Utrecht University in Netherlands invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Academic jobs a university in Utrecht, one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands


PhD position in theoretical probability (1.0 FTE)Are you a mathematician who is interested in doing research in theoretical probability? Then we invite you to apply.AcademicFaculty of ScienceDepartment: Department of MathematicsApplication deadline: 20 November 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD POSITION IN THEORETICAL PROBABILITY (1.0 FTE)

PhD position on the mechanisms of strain localisation during subduction shear zone development (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)Would you like to identify plausible weakening mechanisms that outweigh the strengthening effects, or operate in spite of, interface cooling? Then apply.AcademicFaculty of GeosciencesDepartment: GEO / Dept AWApplication deadline: 4 January 2024JOB DETAILS: PHD POSITION ON THE MECHANISMS OF STRAIN LOCALISATION DURING SUBDUCTION SHEAR ZONE DEVELOPMENT (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)

PhD position in Philosophy and Ethics of Techno-Science (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)Interested in understanding ethical and epistemological questions of AI and excited to empirically explore the application of AI in techno-scientific fields?AcademicFaculty of ScienceDepartment: Department of Mathematics, Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht History and Philosophy of ScienceApplication deadline: 6 November 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD POSITION IN PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS OF TECHNO-SCIENCE (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)

Coördinator bedrijfsvoering ondersteunende diensten faculteit REBO (0,6 – 0,8 fte)Word je enthousiast van HR, financiën en procesoptimalisatie? Ben je gestructureerd en zelfsturend en vind je het leuk om mensen en teams te verbinden?Support & AdministrativeFaculty of Law, Economics and GovernanceDepartment: Facultaire Service OrganisatieApplication deadline: 26 October 2023JOB DETAILS: COÖRDINATOR BEDRIJFSVOERING ONDERSTEUNENDE DIENSTEN FACULTEIT REBO (0,6 – 0,8 FTE)

Postdoctoral researcher on collective agency for inclusive energy transitions in neighbourhoods (0.8 FTE)Help urban neighbourhoods across Europe achieve just transitions by building concrete tools to strengthen their transformative capacity.AcademicFaculty of GeosciencesDepartment: GEO / Dept SGPLApplication deadline: 5 November 2023JOB DETAILS: POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER ON COLLECTIVE AGENCY FOR INCLUSIVE ENERGY TRANSITIONS IN NEIGHBOURHOODS (0.8 FTE)

PhD Candidate on institutional interactions in marine areas beyond national jurisdictionWould you like to explore institutional interactions in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction? Then take a look at this PhD position.AcademicFaculty of Law, Economics and GovernanceDepartment: Departement RechtsgeleerdheidApplication deadline: 31 October 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD CANDIDATE ON INSTITUTIONAL INTERACTIONS IN MARINE AREAS BEYOND NATIONAL JURISDICTION

PhD position in Arithmetic Geometry (1.0 FTE)Join the Mathematical Institute for this PhD position in arithmetic geometry in the group of Dr. Valentijn Karemaker.AcademicFaculty of ScienceDepartment: Department of MathematicsApplication deadline: 10 December 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD POSITION IN ARITHMETIC GEOMETRY (1.0 FTE)

PhD Researcher on Youth and Climate Change Education (1.0 FTE)How to educate young people to understand and tolerate ambiguity and uncertainties in future Climate Change?AcademicFaculty of GeosciencesDepartment: GEO / Dept SGPLApplication deadline: 7 November 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD RESEARCHER ON YOUTH AND CLIMATE CHANGE EDUCATION (1.0 FTE)

Postdoc in Arithmetic Geometry (1.0 FTE)Are you interested in working on our research project “p-structures on moduli spaces of abelian varieties and Drinfeld modules? Then join us!AcademicFaculty of ScienceDepartment: Department of MathematicsApplication deadline: 12 November 2023JOB DETAILS: POSTDOC IN ARITHMETIC GEOMETRY (1.0 FTE)

Two PhD positions in Memory access in language (1.0 FTE)Would you like to develop, implement and test a general model of memory that can provide insights into how we store and retrieve linguistic information?AcademicFaculty of HumanitiesDepartment: Departement Talen, Literatuur en CommunicatieApplication deadline: 20 November 2023JOB DETAILS: TWO PHD POSITIONS IN MEMORY ACCESS IN LANGUAGE (1.0 FTE)

Assistant Professor in Atmospheric Isotope Research (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)Use your expertise in isotope analytics to study trace gas cycling through the atmosphere in the context of global change.AcademicFaculty of ScienceDepartment: Department of Physics, Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (IMAU)Application deadline: 23 November 2023JOB DETAILS: ASSISTANT PROFESSOR IN ATMOSPHERIC ISOTOPE RESEARCH (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)

Biostatistician or Lecturer in biostatistics (1.0 FTE)We are looking for a biostatistician for consultancy, teaching and research in veterinary medicine within our diverse and enthusiastic team of epidemiologists.AcademicFaculty of Veterinary MedicineDepartment: Departement Population Health SciencesApplication deadline: 5 November 2023JOB DETAILS: BIOSTATISTICIAN OR LECTURER IN BIOSTATISTICS (1.0 FTE)

PhD position in Smart Hydrogels for Volumetric Bioprinting of Organoids (1.0 FTE)We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD candidate for a project in Smart Hydrogels for Volumetric Bioprinting of Organoids.AcademicFaculty of Veterinary MedicineDepartment: Faculteit DiergeneeskundeApplication deadline: 19 November 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD POSITION IN SMART HYDROGELS FOR VOLUMETRIC BIOPRINTING OF ORGANOIDS (1.0 FTE)

