University of Southern Denmark in Denmark invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, has campuses located in Southern Denmark, Denmark

PhD Position in Solar Energy Conversion and StorageFaculty of Science2023-June-07
PhD Position: Molecular Electrocatalysts for the Conversion of Small MoleculesFaculty of Science2023-June-13
Position as PhD in the area of environmental and climate impacts of media habitsFaculty of Humanities2023-June-14
PhD scholarship in Behavioral Economics at the Department of EconomicsFaculty of Business and Social Sciences2023-June-15
PhD Scholarship in Mammalian Lipid Metabolism and MetabolomicsFaculty of Science2023-June-27
PhD Fellowship in Functional Proteomics and Cell SignallingFaculty of Science2023-June-30
Ph.D. fellowship at the Department of Law, University of Southern DenmarkFaculty of Business and Social Sciences2023-Aug-15
Postdoctoral fellow in the ERC project AUTONORMS: Autonomous weapons systems and use of force normsFaculty of Business and Social SciencesOdense2023-June-09
Associate Professor in Psychiatry (Precision Medicine and Big Data)Faculty of Health SciencesOdense2023-June-11
Readvertisement – Post Doc in BioimagingFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-June-12
REANNOUNCEMENT – Postdoc position in Applied EconomicsFaculty of Business and Social SciencesOdense2023-June-15
Associate Professor in Solid MechanicsFaculty of EngineeringSønderborg2023-June-15
Postdoc in Data Analysis of Industrial Operation SystemsFaculty of EngineeringSønderborg2023-June-15
Postdoc Position in the ABC Transporter AreaFaculty of ScienceOdense2023-June-15
Professor (or associate professor) in clinical nursing and clinical nurse specialist (combined position)Faculty of Health SciencesFlere tjenestesteder2023-June-18
Clinical Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery (combined position)Faculty of Health SciencesOdense2023-June-18
Tre kliniske lektorer eller eksterne lektorer i medicinsk pædagogik til Videreuddannelsesregion SydFlere tjenestesteder2023-June-18
Professor in Molecular Bone Histology and Bone Pathology (Combined position)Faculty of Health SciencesOdense2023-June-18
Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering and Concrete StructuresFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-June-19
Research assistant within computer vision related to agriculture and dronesFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-June-22
Postdoctoral Positions in Gametic miRNAs and their Role in Intergenerational Epigenetic Inheritance of ObesityFaculty of ScienceOdense2023-June-23
Postdoctoral Researcher: Targeted Radiotheranostic PharmaceuticalsFaculty of ScienceOdense2023-June-26
Clinical Professor in Respiratory Medicine (Combined position)Faculty of Health SciencesOdense2023-June-29
Assistant Professorship in Translational Metabolism Research to Study the Role of Nucleotides in Tumour MicroenvironmentFaculty of ScienceOdense2023-June-30
Full, Associate or Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering, Life Cycle Engineering and/or Industrial EcologyFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-June-30
Assistant Professor in Digital Electronics with expertise in Onboard Computing for Next-Generation Smart DevicesFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-July-01
Postdoc in Evidence-Based MedicineFaculty of Health SciencesOdense2023-July-01
Post Doc. within sustainable PEM based energy conversion system component developmentFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-July-01
Professor in Child and Adolescent Health ResearchFaculty of Health SciencesKøbenhavn2023-July-01
Post-doc in industrial application of life cycle assessment for decision support during the green transitionFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-July-01
Research Assistant with possible extension to PhD Fellow in evidence-based medicineFaculty of Health SciencesOdense2023-July-02
Research assistant position for the Historical Economics and Development Group (HEDG) and a research project on social mobility and human capital in the Nordic countries at the Department of EconomicsFaculty of Business and Social SciencesOdense2023-July-02
Postdoc in Microbial Processes in Oxygen-depleted Waters: in situ approachesFaculty of ScienceOdense2023-July-02
Postdoc in NeurobiologyFaculty of Health SciencesOdense2023-July-02
Postdoc in Cancer BiologyFaculty of Health SciencesOdense2023-July-02
Professor (or associate professor) in biomedicine with teaching commitments in macroscopic anatomyFaculty of Health SciencesVælg…2023-July-09
Professorship(s) in the research areas of Business-to-Business MarketingFaculty of Business and Social SciencesKolding2023-July-18
Postdoctoral Fellow for Quantum Sensing and Fundamental PhysicsFaculty of ScienceOdense2023-July-23
Associate Professor in Functional Genomics and Genome MaintenanceFaculty of ScienceOdense2023-July-23
Postdoc within Manipulation and Assembly of Flexible and Fragile Objects for Laboratory AutomationFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-July-26
Associate professors in Robotics and Computer VisionFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-July-31
Professor positions at SDU Center for Energy InformaticsFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-July-31
Postdoc in in vitro models of neuroinflammationFaculty of Health SciencesOdense2023-Aug-01
Full Professor in Environmental and Life Cycle EngineeringFaculty of EngineeringOdense2023-Aug-01
Postdoc in Bioimaging and Proteomics at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyFaculty of ScienceOdense2023-Aug-15
Assistant or Associate Professor in Multi-body dynamics and simulationFaculty of EngineeringSønderborg2023-Aug-15
Associate Professor in Control EngineeringFaculty of EngineeringSønderborg2023-Aug-15

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