Linköping University invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc scholarships, a public university in Linköping, Sweden, one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions.

JobPublished To
Postdoc in the field of Plasma & Coating Physics2023-08-21
PhD student in Chemistry2023-08-07
Postdoc in Molecular Ion Channel Physiology2023-06-26
PhD student in Software Engineering within WASP Graduate School2023-06-12
PhD Student in Reinforcement Learning for Control of Partially Observable Dynamical Systems2023-06-11
Research Engineer2023-06-07
Postdoc in Clinical Neurophysiology2023-06-07
Research Engineer2023-06-07
We are looking for a PhD student in Applied Physics, with the focus on electronic properties and device performance of two-dimensional crystals of organic semiconductors.2023-06-02
Postdoc in Air Traffic Management and Scientific Visualization2023-06-02
Postdoc in Neurobiology2023-06-01
Postdoc in the field of Materials science, with focus on analysis of low-dimensional materials for energy and environmental applications2023-06-01
PhD student in Stable Next-Generation Solar Cells for sustainable energy generation2023-06-01
Research Engineer2023-06-01
PhD student in Theoretical Physics2023-05-31
PhD student in Wireless Communication Networks2023-05-31
Assistant professor in Materials Science with specialization in inorganic materials for efficient and high-rate conversion and capture technologies (WISE Fellow)2023-05-30
PhD student in Computer Science2023-05-28
PhD in Gender Studies2023-05-28
PhD Position in Structural Bioinformatics2023-05-26

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