Melbourne University in Australia invites application for vacant Research and Academic Jobs, public research university located in Parkville, Melbourne, Australia.

Research Fellow in Statistics$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)25 Jun 2023
Contribute to cutting-edge research in non and semiparametric curve estimation!
Student Industry Experience Coordinator$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)11 Jun 2023
Coordinate multiple initiatives to drive employability outcomes for students and contribute to an inspired and positive student experience.
Chief People OfficerSenior Executive16 Jun 2023
An exciting opportunity presents itself to be the University’s next Chief People Officer (CPO).
Research Strategy Project Officer$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)17 Jun 2023
Join us as a Project Officer and contribute directly to the University’s research and performance!
Team Leader, Inbound Programs$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)14 Jun 2023
Seeking a Team Leader to manage a small team and deliver exciting experiences and projects to students!
Project Manager (Institute for the Future of Business)$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)11 Jun 2023
Support the Executive Director in successful ideation, design, development and delivery of a broad variety of strategic and operational projects that deliver value to, and support the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Institute, Faculty and Business School.
Project Manager (Centennial)$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)11 Jun 2023
In 2024 our Faculty turns 100 years old. Support successful development and delivery of a series of projects and events launched in 2024-2025
Pre-Clinical Laboratory Technician$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)16 Jun 2023
Pre-Clinical Lab Tech provides technical assistance, collaborates with staff, and ensures requirements are met for dental education activities.
School Operations Project Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)11 Jun 2023
Exciting opportunity to support Operations within the School of BioSciences!
Strategic Projects Advisor$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)8 Jun 2023
Join us as a Strategic Projects Advisor, where innovation meets opportunity in driving transformative initiatives for the Faculty!
Teaching Specialist in Radiology$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)15 Jun 2023
Transforming Radiology education by delivering quality and coordinated programs, transitioning to digital teaching formats at the University of Melbourne.
Automation Developer$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)11 Jun 2023
Explore your talent and develop your skills in programming, data and web technologies!
Student Engagement Project Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)21 Jun 2023
Cultivate student engagement and empower employability through strategic initiatives, partnerships, and authentic learning experiences.
Production Coordinator (Screen)$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)8 Jun 2023
Bring creative visions to life as a Production Coordinator in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music. Join our team and shape captivating visual experiences.
Arts Faculty Librarian$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)11 Jun 2023
Empower creativity and knowledge. Lead library services, engage faculty, and drive impactful programs as the Arts Faculty Librarian.
Legal Services Administrator (MDHS/STEM)$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)8 Jun 2023
Provide outstanding service and day-to-day general administration and operational support to the Directors of MDHS and STEM and their teams.
Research Accountant$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)8 Jun 2023
Support the University’s research community to deliver high-quality research outcomes by ensuring accurate, compliant and timely accounting and audit services.
Case Management Specialist$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)8 Jun 2023
Seeking an experienced professional in WorkClaims industry to make a real impact in the wellbeing of employees within the University!
Research Assistant in Aboriginal Child Welfare and Social Care$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)14 Jun 2023
This an exciting opportunity to make a real difference in Aboriginal child welfare and social care services.
Lecturer in Environmental Geoscience$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)23 Jun 2023
Join our collaborative and multidisciplinary environment, shaping future geoscientists and making a meaningful impact on environmental research.

