for a Research Officer to join the School of Biological Sciences.
Research Officer (Anatomy & Developmental Biology)Clayton campusHEW 5 ($75,245 – $86,431)25 Apr 2023
Play a critical role in developing and implementing essential research and operational practices for the Monash BDI Organoid Program
PhD Scholarship in Electrochemical Hydrogen SeparationClayton campus
Expressions of interest are sought from outstanding candidates for PhD study in Chemical Engineering.
Research Fellow in Advanced S/TEM Methods (4 Positions)Clayton campusLevel B ($107,311 – $127,432)15 May 2023
The Faculty of Science is seeking outstanding candidates for four postdoctoral research fellowship positions in the School of Physics and Astronomy.
Research Fellow in 4D-Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (4D-STEM)Clayton campusLevel A ($75,115 – $101,944)15 May 2023
The Faculty of Science has an exciting opportunity for a Research Fellow in 4D-Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (4D-STEM) to join the School of Physics and Astronomy.
Indigenous Marketing and Events OfficerClayton campusHEW 5 ($75,245 – $86,431)24 Apr 2023
Identified Position | Monash University has a fantastic opportunity for an Indigenous Marketing and Events Officer to join the Faculty of Information Technology.
Research Fellow in T-Cell ImmunologyClayton campusLevel A ($75,115 – $101,944)27 Apr 2023
Conduct research in the field of T cell recognition specifically working on gamma delta T cells.
Research Communications CoordinatorTurning Point – 110 Church Street, RichmondHEW 6 ($87,282 – $94,211)26 Apr 2023
Help researchers across Turning Point and the Monash Additions Research Centre communicate their work and research findings to our partners and the broader community.
Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (Adjunct) Monash University/Research Fellow or Senior Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering/Cybersecurity, Monash Suzhou Science and Technology Research InstituteSuzhouLevel C ($131,453 – $151,574)10 May 2023
Contribute to significant research and industry-lead projects as well as teaching into our Information Technology Masters course at our campus in Suzhou, China.
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer – Physics of ImagingClayton campusLevel C ($131,453 – $151,574)10 May 2023
The School of Physics and Astronomy has an exciting opportunity for a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer to join the team.
Research Fellow in Systems and Computational NeuroscienceClayton campusLevel A ($75,115 – $101,944)26 Apr 2023
Work on integrating computational models with experimental brain imaging data with the goal of understanding the mechanisms shaping the structure and dynamics of large-scale brain networks
Lecturer (Education-Focused) – Assistant Course Convenor, GDPClayton campusLevel B ($107,311 – $127,432)25 Apr 2023
Make a solid contribution to the teaching effort within the School of Psychological Sciences and be on a trajectory towards leadership in educational design and delivery
Research Fellow in ChemistryClayton campusLevel A ($75,115 – $101,944)25 Apr 2023
Monash University has an exciting opportunity for a Research Fellow to join the School of Chemistry.
Senior Strategic Project ManagerClayton campusHEW 9 ($126,416 – $134,184)24 Apr 2023
Contribute to strategic planning, scoping and implementation of high-impact projects with the renowned Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health
Project Officer (Turner Institute Pillar Leads)Clayton campusHEW 6 ($87,282 – $94,211)24 Apr 2023
Provide a range of high-level administrative services to support the Turner pillar leads and manage the day to day running of strategic projects and initiatives.
Project Officer (Workforce Development)Clayton campusHEW 6 ($87,282 – $94,211)24 Apr 2023
Support the Senior Director of Education and the Senior Strategic Project Manager to manage day to day running of strategic projects and initiatives relating to the mental health workforce
Research Fellow – SensiLab, Faculty of IT & MADACaulfield campusLevel A ($75,115 – $101,944)26 Apr 2023
The Department of Human Centred Computing have an exciting opportunity for a Research Fellow to join the SensiLab team!
Chair in Inter-Cultural and Inter-Religious Relations/ProfessorClayton campusLevel E ($203,891)25 Apr 2023
As the incoming UNESCO Chair in Inter-Cultural and Inter-Religious Relations, you will have a distinguished research record, an international reputation, and demonstrated expertise in any disciplinary area pertaining to intercultural and inter-religious exchange and social inclusion.
