PhD Scholarships at Technical University of Denmark, a university in Kongens Lyngby, among Europe’s leading engineering institutions.

PhD scholarship in Catalytic CO2 Conversion and Operando Spectroscopy – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 07/04/2023DTU Chemistry at the Technical University of Denmark is seeking highly motivated candidates for a PhD scholarship in the field of catalytic CO2 conversion and operando spectroscopy. The PhD scholarship is a three-year position starting in October 2023

PhD scholarship in Computational Neuroimaging with Diffusion MRI – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 07/04/2023PhD position at the forefront of Computational NeuroImaging with a project that combines image/signal processing, physics, and applied mathematics to unravel the microscopic composition of the Human brain with diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI).

PhD studentship in Chemical Biology with a focus on Cell and Molecular Biology of Sterol Transport Proteins – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 07/03/2023The PhD position is focused on the chemical biology of sterol transport proteins where you will apply techniques in molecular, cell and chemical biology to study the roles of sterol transport proteins in health and disease, with a view to develop and characterize small molecule ligands.

PhD scholarship in Physical Chemistry and Bioscience – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/30/2023A 3-year PhD scholarship within the area of Physical Chemistry and Bioscience is available at the Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The project will focus on studying the behaviour of enzymes at gas-liquid interfaces (bubbles) employing computer simulation techniques.

PhD position within the area of Electronic Structure Calculations and Many-Body Theory with Applications to Functionalized 2D Materials – DTU PhysicsKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/30/2023PhD position within the area of Electronic Structure Calculations and Many-Body Theory with Applications to Functionalized 2D Materials – DTU Physics

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PhD scholarship in Plasma Processes for Nanofabrication – DTU NanolabKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/30/2023Do you want to be part of a challenging research on 3D plasma-sheath-lenses for applications on nanofabrication technologies involving thin film deposition, etching and implantation? The Plasma Aided Nanotechnology group at DTU Nanolab is looking for a PhD student to join this research activity.

PhD scholarship: Focused Simulations of Electronic Structure in Composite Phases – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/29/2023Three-year, full-time PhD scholarship on (i) the development of new computational methods for simulating electronic structures in condensed and composite phases, and (ii) the application of these in the rationalization of various photoinduced processes in chemistry.

PhD scholarship in Synthetic Nucleic Acid Biology – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/29/2023Seeking strong competences within medicinal and/or natural compound chemistry. Join us in the aim of finding new diagnostic and treatment solutions for cancer using new nucleic acid analogues.

PhD scholarship in Functional Cementitious Composites for Structural Health Monitoring – DTU ConstructKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/28/2023We seek a talented and engaged PhD student willing to be part our research group and contribute to the development of functional cementitious composites for structural health monitoring applications. The PhD research is part of the granted Villum Young Investigator project, ‘‘Alive Concrete’’.

PhD scholarship in Absolute Sustainability of Natural Resource Use – DTU SustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/28/2023PhD position on improving the methodological foundation of absolute environmental sustainability assessments, with focus on natural resources. The position requires quantitative modelling and computational skills.

PhD project: Develop and Test an Impact Assessment Methodology for Green Shipping Corridors – DTU ManagementKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/28/2023This PhD project aims to develop and test an impact assessment methodology for green shipping corridors. It combines cost-benefit with multi-criteria decision analysis while planned investments in ships, fuels, and fueling infrastructure are optimized through multi-objective optimization techniques.

PhD scholarship in Developing Strategic and Innovative Approaches to Support Companies to Track Progress Towards Achieving Absolute Carbon Emission Reduction – DTU ConstructKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/27/2023Do you want to break new ground and push the boundaries of absolute sustainability towards higher impact? If you have a MSc in Environmental Engineering, Design & Innovation, or related areas and you want to work at the very front of the new scientific revolution within absolute sustainability, this is a job where you will thrive. 

PhD scholarship in Metasurfaces on Fiber Tip Implementation – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/27/2023A PhD scholarship is offered in the ambit of the MEMORY project supported by the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

PhD Scholarship in Fisheries Technology – DTU AquaHirtshals, Denmark  Posted on 06/27/2023A PhD scholarship (3-year employment) in Fisheries Technology will be available at DTU Aqua (National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark) with a preferred start in November 2023.

PhD scholarship in Self-healing Materials for Photovoltaic Applications – DTU EnergyKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/26/2023PhD scholarship within the field of atomic-scale simulations of hybrid perovskite materials for PV applications. The research position is part of collaboration with Technion (Israel).

PhD scholarship in Mathematical Modelling of Intumescent Coatings – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/26/2023Would you like to use your chemical engineering skills to improve the understanding of the mechanistic of intumescent coatings?

PhD scholarship – Tackling Biofouling through Coatings Coupled with Underwater Cleaning – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/26/2023Would you like to use your chemical engineering skills to save the ocean from pollution and to safeguard biodiversity by minimizing invasive species, as well as improving the protective efficiency of marine and offshore structures from fouling settlement? 

PhD scholarship in Digital Twins for Sustainable 3D Concrete Printing – DTU ConstructKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/22/2023The section for Manufacturing Engineering at DTU Civil and Mechanical Engineering has a vacant PhD position within the field of digital twins for sustainable 3D concrete printing. The aim of the project is to develop process models for 3D concrete printing to optimize structures from a sustainability point of view (i.e., minimize energy consumption during production, as well as minimize material- and cement usage). The project is part of the alliance research programme and will be carried out in close collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

PhD Scholarships in Post-Quantum Cryptography – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/21/2023We are looking for two bright and motivated PhD students for 3-year PhD positions starting October 1st or as soon as possible thereafter (negotiable). The position is part of the project “Idealized Models for Practical Provably-Secure Post-Quantum Cryptography”, funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. The goal of the project is to give provable post-quantum security guarantees for the important cryptographic hash function standard SHA-3, and to provide and improve provable security guarantees for important cryptographic schemes, including the upcoming signature standard Dilithium. 