PhD position in innovation dynamics of plant breeding for resilient crop (1.0 FTE)Join us in investigating how resilient crops can contribute to sustainable agriculture!AcademicFaculty of GeosciencesDepartment: GEO / Dept SDApplication deadline: 24 October 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD POSITION IN INNOVATION DYNAMICS OF PLANT BREEDING FOR RESILIENT CROP (1.0 FTE)

PhD position in regulation for just transitions in agriculture (1.0 FTE)Are you passionate about understanding the role of regulation in bringing about a transition to sustainable agriculture that is equitable and just? Join us!AcademicFaculty of GeosciencesDepartment: GEO / Dept SDApplication deadline: 24 October 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD POSITION IN REGULATION FOR JUST TRANSITIONS IN AGRICULTURE (1.0 FTE)

PhD position on Microbes for Stress Resilient Roots (1.0 FTE)Are you curious how we can engineer climate-proof crops? Join our team and discover how root cell-type-specific stress adaptations are induced by microbes!AcademicFaculty of ScienceDepartment: Department of Biology, research groups of Plant Stress Resilience & Plant-Environment SignalingApplication deadline: 1 November 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD POSITION ON MICROBES FOR STRESS RESILIENT ROOTS (1.0 FTE)

Project Leader Welcome Week (0.6 FTE)We are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced event manager who will organise a warm welcome for new international students.Support & AdministrativeUniversity AdministrationDepartment: Directie Studenten, Onderwijs & OnderzoekApplication deadline: 22 October 2023JOB DETAILS: PROJECT LEADER WELCOME WEEK (0.6 FTE)

Postdoc Pesticide Research and Human Health (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)We are looking for a postdoc to lead cutting-edge research in assessing human exposure to pesticides and their associated health impacts.AcademicFaculty of Veterinary MedicineDepartment: Faculteit DiergeneeskundeApplication deadline: 15 October 2023JOB DETAILS: POSTDOC PESTICIDE RESEARCH AND HUMAN HEALTH (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)

Combined PhD position and university lecturer in life-cycle, circularity and sustainability assessment for the material and energy transition (0.8-1.0 FTE)The energy and material transitions are crucial to enable pathways towards a sustainable and circular world. Do you want to do research and teach about this?AcademicFaculty of GeosciencesDepartment: GEO / Dept SDApplication deadline: 20 October 2023JOB DETAILS: COMBINED PHD POSITION AND UNIVERSITY LECTURER IN LIFE-CYCLE, CIRCULARITY AND SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT FOR THE MATERIAL AND ENERGY TRANSITION (0.8-1.0 FTE)

Two PhD positions in Developmental Biology (1.0 FTE)Join our European PhD training network and make your contribution to our understanding of the processes that polarize epithelial cells!AcademicFaculty of ScienceDepartment: Department of BiologyApplication deadline: 15 October 2023JOB DETAILS: TWO PHD POSITIONS IN DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY (1.0 FTE)

PhD position on Modeling of Plant Resilience to Temperature and Drought Stress (1.0 FTE)Develop models for the understanding of plant resilience to stress conditions and its genetic and molecular underpinnings. Join the research institute CropXR!AcademicFaculty of ScienceDepartment: Department of BiologyApplication deadline: 16 October 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD POSITION ON MODELING OF PLANT RESILIENCE TO TEMPERATURE AND DROUGHT STRESS (1.0 FTE)

Chair of Multilevel Sustainability Policy and Governance (1.0 FTE)AcademicFaculty of GeosciencesDepartment: GEO / Dept SDApplication deadline: 29 October 2023JOB DETAILS: CHAIR OF MULTILEVEL SUSTAINABILITY POLICY AND GOVERNANCE (1.0 FTE)

Fully funded PhD position Track and Trace: sediment dynamics and budgets in estuaries and tidal basins (1.0 FTE)Do you have sincere interest in coastal and sedimentary dynamics and would you like to support academic and personal development? Then you should join us!AcademicFaculty of GeosciencesDepartment: GEO / Dept FGApplication deadline: 13 October 2023JOB DETAILS: FULLY FUNDED PHD POSITION TRACK AND TRACE: SEDIMENT DYNAMICS AND BUDGETS IN ESTUARIES AND TIDAL BASINS (1.0 FTE)

PhD candidate or Postdoctoral researcher Prevention of Occupational Diseases (0,8 – 1,0 fte)A future where people no longer get sick due to exposures in their workplace. You can contribute to this aim with your research!AcademicFaculty of Veterinary MedicineDepartment: Departement Population Health SciencesApplication deadline: 31 October 2023JOB DETAILS: PHD CANDIDATE OR POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER PREVENTION OF OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES (0,8 – 1,0 FTE)

Full Professor in Machine Learning Fundamentals (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)Join our growing Department as Full Professor and make an impact in your field of expertise!AcademicFaculty of ScienceDepartment: Department of Information and Computing SciencesApplication deadline: 30 October 2023JOB DETAILS: FULL PROFESSOR IN MACHINE LEARNING FUNDAMENTALS (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)

Full Professor in Cell Engineering (1.0 FTE)Are you ready to develop an innovative line of research within an emerging field in the Life Sciences? Join us as Chair of our new group in Cell Engineering!AcademicFaculty of ScienceDepartment: Department of BiologyApplication deadline: 17 October 2023JOB DETAILS: FULL PROFESSOR IN CELL ENGINEERING (1.0 FTE)


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