PhD Scholarship – Integrating Data Science with Pandemic Modelling553 St Kilda Road31 May 2023
We are offering a fully funded PhD scholarship in mechanistic modelling to a highly motivated candidate with pre-existing high-level skills in programming.
Senior Research OfficerClayton campusHEW 8 ($108,360 – $119,610)24 Apr 2023
Contribute to planning and implementing new initiatives for the renowned Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health.
PositionLocationLevel / SalaryCloses
Volunteer Animal Ethics Committee Members – Monash UniversityClayton campus
Become an Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) member to ensure, on behalf of Monash University, that all activities relating to the care and use of animals for scientific purposes are conducted in compliance with the Australian Code
PhD Scholarship – Development of novel Radiotracers for the Fibrosis Detection – PhD scholarship available with an International TeamThe Alfred Centre
We are seeking expressions of interest from enthusiastic PhD applicants to join a supportive, vibrant research team. A full PhD scholarship for 3.5 years will be offered to successful candidates
PhD Project – Supervised and knowledge-guided machine learning approaches for quantifying and identifying microorganisms in water and wastewater treatmentClayton campus
A full scholarship is available for a PhD student to conduct research on development of fluorescence-based methods, flow cytometry, automated cell imagery, and artificial intelligence for identifying and quantifying microorganisms for large scale testing at target treatment trains.
PhD Scholarship in low-cost carbon dioxide utilization through electrolysisClayton campus30 Jun 2023
Exciting PhD opportunity in low-cost carbon dioxide utilization through electrolysis
PhD Scholarship Opportunities – Health EconomicsCaulfield campus
If you are looking for rigorous graduate research training and want to make a substantial contribution to research in the economics of health and health care, the Centre for Health Economics at Monash University offers a fully funded PhD in health economics.
Expression of Interest – Advancement OpportunitiesClayton campus
Register your interest to find out more about current and future positions with the Development team within the Advancement Division.
Industrial Design Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Adjunct) Monash University/Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow Monash Suzhou Science and Technology Research InstituteSuzhou– A competitive remuneration package will apply
MSRI aims to attract outstanding researchers and high-calibre research students. Research in the long term will not be limited only to the above themes; based on the research strengths of SEU and Monash, research in other areas will also be developed and promoted in time. It is the intention to build up a critical mass of researchers at the MSRI and the JRI and strengthen relationships in R&D with local and international industries and other institutions in China.
Indigenous Employment – Expression of InterestCaulfield campus, Clayton campus, Parkville campus, Peninsula campus
Identified Positions – Register your interest to be considered for jobs at Monash University.
Assistant Lecturer/Demonstrator – Anatomy & Developmental Biology – opportunities at Monash UniversityClayton campus, Gippsland campusLevel A ($75,115 – $101,944)
This is a unique opportunity to join a passionate team at a leading university in a top-ranked school of Biomedical Sciences.
Expression of Interest – Teaching Associates (Practice Educators) in Occupational TherapyPeninsula campus– Sessional rates will apply
Join our team of practice educators in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Monash University.
Expression of Interest: Indigenous Health Education PositionsCaulfield campus, Clayton campus, Peninsula campusLevel B ($107,311 – $127,432)
Monash University seeks talented First Nations scholars to join the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Level B (Education Focused) to support the teaching of the Indigenous health curriculum and support of Indigenous students in any of the Faculty’s disciplinary fields
Indigenous Traineeship Program – Expression of InterestCaulfield campus, Clayton campus, Parkville campus, Peninsula campus, OtherHEW 2 ($57,190 – $59,477)
Identified Positions – Our Indigenous Traineeship Program is designed to provide trainees with an opportunity to gain a Certificate IV in Business. The experience and qualifications gained will benefit Indigenous participants who are seeking an opportunity to begin or build their careers in administration.
Expression of Interest – Teaching Associates for the Bachelor of PsychologyClayton campus– Sessional rates will apply
The School of Psychology is recruiting for future Teaching Associates and Supervisors for our flagship undergraduate course Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).

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