Melbourne University in Australia invites application for vacant Research and Academic Jobs, public research university located in Parkville, Melbourne, Australia.

Operations Officer – Office of the Dean (Indigenous Australians Only)$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)27 Aug 2023
Opportunity to join a collaborative and supportive team within the Office of the Dean and develop your career in Operations!
Research Fellow in Tropical Rainfall$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)8 Sep 2023
Use complex geophysical datasets and high-performance computing to examine processes and impacts in the tropics, with particular attention to extreme precipitation
Social Media Advisor$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)27 Aug 2023
Deliver social media initiatives that align with industry best practice to ensure the institution remains at the forefront of social media use for Australia’s #1 Leading University.
Research Fellow in Precipitation Dynamics & Processes$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)8 Sep 2023
Opportunity to contribute cutting-edge research by studying heavy precipitation events in southeastern Australia wintertime storms
Cloud Application Developer$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)8 Sep 2023
Be at the part of advancing heart disease research, shaping digital support. Lead Terraform-based deployment with integrated security processes.
Bioinformatician$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)25 Aug 2023
Join a productive Bioinformatics team in a supportive and exciting work environment helping the Microbiological Diagnostic Unit Public Health Laboratory implement its transition to a genomics workflow.
Research Assistant: Neurological Impact of SARS-CoV-2$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)8 Sep 2023
Join cutting-edge SARS-CoV-2 neurology research with experts, fostering skills and impact in a collaborative scientific journey.
Educational Designer$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)27 Aug 2023
Collaborate with both academic and profession staff to design and develop technology and pedagogy-rich learning resources, activities and experiences.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Bioprocess Modelling Engineer, The ARC Digital Bioprocess Development Hub$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)22 Sep 2023
Join us in revolutionizing bioprocessing through AI, CFD, and kinetic models for therapeutic protein production.
Skills Development Lead (Health and Medical focus)$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)24 Aug 2023
Join a team which provides Australian health and medical researchers with a competitive advantage through data in a University environment.
Research Assistant, Food Systems$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)31 Aug 2023
Assist with research and communications on the ‘Victorian food resilience planning project’
Academic Programs Coordinator (Wellbeing)$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)31 Aug 2023
Provide high quality, responsible services to Melbourne Law School students in the area of academic adjustments and support.
Testing & Quality Assurance Analyst$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)24 Aug 2023
Unleash Your Tech Prowess: Join as a Testing & Quality Assurance Analyst for Thrilling Multi-Project Adventures!
Project Officer – Interprofessional Student Placement Mental Health and AOD settings$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)31 Aug 2023
Make a real impact in mental health education, fostering positive experiences through interprofessional teamwork.
Program Administrator, Events and Communications$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)4 Sep 2023
Seeking an enthusiastic Program Administrator to join our dynamic team and play a key role in the effective functioning of the Centre for Mental Health Nursing.
Admissions & Selection Officer (MGSE)$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)24 Aug 2023
Join a strong, dynamic team committed to providing excellent customer service to future students.
Service Improvement Analyst$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)24 Aug 2023
Be a part of a growing team who improve student, staff and academic experiences and services.
Cultural Strategic Lead – Biodiversity Council (Indigenous Australians Only)$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)30 Aug 2023
Join the Biodiversity Council and help develop and implement the First Peoples policy and engagement strategies
Executive Officer$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)23 Aug 2023
Join us as an Executive Officer and provide executive support to drive the success of the COO Portfolio!
Service Improvement Lead$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)23 Aug 2023
Influence the improvement of student, staff and academic experiences and services, while furthering your leadership experience.

Liaison Librarian – Research (Business and Economics)
$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)16 Aug 2023
Join us and work within a team of information professionals, principally delivering services to support research in the Faculty of Business and Economics.
Marketing and Events Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)6 Sep 2023
Join the team as a Marketing and Events Officer to work on programs and events that are designed and delivered with key partners and stakeholders.
Research Fellow in Bioanalytical and Biological Mass Spectrometry$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)4 Sep 2023
Join the lab led by Professor Gavin Reid, to conduct innovative research in the development and application of biomolecular mass spectrometry based methodologies for lipidomic and proteomic analysis, and ‘multi-omic’ bioinformatics data integration
Project Manager$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)6 Sep 2023
Bring your project management experience and flair to Australian BioCommons’ Human Genome Informatics team and support us in managing our portfolio of projects designed to deliver secure, scalable, and integrated human omics data and analytics platforms, in collaboration with our growing network of research consortia and delivery partners!
Research Fellow, Forest Restoration$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)8 Sep 2023
Research Fellow (Forest Restoration) – guide the regeneration of forests following the cessation of timber harvesting.
Academic Programs Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)22 Aug 2023
Provide specialist academic and course administration support for MGSE programs.
Research Fellow – Crowdsourcing and Co-Design$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)29 Aug 2023
Seeking a motivated Research Fellow to join us in the PEACE project, which brings together existing citizen science efforts across different universities to co-create preventive, experiential, art and cultural evidence (PEACE) models for holistic health.
Post-doctoral Research Fellow$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)19 Sep 2023
Empower your research journey as a Postdoctoral Fellow, shaping innovation, publishing breakthroughs, and fostering academic excellence!
Senior Service Integration Engineer$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)22 Aug 2023
Lead the development of applications and integration as a Senior Intergration Engineer! Amplify Research impact through your expertise!
Service Intergration Engineer$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)22 Aug 2023
Join us a Service Intergration Engineer and power up our world-class researchers with an innovative computing portal!

