Linköping University invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc scholarships, a public university in Linköping, Sweden, one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions.

JobPublished ToExternal ID
PhD student in Visualization and Media Technology with focus on Scientific Visualization2023-11-30LiU-2023-03052
Postdoc in Scientific Visualization with focus on applied scientific data analysis and visualization2023-10-31LiU-2023-03437
Associate professor in Mathematics2023-10-30LiU-2023-02487
Postdoc in scientific visualization group with focus Visual analysis of high-resolution spectral data2023-10-16LiU-2023-03559
Assistant Professor in data-driven Cell and Molecular Biology2023-10-15LiU-2023-01949
Assistan Professor in data-driven Precision Medicine and Diagnostics2023-10-15LiU-2023-01948
Associate professor in environmental sensing at the Department of Thematic Studies – Environmental Change2023-10-12LiU-2023-02493
Postdoctoral researcher for research on deep learning for pathology diagnostics2023-10-02LiU-2023-03295
Research Engineer2023-10-02IDA-2023-00232
Postdoc in AI and machine learning with a focus on large language models2023-10-02IDA-2023-00233
Postdoc in AI and education2023-10-02IDA-2023-00234
PhD student in AI and machine learning.2023-10-02IDA-2023-00237
Postdoc in AI and machine learning with a focus on industrial applications2023-10-02IDA-2023-00235
Postdoc in AI and machine learning with a focus on scientific applications2023-10-02IDA-2023-00236
PhD student in AI and machine learning with a focus on large language models2023-10-02IDA-2023-00238
Postdoc in Cardiac Ion Channel Physiology2023-09-28BKV-2023-00523
Principal research engineer in Cardiac Ion Channel Physiology2023-09-28BKV-2023-00522
PhD student in computer science2023-09-26IDA-2023-00227
Research assistant2023-09-25BKV-2023-00537
Assistant professor in Integrated Circuits and Systems2023-09-16LiU-2023-03042
Postdok in Technology and Social Change2023-09-15TEMA-2023-00154
Professor in Financial Mathematics2023-09-15LiU-2023-02472
Assistant professor in Machine Learning with focus on digital forensics2023-09-15LiU-2023-02290
Principal research engineer in Neurophysiology, temporary employment approximately 2 months2023-09-15BKV-2023-00498

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