Gothenburg University in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Doctoral student in Medical Science – Molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s diseaseFixed termPAR 2023/6582023-06-15
ResearcherFixed termPAR 2023/6962023-06-12
Doctoral student in Medical Science – B cells in Neoehrlichia mikurensis infectionFixed termPAR 2023/6172023-06-15
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Neutrophils role in inflammatory arthritisFixed termPAR 2023/6202023-06-15
Senior lecturer in social work specialising in academic writingOpen endedPAR 2023/4752023-08-11
Lecturer in biomedical laboratory science within laboratory medicineOpen endedPAR 2023/6682023-06-29
Associate ResearcherFixed termPAR 2023/6662023-06-07
Research Advisor, Core FacilitiesFixed termPAR 2023/3982023-06-16
PhD student in Atmospheric ChemistryFixed termPAR 2023/6862023-06-30
Postdoctor in NeuroscienceFixed termPAR 2023/6772023-06-06
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Prevention of type-2-diabetes after gestational diabetesFixed termPAR 2023/6592023-06-07
Postdoctor in infection immunologyFixed termPAR 2023/6762023-06-27
Researcher in Climatology or Physical GeographyFixed termPAR 2023/6802023-06-01
A Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Public AdministrationFixed termPAR 2023/5592023-09-01
Biomedical Scientist/Research AssistantOpen endedPAR 2023/6812023-06-06
Postdoctor in Metabolism, inflammation and rheumatologyFixed termPAR 2023/6652023-06-12
Researcher (Research Infrastructure Specialist), Core FacilitiesOpen endedPAR 2023/5762023-06-07
Associate researcher for the research project: Refugee Migration and Cities: Social Institutions, Political Governance and Integration in Jordan, Turkey, and Sweden (SIPGI)Fixed termPAR 2023/6022023-06-01
Project-funded PhD position in Natural Language Processing (one or more)Fixed termPAR 2023/5612023-06-27
Postdoctor in European lawFixed termPAR 2023/2822023-06-01
Postdoctoral fellow in microbiology and antibiotic resistanceFixed termPAR 2023/5732023-06-07
Postdoctoral fellow in Bioinformatics and Antibiotic resistanceFixed termPAR 2023/5722023-06-07
Postdoctoral fellow in HematologyFixed termPAR 2023/5532023-05-30
Postdoctoral fellow in Mitochondrial BiogenesisFixed termPAR 2023/5892023-05-30
Associate ResearcherFixed termPAR 2023/6282023-05-29
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Novel fluid biomarkers for astrocyte reactivity in neurodegenerative disordersFixed termPAR 2023/4362023-05-30
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Modelling treatment response in affective disorderFixed termPAR 2023/5962023-05-29
Researcher (MS specialist), Core FacilitiesOpen endedPAR 2023/5742023-05-25
ResearcherFixed termPAR 2023/5882023-05-25
Doctoral position in Computational Linguistics and/or Cognitive Science, one or severalFixed termPAR 2023/982023-06-01
Postdoctor in Airway diseasesFixed termPAR 2023/5872023-05-31
Postdoc in computational mathematicsFixed termPAR 2023/5862023-05-25
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Political Science, with a focus on Drivers and Outcomes of Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic in MalawiFixed termPAR 2023/4792023-06-15
Amanuens/teaching assistant, one or moreFixed termPAR 2023/4092023-05-25
PhD student: OceanographyFixed termPAR 2023/5402023-06-15
Program Manager to the department of Political Science and the V-Dem InstituteFixed termPAR 2023/4372023-05-22
Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational linguistics focused on LogicFixed termPAR 2023/4242023-06-01
Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational linguistics focused on multimodal coreferenceFixed termPAR 2023/4132023-06-01
Postdoctoral researcher in computational linguistics focused on incremental sentence processing and experimental psycholinguisticsFixed termPAR 2023/4232023-06-01
Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational linguistics with specialisation in language grounding to vision, robotics, and beyondFixed termPAR 2023/4222023-06-01
Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Linguistics and/or Cognitive ScienceFixed termPAR 2023/992023-06-01
Lecturer in filmFixed termPAR 2023/4812023-05-22
Postdoctor in contemporary photography and (natural) scienceFixed termPAR 2023/4582023-08-15
Doctoral student with specialization in environmental psychologyFixed termPAR 2023/4672023-06-07
Postdoctor in OsteoporosisFixed termPAR 2023/5032023-05-22
3 PhD students in Economic HistoryFixed termPAR 2023/2042023-05-22

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