Content Coordinator Divisional Grouping FBE
$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)22 Aug 2023
Join us as a Content Coordinator and play a pivotal role in celebrating a century of teaching and research excellence.
Collaborative Practice Lead Melbourne Teaching Health Clinics$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)29 Aug 2023
An exciting opportunity for an experienced health profession / clinical educator to lead the implementation of collaborative practice within Melbourne Teaching Health Clinics.
Career growth opportunity when you join our newly formed Indigenous Employment Office – two positions available.
Play a key role in the University’s Indigenous strategy 2023-2027, as a key member of the leadership team driving the establishment of our new Office for Indigenous Employment.
Research Fellow or Senior Research Fellow$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)22 Aug 2023
An exciting opportunity to contribute to a program of work aiming to improve lifetime mental health outcomes for young people with disability.
Senior Governance Officer (Finance)$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)22 Aug 2023
Unlock University Excellence: Drive governance prowess through committee support, policy mastery, and strategic alignment.
Placement Coordinator: Clinical Neuropsychology$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)29 Aug 2023
Join a dynamic team and play a crucial role in managing the external placements for the University of Melbourne postgraduate clinical neuropsychology training programs.
Future Students Representative (Multiple Positions Available)$73,943 – $78,476 (UOM 4)17 Aug 2023
An exciting opportunity to join our dynamic team to manage future student enquiries and help match student needs to relevant courses.
ServiceNow Developer$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)5 Sep 2023
Join us as a ServiceNow Developer and play a pivotal role in optimizing and expanding our strategic platform!
Associate Director, Gifts in Wills$143,913 (UOM 10)6 Sep 2023
Lead our Gifts in Wills team, making an impact by driving strategy to double our program by 2027.

Senior Lecturer in Construction Technology
$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)6 Sep 2023
Academic teaching and research role in construction technology and/or materials, including advanced and emerging technologies.
Finance Manager$143,913 (UOM 10)20 Aug 2023
• Lead a team to support your client group achieve objectives through high-quality financial advisory • Influential leadership role / drive positive business outcomes with societal impact / exciting portfolio • $143,913 (negotiable), 17% super, benefits and a flexible hybrid work environment!
Research Assistant (Eukaryotic Genomics)$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)6 Sep 2023
Seeking a highly motivated Research Assistant to support a Eukaryotic Pathogen Genomics and Systems Biology program that is led by Professor Robin Gasser and Professor Benjamin Howden.
Project Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)6 Sep 2023
Seeking a highly motivated Project Officer to join the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, to provide excellent project management support to a range of stakeholders.
Research Reporting Requirements Analyst$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)21 Aug 2023
Redefine research reporting: bridge systems and stakeholders to document the data required for research insights!
Research Assistant$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)28 Aug 2023
Seeking a motivated Research Assistant to join us at Orygen, the world’s leading research and knowledge translation organisation focusing on mental ill-health in young people.
Department Manager – Medical EducationSenior Manager 127 Aug 2023
Join us as the most senior professional staff member within the Department of Medical Education, responsible for daily management of the Department’s operations.
Human Research Ethics Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)18 Aug 2023
An exciting opportunity to actively support the operations of the University Research Ethics Committee.
Community Connections Art and Culture Coordinator$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)18 Aug 2023
Support the University of Melbourne and Museums and Collections Department in relation to the work around Indigenous Collections.
Manager, Education & Engagement – Research Ethics & Integrity$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)16 Aug 2023
• Design and deliver education programs to enhance research ethics and integrity practices • Drive important cultural change / grow your leadership profile / enable research excellence • $134,320 – $139,749, 17% super, benefits and a flexible hybrid work environment!