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Isotope Geochemistry
$169,094 – $186,288 (Level D)23 Jun 2023
Join a vibrant culture, excel in geoscience education, pursue impactful research in isotope geochemistry with community impact
Research Fellow (Multiple Positions)$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)14 Jun 2023
Join a prestigious research team at the University of Melbourne and shape the future of cancer screening with polygenic risk scores.
Compliance Reporting Analyst$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)7 Jun 2023
Use your strong analytics and reporting skills to contribute to the University’s research governance activities.
Lecturer Architectural Design – Creative Practitioner (Multiple Positions)$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)7 Jun 2023
Join us at University of Melbourne to shape the future of architectural creativity.
Professional Learning Facilitator$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)7 Jun 2023
Join the Melbourne Assessment team as a Professional Learning Facilitator and seize the opportunity to co-design and deliver impactful professional learning programs, focusing on teaching, assessment, and school leadership.
Department Support Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)11 Jun 2023
Provide assistance to the Head of Department with activities related to running the department, and facilitating the flow of information
Clinical Psychologist Contractors – Multiple Opportunities20 Jun 2023
Opportunity to make a difference! Flexible contractor arrangements for clinical psychologists with the University of Melbourne’s Health Service.
Curriculum Support Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)6 Jun 2023
An opportunity to support the University’s curriculum data configuration process used to underpin the student and future student systems and lifecycle at the University of Melbourne.
Professor and Head of the Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics$217,805 (Level E)14 Jul 2023
Help set the direction for Australia’s #1 School of Public Health at the Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Director – Strategy and Operations, The Cumming Global Centre for Pandemic TherapeuticsSenior Manager 223 Jun 2023
The Cumming Global Centre for Pandemic Therapeutics – Preparing for global resilience and readiness for future pandemics
Business Manager, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)5 Jun 2023
Looking for a Business Manager in the Strategy, Planning, and Resources team to lead and support strategic planning initiatives and resource management.
Project Manager$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)5 Jun 2023
Play a key strategic role in the management of the Project Management Office within the Mobile Learning Unit.
Research Finance Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)5 Jun 2023
Manage a portfolio of funding programs/streams and awards and all financial aspects of the various projects!
Teaching Associate in Treaty$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)12 Jun 2023
Bridge cultures, foster understanding as a Teaching Associate in Treaty. Join our faculty, embrace diversity
Academic Support Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)5 Jun 2023
Join our team as an Academic Support Officer and contribute to the success of the Melbourne Veterinary School, providing administrative support and driving operational plans.
Teaching and Learning Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)8 Jun 2023
Ignite a passion for knowledge and enhance the art of teaching as a Teaching and Learning Officer in the Faculty of Arts. Join our team and inspire academic excellence in a vibrant learning environment
Executive Assistant/Administration Officer, Medtech Programs$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)5 Jun 2023
Join the University of Melbourne’s Medtech Programs as our Executive Assistant/Administration Officer and immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge technology, groundbreaking research, and collaborative problem-solving.
Field Services Consultant & Senior Consultant$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)5 Jun 2023
Demonstrate professional excellence and provide customer centric support in one or more of the four specialist service domains supported by Field Services.
Indigenous Primary Health Practitioner (MMS)$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)18 Jun 2023
Join a collaborative team to support the Melbourne Medical School’s leadership teams in the development and implementation of resources and procedures related to student health and wellbeing, with a particular focus to Indigenous medical students.
Excellence in Diversity Fellowship (Indigenous)$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)18 Jun 2023
Work with a team of outstanding academics in a world-class research environment shaping Indigenous knowledges into Science!

Senior Consultant (Events)
$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)2 Jun 2023
An opportunity to take part in Field Services operations and support services with an emphasis upon the delivery of client focused outcomes and service effectiveness for the University.
OPTIMA Education and Outreach Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)2 Jun 2023
Join a dynamic team supporting industry-driven research in operations management, data analytics, and decision-making. Make a meaningful impact and develop your skills.
Business Administration Coordinator$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)4 Jun 2023
Combine business and art as a Fine Arts & Music Business Admin Coordinator. Join us and empower artists to excel!
Communications Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)4 Jun 2023
Join our creative team as a communications officer and work collaboratively with a team of media specialists and experts.
Laureate Research Fellow in Theoretical Systems Biology$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)21 Jun 2023
Join us and contribute to the School’s mission of creating new knowledge and improving the world we live in.
Experiential Learning Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)1 Jun 2023
Transform learning into unforgettable experiences as an Experiential Learning Officer in the Faculty of Arts. Join us in shaping a dynamic educational journey that goes beyond the classroom.
LEaRN Research Translation & Impact Coordinator$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)31 May 2023
Dynamic professional role supporting research translation and impact with a focus on developing schools as community hubs, plus related social infrastructure and services.
Engineer, Linux Endpoint Computing$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)14 Jun 2023
This is your opportunity to join an organisation that is passionate about driving amazing experiences within its dedicated Linux ecosystem.
Executive Officer – Leadership Support$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)31 May 2023
Wanted: Experienced officer with stakeholder management skills to provide high-level executive support and help increase the reputation and profile of the Australia India Institute.
Research Fellow in Brain-Computer Interfaces$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)31 May 2023
Unleashing Human Potential: Join our research at the University of Melbourne and revolutionize brain-computer interfaces with machine learning.
Senior Graduate Research Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)7 Jun 2023
Join us as a Senior Graduate Research Officer and shape the future of graduate research programs while influencing strategic decisions.
Cultural Strategic Lead – Biodiversity Council$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)15 Jun 2023
The Cultural Strategic Lead supports biodiversity governance by developing and implementing First Peoples policy and engagement strategies
Research Officer in Molecular Parasitology$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)13 Jun 2023
We are seeking a highly motivated post-doctoral fellow to undertake research on latent stages of the medically important pathogen, Toxoplasma gondii.
Digital Communications Coordinator$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)29 May 2023
An exciting opportunity to support the student experience at Unimelb. Join a dynamic team to lead the digital space to deliver amazing visual information that drives engagement with student services and activities.
Research Fellow: Forest Biophysical Modeller$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)5 Jun 2023
Contribute to the development and testing of models for predicting hydrogeomorphic risks and fuel dryness forecasting.
Change and Communications Manager$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)5 Jun 2023
• Lead stakeholder engagement, change readiness and change management for significant initiatives • Further grow your leadership profile / high-impact strategic projects / collaborative, passionate team • $134,320 – $139,749, 17% super, benefits and a flexible hybrid work environment!
Project Manager in Human Genome Informatics$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)12 Jun 2023
Join us in supporting significant human genomics data projects, collaborate with cross-functional teams and diverse stakeholders, and support national digital infrastructure development.
Clinical Trial Administration Assistant$73,943 – $78,476 (UOM 4)12 Jun 2023
Join a dedicated team of experts in rare cancer research, supporting a complex suite of projects to improve patient outcomes.
Senior Lecturer in Piano$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)19 Jun 2023
Compose brilliance and inspire the next generation as a Senior Lecturer in Piano. Join our prestigious team of musical educators and let your melodies resonate.
Sessional Tutor – Faculty of Arts (Multiple Positions)13 Jun 2023
Share your expertise, inspire minds, and make a lasting impact as a Casual Sessional Tutor. Join our educational journey today.

