We are looking for a researcher in Biology for a four-month position at the School of Science and Technology.

Subject area

The subject area for this position is Biology.


The subject of biology at Örebro University focuses on research associated with living organisms, from the molecular level to the interaction between organisms, their living conditions, and ecosystems. Within the biology subject, there are research groups linked to the Life Science Center. Biological research linked to the Centre includes molecular biology, physiology, developmental biology, and microbiology. The research groups within the Centre constitute a strong and creative research environment with strong national and international collaborations and involves collaboration with industry.

The position is funded by the Swedish Research Council with a focus on brain sexual determination and differentiation. This involves the analysis of transcriptomic expression patterns during embryonic brain development.

Duties and responsibilities

The position focuses on research on sex determination and differentiation and studies of neural gene expression patterns. In addition, the position includes teaching developmental biology, physiology, and mechanistic toxicology.


Those qualified for the appointment as a researcher are applicants who have obtained a doctoral degree or have a degree from abroad deemed to correspond to a doctoral degree.

Assessment criteria

General assessment criteria include good interpersonal skills and an ability to cooperate as well as the ability and suitability otherwise required to perform the duties well. Importance shall be attached to the qualities enabling the candidate to contribute to the future development of both research and education. A demonstrated ability and desire to pursue an academic career is also of importance.

We attach particular importance to the applicant having documented skills and demonstrated independence in the use of molecular biological methods and experience in working with model systems such as Rattus norvegicusDaphnia magna and Danio rerio. Experience with transcriptomic studies of brain sex determination and differentiation using rat as a model system are needed.

In addition to the research background, we attach importance to the applicants’ experience of laboratory-based teaching in biology.

A general basis for assessment is that the applicant can demonstrate the personal qualities required to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities at hand; that they are able to cooperate with other members of staff; and contribute to the development of university operations.


The position is a full-time position for a fixed term of four months. The salary depends on the successful candidate’s qualifications and experience.

For more information, please contact the Principal Investigator, professor Per-Erik Olsson, tfn 019- 30 12 44., email: per-erik.olsson@oru.se; or Head of Unit Ingrid Ericson Jogsten, tfn 019-30 12 09, email: ingrid.ericson@oru.se.

At Örebro University, we expect each member of staff to be open to development and change; take responsibility for their work and performance; demonstrate a keen interest in collaboration and contribute to development; as well as to show respect for others by adopting a constructive and professional approach.

Örebro University actively pursues equal opportunities and gender equality as well as a work environment characterized by openness, trust, and respect. We value the qualities that diversity adds to our operations.


The application is made online. Click the button “Apply” to begin the application procedure.

For the application to be complete, the following electronic documents must be included:

  • Covering letter, outlining how you believe you can contribute to the continued development of Örebro University.
  • CV with a relevant description of your overall qualifications and experience.
  • Account of research and teaching qualifications and experience.
  • Copies of relevant course/degree certificates and references verifying eligibility and criteria

Only documents written in Swedish, English, Norwegian and Danish can be reviewed.
More information for applicants will be found on our career site: https://www.oru.se/english/career/available-positions/applicants-and-external-experts/

The application deadline is 2023-09-27. We look forward to receiving your application!

As we have already made our choices in terms of external collaboration partners and marketing efforts for this recruitment process, we decline any contact with recruitment agencies and advertisers.

As directed by the National Archives of Sweden (Riksarkivet), we are required to deposit one file copy of the application documents, excluding publications, for a period of two years after the appointment decision has gained legal force.


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