OHS Coordinator
$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)31 Aug 2023
Support the development, implementation, and maintenance of the University’s safety programmes and initiatives in the Schools
Senior Lawyer – Litigation and Disputes, Specialist ServicesSenior Manager 117 Aug 2023
Senior Litigator with demonstrable ability to engage; influence and partner with senior and diverse stakeholder groups. Being a team player is also essential as the team you will join is highly collaborative and supportive!
Technical Support Consultant$63,968 – $70,628 (UOM 3)24 Aug 2023
Contribute to the University’s Service Centre operations and support service with the delivery of client focused outcomes and continuous service effectiveness.
Library Service Officer$73,943 – $78,476 (UOM 4)17 Aug 2023
Exciting opportunity to deliver frontline library services that support learning, teaching, and research activities at the University of Melbourne.
Change and Communications Manager$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)16 Aug 2023
Use your communications background to help to drive positive change in the Operational Performance Group of the University of Melbourne.
Operations Team Lead$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)22 Aug 2023
Lead Support Teams, drive process improvements, and impact course production in a dynamic, collaborative Mobile Learning Unit.
Curator, Rare East Asian Collection$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)16 Aug 2023
Drive strategic access, engagement, and promotion of our Rare East Asian Collection!
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Computer Graphics and Visualisation (2 positions)1 Sep 2023
Join FEIT’s School of CIS as a visionary academic in computer graphics or information visualization. Shape the future of technology today!
Data Entry & Administration Assistant$73,943 – $78,476 (UOM 4)17 Aug 2023
An exciting opportunity exists for a motivated individual to join our team at the Microbiological Diagnostic Unit as a Data Entry and Administration Assistant.
Redesign Implementation Manager – Melbourne Dental School$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)27 Aug 2023
Lead curriculum redevelopment for world-class dental programs.

Systems Team Lead
$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)20 Aug 2023
Lead innovative healthcare education with our dynamic team, shaping eLearning’s future and impacting healthcare professionals.
School Support Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)15 Aug 2023
Join our team and play a vital role in creating a nurturing environment for students’ growth and success.
Gift Implementation Coordinator$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)15 Aug 2023
Join our team as a Gift Implementation Coordinator, making a meaningful impact in managing endowed funds and fostering collaboration across our vibrant academic community!
Program Coordinator – Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)15 Aug 2023
Support a successful, high-quality experience for participants across all TRAM programs and activities for Australia’s Leading University.
Parent-Peer Administrator – ENVISAGE Families$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)13 Aug 2023
Join our passionate team to contribute to research that supports caregivers early in their experience of raising a child with developmental concerns or disability. Make a meaningful impact.
Category Manager$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)15 Aug 2023
Seeking visionary Category Manager to drive strategic initiatives and deliver the University’s commercial success!
Permissions and Access Coordinator$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)15 Aug 2023
An opportunity to collaboratively work with Director of Indigenous Collections to support the advancing interests of Indigenous Australians at The University of Melbourne.
Clinical School Officer, Western Clinical School$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)13 Aug 2023
Join us as a Clinical School Officer, providing vital administrative support at Western Clinical School.
Professor of Nursing$217,805 (Level E)27 Aug 2023
Join this inter-professional environment with great opportunities for collaboration and innovative educational programs.
Learning Designer (Academic)$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)13 Aug 2023
Shape innovative public health education, collaborate on cutting-edge curriculum – join us as a Learning Designer!

Technical Officer, Food Microbiologist – Technologist
$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)13 Aug 2023
Join us in cutting-edge pathogen research, make an impact on public health, and grow professionally.
Program Coordinator$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)27 Aug 2023
Seeking a highly motivated and experienced Program Coordinator to provide exceptional executive support.
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Computer Systems$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)30 Aug 2023
Join FEIT’s School of CIS and lead in cutting-edge Computer Systems research, teaching, and innovation!
Research Fellow – Project Officer$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)13 Aug 2023
Join us in managing a clinical trial, collaborating with experts, and making a tangible impact on cancer screening.
Shared Services Manager, Research Finance (STEM-ABP)$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)13 Aug 2023
Strengthen your people management skills while securing funds for innovative researchers.
Research Fellow in Optical Communications and Signal Processing$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)28 Aug 2023
Join our team as a Research Fellow in cutting-edge short-reach optical communication systems and machine learning.
Director, Widening ParticipationSenior Manager 218 Aug 2023
An exciting opportunity to drive the new ambition in widening participation!
Proposals and Tenders Support Officer$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)13 Aug 2023
Support the end-to-end proposal development process from inception to submission.
Research Fellow – Structural Biologist$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)24 Aug 2023
Join Professor Michael Parker’s renowned lab, conducting groundbreaking research in structural biology for translational drug design.
Innovation & Enterprise Project Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)20 Aug 2023
Join us to drive innovation, foster growth, and deliver world-class research support in a dynamic higher education landscape.

