The University of Turku in Finland invites application to vacant Postdoc and Academic Positions, , is the third largest university in Finland as measured by student enrollment

ID  Heading  Unit  Application deadline  
14932 Statistician Department of Psychology and Language & Speech Pathology 14.08.2023 
14937 1 postdoctoral researcher in the field of microcavities organic light-emitting diodes Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 02.07.2023 
14944 Research Director in Innovation Research Centre for Collaborative Research (CCR) 28.06.2023 
14930 Professor or Associate/Assistant Professor (tenure track) of Early Childhood Education Department of Teacher Education 26.06.2023 
14916 Post-doc/Project Researcher – Neuronal response phenotyping for neurodevelopmental Rasopathies Turku Bioscience Centre 19.06.2023 
14894 University Lecturer to the INVEST Research Flagship Center Institute of Clinical Medicine 19.06.2023 
14920 A doctoral researcher (PhD student)/ postdoctoral researcher position in wastewater treatment and photobioreactor operation Department of Life Technologies 14.06.2023 
14901 Senior Researchers or Project Researchers to INVEST Flagship Research Center Institute of Clinical Medicine 14.06.2023 
14936 Research funding specialist (Grant writer) Tutkimuksen tukipalvelut 12.06.2023 
14876 Professor or Associate / Assistant Professor in Regional and Urban Economics Department of Economics 12.06.2023 

University Lecturer in English (fixed-term) School of Languages and Translation Studies 08.06.2023 
14931 Fixed-term research assistant (master’s thesis): Hybrid modelling of machining using finite element method and machine learning Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 08.06.2023 
14922 Temporary position of University teacher or University lecturer of Plant ecology Department of Biology 08.06.2023 
14923 Internship opportunity in the Partnerships and Strategic Engagement Unit at the University of Turku (7.8.2023–5.1.2024) YVV-tukipalvelut 05.06.2023 
14793 Assistant / Associate Professor (tenure track) in Pharmacology and Drug Development. Institute of Biomedicine 05.06.2023 
14800 Professor (full) or Assistant / Associate Professor (tenure track) in Electric powertrain Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 05.06.2023 
14935 Doctoral Researcher in Entrepreneurship Department of Management and Entrepreneurship 01.06.2023 
14884 Senior researcher in sociology, demography or related field INVEST-yksikkö 31.05.2023 
14833 Doctoral Researcher / Project Researcher in the field of Product-Service Systems Design Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 31.05.2023 

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