PhD Scholarships at ETH Zurich, one of the leading universities for technology and the natural sciences in Switzerland

PhD Positions at the Institute of Electromagnetic Fields on Optical and THz Communication100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.08.2023 | Institute of Electromagnetic Fields (IEF)

PhD in land use decision modeling100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.08.2023 | Planning of Landscape and Urban Systems, Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development

PhD Position: Personalized Prediction and Prevention of Dropouts in Digital Biomarker Studies100%, Zurich, fixed-term25.07.2023 | CSS Health Lab

PhD in atmospheric chemistry – Photolytic versus oxidant-driven organic aerosol aging100%, Zurich, fixed-term24.07.2023 | Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science

PhD position on 3D Biohybrid Neuromuscular Tissues for Neuronal Control of Muscle Actuation100%, Zurich, fixed-term21.07.2023 | Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

PhD position: design and manufacturing of soft aerial robots100%, Zurich, fixed-term18.07.2023 | Environmental Robotics Laboratory (ERL)

PhD position: Robot-assisted eDNA collection methodologies for biodiversity monitoring100%, Zurich, fixed-term17.07.2023 | Robotics, Environmental DNA, Biodiversity Monitoring

Doctoral Position in Computational Origami100%, Zurich, fixed-term14.07.2023 |

PhD Position in Lower-Field Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging100%, Zurich, fixed-term13.07.2023 | Insitute for Biomedical Engineering

Doctoral Researcher – Microalgae: a resilient and dense source of Micronutrients100%, Zurich, fixed-term12.07.2023 | Sustainable Food Processing group, ETH Zurich

PhD position in Machine Learning for Mesh-based Representations of Deformable Objects100%, Zurich, fixed-term10.07.2023 | Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Doctoral student position – Microalgae in Human Nutrition and Health100%, Zurich, fixed-term07.07.2023 | ETH Zurich

PhD position “Re-engineering informal construction through circular practices and models”100%, Zurich, fixed-term07.07.2023 | D-BAUG – Chair of Circular Engineering for Architecture

Doctoral position: ABSYS – Advancing Bypass Systems for Downstream Migration of European Key Umbrella Fish Species100%, Zurich, fixed-term05.07.2023 | Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology (VAW)

Doctoral Researcher – Plant Protein Refining80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term05.07.2023 | ETH Sustainable Food Processing group

Doctoral position: Cell state programming through multiplexed gene editing – experimental100%, Basel, fixed-term04.07.2023 | 100%, Basel, fixed-term

Doctoral position: Cell state programming through module targeting – computational100%, Basel, fixed-term04.07.2023 | 100%, Basel, fixed-term

Doctoral position: Machine learning approaches for highly multiplexed organoid phenotyping100%, Basel, fixed-term04.07.2023 | 100%, Basel, fixed-term

PhD in Physical properties in black soldier fly larvae processing100%, Zurich, fixed-term26.06.2023 | Institute of Food Nutrition and Health (IFNH), Sustainable Food Processing Laboratory

PhD student in Embedded Systems and Hardware Prototyping100%, Zurich, fixed-term21.06.2023 | Sensing, Interaction & Perception Lab | Institute of Intelligent Interactive Systems | Department of Computer Science

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