PhD Scholarships at ETH Zurich, one of the leading universities for technology and the natural sciences in Switzerland

PhD in Physical properties in black soldier fly larvae processing100%, Zurich, fixed-term26.06.2023 | Institute of Food Nutrition and Health (IFNH), Sustainable Food Processing Laboratory

PhD student in Embedded Systems and Hardware Prototyping100%, Zurich, fixed-term21.06.2023 | Sensing, Interaction & Perception Lab | Institute of Intelligent Interactive Systems | Department of Computer Science

PhD student in Solar Orbiter Science100%, Zurich, fixed-term15.06.2023 | Solar astrophysics group and PMOD/WRC

PhD student in Virtual Reality and Brain-Computer Interfaces100%, Zurich, fixed-term07.06.2023 | Sensing, Interaction & Perception Lab | Institute of Intelligent Interactive Systems | Department of Computer Science

PhD position in forestry and remote sensing: Tree species monitoring100%, Zurich, fixed-term07.06.2023 | Institute for Terrestrial Ecosystems (ITES)

PhD position in XR applications for inspection of net-zero carbon infrastructure100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.06.2023 | Design++, the Center for Augmented Computational Design in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

PhD Position: Computer Simulation of Spinal Segment Mechanics100%, Zurich, fixed-term31.05.2023 | Institute for Biomechanics

PhD position in the Distributed Computing Group100%, Zurich, fixed-term31.05.2023 | Distributed Computing Group

PhD position in Machine Learning Directed Design of Actuators from Biological Muscle100%, Zurich, fixed-term25.05.2023 | Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

PhD Position in data-driven characterisation of paediatric sepsis100%, Zurich, fixed-term24.05.2023 | Department of Health Sciences and Technology

PhD position in Differentiable Simulation and Machine Learning for Musculoskeletal Robotics100%, Zurich, fixed-term24.05.2023 | Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Doktorierende in historischer Bauforschung und Konstruktionsgeschichte (m/w/d)100%, Zürich, befristet16.05.2023 | Institut für Denkmalpflege und historische Bauforschung (IDB)

PhD candidate for developing new concepts for automatically detecting de-energized overhead lines100%, Zurich, fixed-term08.05.2023 | Laboratory for High Power Electronic Systems

PhD and Post-Doctoral Positions on the Application of Large Language Models in Marketing100%, Zurich, fixed-term05.05.2023 | Department of Management, Technology, and Economics

PhD position “Re-engineering informal construction through circular practices and models”100%, Zurich, fixed-term05.05.2023 | D-BAUG – Chair of Circular Engineering for Architecture

PhD in device engineering for efficient microhistology100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.05.2023 | D-MAVT

PhD position in Geobiology and Microbiology of Extreme Environments100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.05.2023 | Geological Institute

PhD in Multiscale response of skin to mechanical stressors100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.05.2023 | D-MAVT

Doctoral thesis on the freezing of soft materials100%, Zurich, fixed-term21.04.2023 | Department of Materials

PhD Position: 3D cell-based tissue simulation framework100%, Basel, fixed-term17.04.2023 | D-BSSE, CoBi

Doctoral Student (PhD) fellowships in studying the dynamics of transcrustal magmatic systems100%, Zurich, fixed-term03.04.2023 | Department of Earth Sciences, ETH Zürich

PhD Position: SNSF Sinergia Research Project «Family Custody Arrangements and Child Well-Being in Switzerland» – Sub-project Housing, Architecture, and Mobility100%, Zurich, fixed-term13.03.2023 | ETH Wohnforum – Centre for Research on Architecture, Society & the Built Environment

PhD for proxy development – lipid biomarkers100%, Zurich, fixed-term21.02.2023 | Department of Earth Sciences, Geological Institute

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