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry & Pharmacology
$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)7 Sep 2023
Join us for cutting-edge research and impactful teaching to shape future biomedical scientists in Biochemistry and Pharmacology.
University SecretarySenior Executive14 Aug 2023
The University Secretary provides high-level governance advice and support to the University of Melbourne Council and University management.
Project Manager MDS Curriculum Redesign$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)23 Aug 2023
Facilitate implementation of innovative dental curricula, collaborating with diverse stakeholders in a cutting-edge educational environment.
Project Manager – Research Infrastructure Asset Management$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)13 Aug 2023
Drive the advancement of research infrastructure through improving lifecycle asset management practices for research equipment.
Research Ethics Officer (Animal Ethics)$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)13 Aug 2023
Join us as a Research Ethics Officer and drive ethical research practice! Be the guardian and witness of groundbreaking research!
Strategic Projects Manager$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)15 Aug 2023
Lead transformative healthcare initiatives, collaborate with top academics, and impact communities in this strategic role.
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor in Digital Innovation (2 Positions)$217,805 (Level E)24 Aug 2023
Shape the future of tech at CIS! Embrace teaching, research, and industry collaborations in digital innovation.
Associate Professor/Professor in Marketing$217,805 (Level E)28 Aug 2023
Contribute to the collegial and intellectual life of the Department and University in this professorial role.
Finance Consultant$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)14 Aug 2023
Exciting Opportunity to work collaboratively with a team of professionals to implement process improvements and system changes that drive efficiency and enhanced customer service for Australia’s Leading University.
Learning Designer$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)21 Aug 2023
Shape the future of dental education by designing innovative curricula and collaborating with academic experts.

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Climate Change Science
$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)21 Aug 2023
Show your expertise in climate change science, climate modelling, or related areas to contribute to teaching and research excellence while developing impactful research agendas
Lecturer in Physical Geography$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)21 Aug 2023
Join a team that embraces its key disciplines as well as the multi-disciplinary synergies across the School and Faculty
Privacy Lead$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)13 Aug 2023
Influential role where you will drive a culture of compliance in a trusting and collaborative team.
Manager, Student Enrolment$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)14 Aug 2023
Join us as Manager of Student Enrolment, driving smooth processes and empowering staff to meet diverse needs.
Research Specialist – Indigenous Knowledge Systems/Citizen Science$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)18 Aug 2023
Join us in this unique opportunity to be part of a designated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research role. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the future of Indigenous healthcare.
Veterinarian / Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor (Multiple Positions Available)$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)26 Sep 2023
Join Australia’s No.1 University and provide excellence in teaching and clinical service within the Melbourne Veterinary School!
Academic Positions in Management17 Aug 2023
We are seeking to fill multiple academic positions in a variety of fields within Management and Marketing.
Academic Positions in Marketing17 Aug 2023
We are seeking to fill multiple academic positions in a variety of fields within Marketing.
Lecturer in Medical Education$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)15 Aug 2023
Make a meaningful impact in First Nations health, advancing knowledge and addressing disparities for better healthcare outcomes.
Senior Lecturer (Animal Welfare)$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)17 Aug 2023
Opportunity to make independent contributions to research and teaching in the fields of advancing and understanding animal welfare

Professor / Director of Phoenix Australia
$217,805 (Level E)20 Aug 2023
Lead Phoenix Australia’s activities in areas of policy development, research, clinical services, and training.
Research Specialist – Analytical (Microbiome/Metabolomics)$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)17 Aug 2023
Have the opportunity to work across the Metabolomics Australia team and interact closely with other industry partners in this project
Professor/Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Northern Health$217,805 (Level E)13 Aug 2023
This is a key leadership role within the University’s Department of Psychiatry, and as leader of academic psychiatry at Northern Health.
Research Officer, MAIT Immunology$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)25 Aug 2023
Join us in groundbreaking research on unconventional T cells and infectious diseases, within a collaborative team environment
Senior Lecturer – Chemical Engineering$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)17 Aug 2023
Deliver teaching into graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as help build a world class, independent, and well-funded research program in a field consistent with the Department’s research domains.
Lecturer in Experimental Particle Physics$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)20 Aug 2023
Be at the forefront of particle physics research, detecting dark matter and pushing scientific boundaries.

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