PhD scholarship: Development of Predictive Molecular Thermodynamic Models – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/21/2023We seek a talented and motivated PhD student who is willing to be part of a world-leading research environment and contribute to the development of predictive molecular thermodynamic models. The PhD position is planned to start from 1 November 2023 or as soon as possible after that, and the duration of the position is three years.

PhD scholarship in synthetic nucleic acid biology – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/21/2023Do you want to break new ground at the forefront of research and technology, aiming to find new approaches to gene editing and targeted gene therapy?

PhD scholarship in antiferroelectric capacitors for inverters – DTU EnergyKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/20/2023A new type of capacitors based on antiferroelectric materials have promise to increase the energy storage density and hence reduce the volume of the inverters. Scientifically, there are however many challenges to overcome before we can make these capacitors with non-toxic materials. We have an opening at DTU Energy for a PhD-student for fabrication of antiferroelectric capacitors addressing these challenges. Your tasks will be to develop a reproducible synthesis route for such materials using molten salt, hydrothermal and solid state synthesis, tape casting and sintering. You will collaborate closely with other projects on ferroelectric materials in the department. You will also collaborate with Graz University of Technology in Austria, where you are expected to do a 3-6 months research stay.

PhD scholarships in computational biology/bioinformatics – DTU BiosustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/15/2023The Novo Nordisk Foundation for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain) at the Technical University of Denmark is seeking highly motivated PhD candidates with an interest in deep learning and bioinformatics approaches for sustainability and human health.

PhD scholarship in wind energy – DTU WindRoskilde, Denmark  Posted on 06/15/2023Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is seeking applicants for PhD scholarship in wind energy research in the suburban area of beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark.

PhD scholarship in Bioinformatics and Transcriptomics – DTU Health TechKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/14/2023Do you want to be part of a team that is pushing the boundaries of transcriptomic? Do you want to help us shape the future of omics analysis? We are looking for a skilled and enthusiastic PhD student in bioinformatics to conduct advanced transcriptomic analyses, with a focus on transcript/isoform level analysis of vast amounts of transcriptomics data.

PhD scholarship in Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells – DTU EnergyKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/14/2023Do you want to develop cheap, durable and high performing solid oxide electrolysis cells with no or reduced amount of critical raw materials? Do you want to participate in an EU project and collaborate with researchers from nine research institutions across Europe?

PhD scholarship in solid state electrochemical TEM – DTU EnergyKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 06/09/2023The project combines transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and electrochemistry. Experiments are performed inside a TEM to characterize an important degradation mechanism in electrolysis cells. Understanding of this mechanism is mandatory for the further development of power2x technology.

PhD scholarship in 3D X-ray imaging and scattering techniques for advanced material characterization of pultruded carbon fibre composites for wind turbine blades – DTU WindRoskilde, Denmark  Posted on 06/07/2023Do you want to be involved in the green energy transition? Do you wish to contribute to the development of wind energy, and are you looking for a career in R&D or academia? Then we have an opportunity for you.

PhD scholarship in modeling and optimization of sustainable corrosion protection systems for offshore wind turbines – DTU WindRoskilde, Denmark  Posted on 05/31/2023Are you interested in developing non-toxic corrosion protection (CP) systems for offshore wind farms? If so, the Department of Wind Energy, Division of Materials and Components invites applicants for a PhD position in the area of numerical modeling and optimization of offshore wind CP systems to reduce the chemical emission and improve the protection efficiency.

PhD Fellowships – CO2 Conversion to Solids: Increase Sustainability by Transforming Waste Building Materials to New, Valuable Products – DTU PhysicsKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/24/2023From fundamental understanding of the interactions of natural materials with water and gas, we are developing a fast, cheap, environmentally friendly way to mineralise CO2, to make it stable for millennia. We are building a cross disciplinary team of PhDs and Postdocs and searching for enthusiastic members.

PhD students in Data Science – DTU BiosustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/24/2023Digitalization and Data Science PhD positions (Multiple)

PhD scholarship in Ultrafast Lasers and Frequency Comb – DTU ElectroRoskilde, Denmark  Posted on 05/23/2023We are seeking a PhD candidate to conduct experimental research in optical frequency combs and ultrafast lasers operating beyond 2 µm wavelength. The goal is to develop a new class of compact frequency comb devices for molecular sensing, which will contribute to a larger context, such as climate change, by providing a solution for real-time and precise detection of crucial greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

PhD scholarship in Cryptography – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/17/2023We are looking for a bright, ambitious, and motivated PhD student to join the cryptography group in the CSE Section at DTU. The 3-year PhD position will preferably start on 1 January 2024. The goal of the PhD project is to improve the state of threshold post-quantum cryptography.

PhD scholarship in Characterizing methane fed microbiomes for co-metabolism of trace organic chemicals in groundwater – DTU SustainDenmark  Posted on 05/11/2023Agriculture heavily contributes to groundwater pollution due to leaching unused nutrients and pesticides. This PhD will explore aerobic methanotrophy for pesticide co-metabolism using molecular tools for microbiome characterization (both diversity and functionality).

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