Luxembourg Institute of Health invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Academic Positions, research center in Luxembourg for basic, pre-clinical and clinical research

Postdoctoral Fellow in Nutrition/Public Health – TB1023NUTH – NUTRIHEALTHRESEARCHERFor a project related to cardiometabolic health and obesity prevention, we are seeking a highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellow (m/f/d) to participate in scoping reviews related to biomarkers targeting obesity prevention on one hand, and on the other hand, aid in the conduction of intervention trials that target obesity prevention through a multi-portfolio approach, encompassing diet, physical activity and psychological aspects.

Internship Position in Public Health/Psychology/Nursing (Master Student) – SP1023ACADI – AGEING, CANCER AND DISPARITIES RESEARCH UNITINTERNSHIP/SUMMER JOB

Internship Position in Leukemia Research (Master student) – PEM0923TSI – TUMOR STROMA INTERACTIONSINTERNSHIP/SUMMER JOB

Internship in Cancer Epidemiology and Health Services (Master Student) – CB0923EPI CAN – CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY (EPI CAN)INTERNSHIP/SUMMER JOB

Internship Position in Digital Health/Epidemiology/Biostatistics/Public Health(Master student)-GF923DDP – DEEP DIGITAL PHENOTYPING RESEARCH UNITINTERNSHIP/SUMMER JOB

Internship Position in Health Data Science / Bioinformatics / Biostatistics (Master student) -GF0923DDP – DEEP DIGITAL PHENOTYPING RESEARCH UNITINTERNSHIP/SUMMER JOB

Internship Position in Nutrition Sciences (Master Student) – TB0923NUTH – NUTRIHEALTHINTERNSHIP/SUMMER JOB

Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Health and Sports Medicine – LM0923PASH – PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, SPORT AND HEALTHRESEARCHERThe Postdoctoral Fellow will mainly be responsible for the data processing and analysis, under the supervision of Dr. Malisoux, PI of the project. The main tasks of the Postdoctoral Fellow will be to process large datasets, compute metrics of interest, communicate on and solve problems with the private partner, analyze the data, and draft reports and scientific manuscripts. This project also involves CHL and a private partner: IEE.

IT Project Manager – MF0823ADM IT – IT SUPPORTRESEARCH SUPPORTOver the last decades, data has become a cornerstone for multidisciplinary research, digital and precision health. At the LIH, the Data Integration and Analysis unit (DIA) is the central unit in charge of promoting and ensuring that researchers and clinicians can fully leverage patient information. With its expertise in Information Technologies (IT) and data science, the DIA assists and supports medical research at LIH and at a national level.The primary mission of the DIA is to provide and maintain a safe and secure IT ecosystem for researchers and clinicians, where they can collect, store, analyse and share data from different sources, ranging from studies, registries, laboratories, health systems and public datasets. This includes establishing and maintaining a national data integration centre, in close collaboration with national partners, to enable the gathering, management and dissemination of interoperable health data.

Clinical Research Nurse – JG0823CIEC – CLINICAL AND EPIDEMIOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION CENTERRESEARCH SUPPORTLIH’s Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Centre (CIEC) aims at promoting, supporting local projects and helping researchers to consolidate experimental findings through quality-assured clinical research involving patients and healthy individual.

Post-doctoral fellow in tick-borne pathogens research – JH0823DII INF3 – CLINICAL AND APPLIED VIROLOGYRESEARCHER¨To revitalise tick-borne infections research in the Clinical andApplied Virology group (Dr Judith Hübschen) within the Department of Infection and Immunity, we are looking for an early stage post-doctoral fellow in tick-borne pathogens research.

Internship Position in Epidemiology/Public Health (Master Student) – TB0723NUTH – NUTRIHEALTHINTERNSHIP/SUMMER JOB

Senior Post-doctoral Fellow in Immuno-Oncology Research – BJ0723TIME – TUMOR IMMUNOTHERAPY AND MICROENVIRONMENTRESEARCHERThe revolution of cancer immunotherapy based on Immune-checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) is in the process of fundamentally reshaping the treatment of cancer. This enthusiastic vision has been seriously challenged by the clinical reality that only a few patients benefit from the remarkable clinical remissions whereas the majority have a short-term benefit or no benefit at all. To broaden the use of immunotherapy, immune-oncology research is now pushing towards rationally combining immunotherapy with other therapies.

Post-doctoral Fellow in Leukemia Research – EMJP0623TSI – TUMOR STROMA INTERACTIONSRESEARCHERThis project aims to better understand the drivers of this aberant mRNA translation and to characterise these aberations in the immune cells of the leukemic microenvironment.

Director of Luxembourg Center for Translational Research – Fuerschungsklinik Lëtzebuerg – UN0323RESEARCHERFollowing the creation of the Luxembourg Center for Translational Research – Fuerschungsklinik Lëtzebuerg, the CHL jointly with the LIH are currently looking to appoint a new Director.

Director of Department of Cancer Research – UN0123RESEARCHERFollowing the promotion of the current incumbent,LIH is a currently looking to appoint a new Director of Cancer Research (m/f)

Spontaneous Internship applications 2023INTERNSHIP/SUMMER JOB

Spontaneous Summer Student Jobs 2023INTERNSHIP/SUMMER JOB

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