Partnerships Manager
$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)29 May 2023
Ready to lead the charge in forging industry partnerships that open doors for our students? Join us as our Partnerships Manager and help shape the future of employability programs at Faculty of Business and Economics.
Clinical Research Optometrist/Orthoptist$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)29 May 2023
Join a dynamic team to support the development of vision restoration treatments and therapies for people with inherited retinal diseases (IRDs).
Graduate Research Academic Coordinator$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)5 Jun 2023
Join a dynamic team to make a meaningful impact on Graduate Research Development and training.
Research Fellow in Semantic Visual Decoding$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)29 May 2023
Join us in unlocking the secrets of the brain! Conduct groundbreaking intravascular encephalography research with our team in Melbourne and Japan. Decode visual semantics in sheep and publish your results in conferences and journals. Make a lasting impact on neuroscience!
Timetabling Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)29 May 2023
Harness the art of efficient scheduling to bring harmony to the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music as a Timetabling Officer! An exciting opportunity to join our collaborative team and help create a seamless student and academic experience.
Scholarship Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)4 Jun 2023
We are seeking a Scholarship Officer with strong attention to detail, the capacity to work in a high-pressure environment and excellent communication skills. If this sounds like you, apply now and contribute to the end-to-end management of over 150 University-wide Scholarship programs.
Service Design Lead$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)28 May 2023
Seeking a Service Design Lead with extensive experience in user/customer experience to lead and inspire innovative service design initiative across the University.
Senior Project Officer$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)4 Jun 2023
Ready to take on a dynamic role as a Senior Project Officer? Join our team and develop and manage projects that drive our Advancing Melbourne 2023 Strategy forward!
Academic Support Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)28 May 2023
Exciting opportunity for a highly motivated individual to contribute to the delivery of academic programs within the Faculty of Science
Executive Director, Communications & Marketing13 Jun 2023
Impactful communications and marketing agenda; Grow and amplify the University’s purpose and strategy; Lead and motivate the existing talented team.
Lecturer in Periodontics (2 positions available)$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)8 Jun 2023
The opportunity to make a significant impact on the education of Doctor of Dental Surgery students through your contributions to innovative teaching and participation in curriculum design.
Research Fellow in Translational Physiology$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)9 Jun 2023
In exiting opportunity to participate in a research program that is investigating how extracellular matrix remodelling modulated inflammation and regeneration in skeletal muscle disease.
Administrative Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)1 Jun 2023
Seeking an experienced and enthusiastic Administrative Officer to join the Department of Surgery in the Melbourne Medical School.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)1 Jun 2023
Join us in shaping the future of early childhood education research! We’re seeking a passionate and skilled Postdoctoral Research Fellow to join our team at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s REEaCh Centre.
Program Coordinator$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)1 Jun 2023
An exciting opportunity to create a network of long-lasting cultural bridges through developing the capacity of Australian artists to engage with the Asia-Pacific region for Australia’s #1 Leading University.
Senior Development Manager$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)28 May 2023
Have a meaningful impact on STEM and health priorities through philanthropy at the University of Melbourne.
Coordinator, Communications and Engagement (Student Life)$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)30 May 2023
Be instrumental in enhancing staff engagement with Academic Advising, Peer Mentoring, and Melbourne Plus initiatives. Join our team and bring your expertise in developing effective communication strategies, & strong stakeholder skills to achieve program-wide success.
Research Fellow – Possessing the Pacific City$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)30 Jun 2023
Research work on customary tenure and evictions in Port Vila, Vanuatu
Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)30 May 2023
Join our team as a Clinical Lecturer and develop your teaching skills in a positive, values-based culture!
Teaching Support Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)30 May 2023
Join our team of dedicated educators and make a difference in students’ lives as a Teaching Support Officer. Help shape the future generation with us!

