Italian Institute of Technology in Italy invites application for vacant Postdoc and Academic Positions, a scientific research centre based in Genoa, Italy

Postdoc LECCEPost-Docs for “Numerical modeling of heavily doped semiconductor plasmonics” 31/05/2023 – 220000A1

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral position in D3PharmaChemistry 15/06/2023 – 2300002T

Technical GENOVA ERZELLISenior Hardware Designer 28/07/2023 – 23000011

Administrative TORINO ENVIPARKInfrastructure Manager for Components and Systems for Energy Transition (CoSyET) Innovation Infrastructure  31/01/2024 – 2300003K

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on Machine Learning – 2200005X

Fellow GENOVAFellow opening in computer vision applied to motion capture – 23000024

Administrative GENOVAFull Stack Developer – 22000060

Fellow GENOVA S. QUIRICOResearch fellow on egocentric computer vision for task-guided prosthesis control – 22000071

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on Digital Twins for Cultural Heritage – 2200008S

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on Machine Learning for Earth Observation data (CLS) – 2000002S

Technical GENOVAScanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory Senior Technician 17/05/2023 – 2300003N

Postdoc MILANO POLIMIPostdoctoral position on “Design of Electronic Doping in Metal Halide Perovskites” 18/05/2023 – 2300001B

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOSoftware Engineer for Modeling Mechatronic Systems 19/05/2023 – 2300003B

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOSoftware Engineer for Embedded AI Robotic Applications 19/05/2023 – 2300003A

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOSoftware Engineer for Robotics 19/05/2023 – 23000037

Technical GENOVAOperatore Macchine Utensili CNC 21/05/2023 – 22000073

Administrative GENOVALicensing Business Developer 21/05/2023 – 2200004D

Postdoc GENOVAPost Doc in Pathophysiology of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (iPS cells and bioinformatics) 26/05/2023 – 2300002O

Postdoc GENOVAPOST-DOC In vitro electrophysiology for closed-loop biohybrid interfaces in epilepsy 28/05/2023 – 2300003P

Postdoc GENOVATwo Postdocs in Design and Development of Biodegradable sensors for water, plants & soil health monitoring 31/05/2023 – 2300002F

Fellow GENOVA ERZELLIFellow in Neuro-cognitive mechanisms in human-robot interaction 14/05/2023 – 2300003L

Technical GENOVASupport Technician – Optical Approaches to Brain Function Research Line 15/05/2023 – 23000039

Postdoc GENOVAPost-doc position Epigenetic mechanisms that regulate brain functions 15/05/2023 – 2300002Y

Postdoc GENOVAPost-doc position Epigenetic mechanisms that regulate brain functions 15/05/2023 – 23000030

Administrative GENOVA ERZELLIScientific Project Manager – Foundations of Artificial Intelligence 15/05/2023 – 2200009V

Postdoc GENOVAPost-doc position Epigenetic mechanisms that regulate brain functions 15/05/2023 – 2300000U

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPost-doctoral position for studies on the effects of synthetic RNA on aggregation of neurodegenerative disease-associated proteins 15/05/2023 – 2300002A

Fellow GENOVAFellow position in developing an integrated electronic system for flexible large-area electronic skin 15/05/2023 – 23000032

Postdoc MILANO POLIMIPost-Doctoral Position in Printed Electronics 17/05/2023 – 23000028

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoc position in Structural Biology 17/05/2023 – 2300002P

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIOne Postdoctoral Position In “Human-Artificial System Interaction And Tools Development” 07/05/2023 – 2200006A

Postdoc GENOVAData Steward – Research Organization Directorate and PAVIS 07/05/2023 – 2300002I

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPost-Doctoral position Scientific computing micro-kernels development for HPC architectures 07/05/2023 – 2300002G

Administrative GENOVAReporting Specialist – Hiring L.68/99 07/05/2023 – 23000035

Administrative GENOVAJunior Data Specialist – hiring L.68/99 07/05/2023 – 23000036

Technical GENOVAMass Spec Technician 07/05/2023 – 2300002D

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPostdoctoral position in “Multisensory processing in mental disorder and motor deficits” 07/05/2023 – 2300002C

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOFellow in Full Stack Robotics Software Engineering 08/05/2023 – 2300001E

Administrative GENOVAJunior Administrative Assistant at the Scientific Director Secretariat 12/05/2023 – 23000004

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPostdoc position in Bioinformatics – 3D chromatin architecture and non-coding RNAs 14/05/2023 – 23000027

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOExperienced Robotics Software Developer – 2200000I

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on Machine Learning – 22000018

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoc on Legged Locomotion Control – 2200007S

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOElectrical/Electronic Assembly Engineer for Robotics – 2200007W

Administrative GENOVALinux System Engineer – 21000086

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on Computer Vision for Earth Observation (PERSEO) – 2200000W

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on 3D/Computer Vision/Machine Learning – 2200001A

Fellow BERGAMOFellow Position in Robotics and Control for Industrial Applications – 2200003J

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc in Machine Learning/Computer Vision and Robotics – 2100000V

Postdoc GENOVAPost doc position in development of devices and technologies for inclusion and engagement. – 2200006X

Administrative GENOVASupporto all’attività Tecnico/Amministrativa L.68/99 – 1900001C

Administrative GENOVAICT Service Desk Technician – 2200007G

Administrative VENEZIAICT Service Specialist – 2200007M

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOMechatronic/Assembly Engineer for Robotics – 2200007X

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOSoftware Engineer for Robotics – 2200007V

Postdoc GENOVA S. QUIRICOPostDoc in additive manufacturing for compliant robotics – 2200008A

Fellow GENOVA S. QUIRICOFellow position in Legged robot control – 2200008H

Fellow GENOVAFellow Positions in developing the next generation of bionic rehabilitation systems – 2100003S

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral position in Advanced Teleoperation and Haptics – 2100006U

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoc on Robot learning and control – 2200007T

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoc on Perception and Situational Awareness for mobile robots – 2200007U

Technical GENOVA S. QUIRICOMechanical Engineer for Legged Robots and Applications – 2200008I

Postdoc BERGAMOPost-doc position in Human Robot Interaction for Industrial Collaborative Robots – 2100001C

Researcher GENOVAScientific Project Manager – 23000016

Postdoc VENEZIAPost Doc position in in Machine Learning/Computer Vision for change detection – 2300001M

Administrative GENOVATwo Junior Scientific Project Manager – Innovation – 23000033

Administrative GENOVAICT Tecnico Audio-Video – 23000034

Postdoc GENOVAPost doc position in development and implementation of algorithms for intelligent and adaptive control of collaborative robots – 23000014

Postdoc GENOVAPost doc position in ultrafast photoinduced dynamics in complex materials – 23000002

Postdoc GENOVA S. QUIRICOPost doc position in Foundation models for robotics – 2300002K

ical GENOVAElectronics/Electrical Engineer for Legged Robots – 23000038

Fellow GENOVA S. QUIRICOResearch fellow perception and control for anthropomorphic hands – 2300002U

PhD Fellow GENOVAPhD fellow in Microscale neuroelectronic devices (microBots) – 23000007

Postdoc GENOVAPost doc position in Intelligent and Ergonomic Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration – 2300001X

Postdoc GENOVAPost doc on control and/or machine learning for manipulation control of mobile collaborative robots. – 2300002V

PhD Fellow GENOVAPhD fellow in Closed-loop high-resolution neuroelectronics – 23000006

Fellow GENOVAFellow Position on Collaborative Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction – 2200003I

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