The University of Antwerp in Belgium invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc Positions, one of the major Belgian universities located in the city of Antwerp, Belgium

Faculty Social Sciences

Predoctoral level

Doctoral scholarship to perform research on (area-specific) social impact of the use of geological resources

Postdoctoral level

Postdoctoral researcher International Relations/International Security

Visiting professor/tutor EU security and external relations

Faculty of Applied Engineering

Postdoctoral level

Principal research fellow mobile edge communication

Faculty of Business and Economics

Postdoctoral level

Tenured academic staff (professor) economics

Tenured academic staff (professor) macroeconomics

Faculty of Law

Predoctoral level

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Predoctoral level

Doctoral scholarship holder sleep disorders in Parkinson’s disease

Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences

Predoctoral level

Doctoral fellowship on the subject: translational mouse models for human brain disease

Doctoral scholarship holder on the genetics of epilepsy using computational and statistical approaches on large multi-omics data

Faculty of Science

Predoctoral level

Doctoral scholarship holder in electrochemical sensors for explosives and chemometric data analysis

Doctoral scholarship holder in electrochemistry, separation and its advanced data/profile analysis and processing

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