Casual Sessional Tutor
5 Jun 2023
An exciting opportunity to join the Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning as a Sessional Tutor!
Casual Sessional Studio Leader5 Jun 2023
An exciting opportunity to join the Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning as a Sessional Studio Leader!
Research Fellow (Aquaculture)$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)7 Jun 2023
Opportunity to make independent contributions to research in aquaculture sustainability and seafood sciences
Technical Coordinator – Venues$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)30 May 2023
Join our open and inclusive new team as an experienced Technical Coordinator and make a meaningful impact on students’ campus-based experience!
Business Development Director, Faculty of ScienceSenior Manager 129 May 2023
5 years fixed-term exciting opportunity to enhance your business development strategy skill and create significant impact!
Associate Professor / Professor in Applied Mathematics$217,805 (Level E)16 Jun 2023
Applied Mathematics expert to lead and foster excellence in teaching and research in the School of Mathematics and Statistics
Associate Professor / Professor in Mathematics / Statistics$217,805 (Level E)16 Jun 2023
Future leaders, academic experts and excellence in areas of Mathematics and Statistics
Associate Professor / Professor in Statistical Data Science$217,805 (Level E)16 Jun 2023
Future leaders, academic experts and excellence in Statistical Data Science, within the School of Mathematics and Statistics
International Education Coordinator$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)29 May 2023
Be a key role in partnering with schools across 23 nations in Asia and the Pacific by designing and delivering learning programs.
Associate Professor in Construction$169,094 – $186,288 (Level D)5 Jun 2023
Help foster relationships across the university and with industry. You will also engage globally, as well as within Australia on academic and industry pursuits.
Indigenous Strategy Support Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)29 May 2023
Be a part of creating meaningful change and empowering Indigenous communities as an Indigenous Strategy Support Officer. Join us in building a brighter future that celebrates diversity and cultural richness.
Research Fellow in Wireless Communications$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)5 Jun 2023
Conduct independent research, leading to the preparation and publication of research outcomes in conferences and journals.
Research Assistant in Rural Health Medical workforce (Shepparton)$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)5 Jun 2023
Join a team committed to improving rural healthcare through research and education at the University of Melbourne’s Department of Rural Health.
Workplace Experience Coordinator$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)31 May 2023
Support the physical day-to-day operation of office workplaces, delivering high quality, professional workplace support.
Casual Tutor – Faculty of Business and Economics8 Jun 2023
We are seeking tutors across a wide range of departments within our Faculty of Business and Economics
Lecturer, Small Animal Clinical Studies (Small Animal Internal Medicine)$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)2 Jun 2023
Lecturer in Small Animal Clinical Studies (Medicine) to join Australia’s No.1 University and provide excellence in teaching and clinical service within the Melbourne Veterinary School!
Lecturer, Small Animal Clinical Studies (Veterinary Primary Care)$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)2 Jun 2023
Lecturer in Small Animal Clinical Studies (Primary Care) to join Australia’s No.1 University and provide excellence in teaching and clinical service within the Melbourne Veterinary School!
A/Professor or Professor in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia$217,805 (Level E)29 Jun 2023
Join one of Australia’s leading veterinary schools and destination of choice for students, academics, professionals and clients.
Administrative Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)28 May 2023
An exciting opportunity to join the School of Biomedical Sciences as an Administrative Officer, providing excellent support to a range of stakeholders.
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pathology$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)29 May 2023
Join our dynamic team to make a meaningful impact on the future of pathology education through innovative and engaging teaching methods.

Senior Lecturer in Criminology
$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)29 May 2023
Join our vibrant team and bring your strong skills in research, teaching, and contribution to make a valuable impact on the discipline and school.
Lecturer in Criminology$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)29 May 2023
Exciting full-time opportunity as a Lecturer in Criminology with strong research and teaching skills to join our team.

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