The European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Germany invites application for vacant Postdoctoral and Academic Positions, a molecular biology research institutionin Germany


InternshipTrainee at EMBL Heidelberg

Closes 31 December 2023 |  Grading: Nach Vereinbarung

Ausbildung Hotelfach (m/w/d)

InternshipTrainee at EMBL Heidelberg

Closes 31 July 2023 |  Grading: Branchenübliche Ausbildungsvergütung

EMBL CPP Visitor Fellowships (for external PhDs and postdocs)

TraineeVisitor Identified at All EMBL Sites (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain)

Closes 30 June 2023 |  Grading: Unpaid visitor

Pädagogische Fachkraft – Erzieher / Kinderpfleger (m,w,d)

Ancillary at EMBL Heidelberg

Closes 28 June 2023 |  Grading: 2 oder 3; je nach Qualifikation und Erfahrung

EMBL Sabbatical Visitor Fellowships

TraineeVisitor Identified at All EMBL Sites (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain)

Closes 25 June 2023 |  Grading: Unpaid Visitor

Senior Full Stack Developer (DECIPHER)

Staff Member at EMBL-EBI Hinxton

Closes 18 June 2023 |  Grading: Grade 6 (Monthly salary starting at £3,224 after tax) + Other paid benefits and allowances based on circumstances

Postdoctoral Fellow in Epigenetics

Postdoctoral Fellow at Rome, Italy

Closes 16 June 2023 |  Grading: Postdoc rate

Postdoctoral position in structural biology

Postdoctoral Fellow at Grenoble, France

Closes 13 June 2023 |  Grading: P1

Postdoctoral Fellowship: spatial and single-cell computational biology for precision oncology

Postdoctoral Fellow at EMBL Heidelberg

Closes 6 June 2023 |  Grading: Stipend Year 1

Imaging and spatial -omics infrastructure and technology development Postdoctoral Position

Postdoctoral Fellow at Rome, Italy

Closes 31 May 2023 |  Grading: Stipend Year 1

Synchrotron Beamline Technician

Staff Member at Hamburg, Germany

Closes 29 May 2023 |  Grading: 5 or 6 (monthly salary starting from 3,5k EUR after tax + other paid benefits)

Administrative Officer – Events

Staff Member at EMBL-EBI Hinxton

Closes 26 May 2023 |  Grading: Grade 4 (monthly salary from £2,674.17 after tax plus benefits)

HR Payroll and Pension Scheme Manager

Staff Member at EMBL Heidelberg

Closes 25 May 2023 |  Grading: 6 (monthly salary starting at 4k€ after tax, plus other paid benefits)

Cryo-EM Specialist

Staff Member at Grenoble, France

Closes 25 May 2023 |  Grading: 5-7 depending on experience and qualifications

Traineeship/ Internship – Motion/ Video Design

InternshipTrainee at EMBL Heidelberg

Closes 23 May 2023 |  Grading: N/A

EU Relations Officer

Staff Member at EMBL Heidelberg

Closes 23 May 2023 |  Grading: 5 or 6

Postdoctoral Position in Structural Biology of Archaeal Chromatin

Postdoctoral Fellow at EMBL Heidelberg

Closes 23 May 2023 |  Grading: Stipend

Cryo-Electron Microscopy/Tomography Specialist

Staff Member at EMBL Heidelberg

Closes 22 May 2023 |  Grading: 5 or 6; depending on experience and qualifications (monthly salary starting from 3.5-4k EUR after tax + other paid benefits)

Research software engineer for bioimage analysis

Staff Member at EMBL Heidelberg

Closes 19 May 2023 |  Grading: 5

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