Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden invites application for vacant Academic, PhD and Postdoc Scholarships, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

20230393Do you want to work as a tutor?19/09/2023
20230379Postdoc on life cycle assessment of structural batteries in vehicles03/09/2023
20230396Postdoc position in development of green separation methods01/09/2023
20230397PhD student position in development of green separation methods01/09/2023
20230362Postdoc position in Sustainable Product Development01/09/2023
20230363PhD student position in Robotic Inspection Systems31/08/2023
20230381Mattecoach på nätet – digital läxhjälp i matematik20/08/2023
20230357PhD Student Position in Quantum Chemistry20/08/2023
20230380PhD Position in Sustainable Entrepreneurship15/08/2023
20230305Senior Lecturer in Building Design15/08/2023
20230398PhD position in quantum thermodynamics (theory)07/08/2023
20230399Postdoc – quantum thermodynamics of electronic and hybrid devices (theory)07/08/2023
20230394Postdoc position in computational multiscale modelling of polymer foams01/08/2023
20230385Postdoc position in nanoalloy nanofabrication31/07/2023
20230386Research assistant in historical electricity system transitions31/07/2023
20230384Post-doc in water treeing in dynamic high voltage cables31/07/2023
20230108PhD student in diagnostics of PEM based devices: fuel cells and electrolysers31/07/2023
20230383PhD position in Inverse design of nanoresonators for quantum optomechanics22/07/2023
20230407PhD student position in experimental superconducting qubit readout16/07/2023
20230351PhD student position in biomimetic flight15/07/2023
20230367Postdoc for e-mobility with renewable energy09/07/2023
20230366Postdoc of sustainable mobility and behavior09/07/2023
20230220Postdoc position in optical spectroscopy07/07/2023
20230378Research specialist in protein engineering and molecular biology06/07/2023
20230028PhD student position in Materials Chemistry for Stable Organic Electronics05/07/2023
20220628PhD student position in New Materials Concepts for Stable Organic Solar Cells05/07/2023
20230082Postdoc in AI-driven optimization of variational algorithms for near-term quantum computers01/07/2023
20230373PhD in Strain tuning of HTS thin films for clean energy01/07/2023
20230317PhD student position in Hybrid Quantum Systems01/07/2023
20230336Postdoctoral fellow in communications and coding for channels with memory30/06/2023
20230356Postdoc in Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Circuits30/06/2023
20230350Postdoc in Active Flow Control for Wind-propelled ships25/06/2023
20230314Postdoctoral researcher in experimental nuclear physics25/06/2023
20230355Research Engineer, Chalmers Mass Spectrometry Infrastructure24/06/2023
20230387Project assistant in Computer and Network Systems23/06/2023
20230344Research Engineer in Building Technology23/06/2023
20230349Doctor in computational metabolic engineering22/06/2023
20230348Research specialist in translational immunology22/06/2023
20230347Postdoc in Industrial De-carbonization22/06/2023
20230346PhD-position in Industrial De-carbonization22/06/2023
20220592Postdoc in perovskite phosphors for next-generation lighting applications studied at large-scale photon facilities18/06/2023

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