PhD Scholarships at Aarhus University, the largest research university in Denmark, a member of the European University Association.

Project titleProgrammeKeywordsCandidate backgroundApplication deadline
Analytic number theory and automorphic formsMathematicsAnalytic number theory, automorphic forms, representation theoryBachelor’s or Master’s degree in Mathematics 2023/11/01 23:59 CET
B-Cell activation studied at the nanoscale via protein nanopatterningNanoscienceImmunology, Nanofabrication, Cell Signaling, Superresolution microscopy, B-CellsBachelor’s or least one year of a Master’s degree or a Master’s degree within molecular biology, nanoscience, biophysics or equivalent2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Cell structure and diversity of environmental Asgard archaeaBiologyEnvironmental microbiology, Asgard archaea,microscopy,cell biology, cellular ultrastructureMaster’s degree in biology, molecular biology, or similar subjects2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Climate change adaptability and inbreeding in large grazing mammalsBiologyPopulation genomics, climate change adaptability, inbreeding, bioinformatics, novel ecosystems
Master’s degree in biology, bioinformatics, or a related field. 2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Cloud interfacial chemistry probed by ultrafast surface spectroscopyChemistryMaster’s degree or a Bachelor´s degree and one year of Master´s studies within Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Nanoscience or similar.2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Data Structures in the New Multicore WorldComputer ScienceAlgorithms, Data structures, computational geometry, parallel computingThe applicants need to have a strong background in computer science (bachelor or
Masters). Also, candidates with strong theoretical or mathematical backgrounds will be
given higher preference.
2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Dissecting O-GlcNAc transferase intellectual disabilityMolecular Biology and Genetics programmeIntellectual disability, neurobiology, disease models, biochemistry, cell biologyApplicants must have a masters degree and at least one first author publication in a peer reviewed journal. As a multi-disciplinary lab, we accepted applicants from any relevant field. They must be able to work very independently, be able to write their own project proposal in the first few months and be entirely self-motivated and hard working. Candidates are very strongly advised to informally contact the PI, Daan van Aalten ( before submitting a formal application.2023/11/01 23:59 CET
From measurements of supernova peculiar velocities to cosmologyPhysics and AstronomyCosmology, supernovae, large scale structure of the universeThe applicant must hold an MSc degree (or the equivalent) and have adequate prior knowledge of cosmology and numerical methods.2023/11/01 23:59 CET
How bio-physical processes shape early-life-history habitat in the Kattegat-Skagerrak regionBiologyBiodiversity, oceanography, life history, connectivity, modellingMaster’s degree in Ecology, Biology, Oceanography or related field2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Landscape evolution in Greenland since glacial inceptionGeoscienceLandscape evolution, global sea level, Greenland ice sheet, glacial erosionMaster’s degree or at least one year of a Master’s degree in geology, geophysics, physics, or similar2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Ph.D. students in Data-Driven Storytelling for the Center for Anytime Anywhere Analytics  Computer ScienceData visualization; human-computer interaction; Augmented Reality; ubiquitous analyticsMasters degree (or equivalent) in computer science, informatics, computer engineering, information technology, or a related field2023/11/01 23:59 CET
PhD positions in Interdisciplinary National Knowledge Center in Digital Technology ComprehensionComputer ScienceHuman-computer Interaction, Computational empowerment; technology comprehension; Assessment; Education, Toolkits, Machine Learning, Mixed RealityThe ideal candidate has a Master’s degree in computer science, human computer interaction or child computer interaction and is capable of constructing IT-based prototype toolkits. In addition, the candidate has knowledge about machine learning technologies; experience with empirical, participatory and/or research through design research methods, and has interest or experience in the areas of computational thinking and working with children at different age groups.2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Quantum Simulation with Ultracold AtomsPhysics and AstronomyThe applicant must hold an MSc degree (or the equivalent) and have adequate prior knowledge of cosmology and numerical methods.2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Re-advertisement: A new role for molecular chaperones in metabolostasisNanoscienceMetabolites, amyloid, chaperones, self-assembly, cell biologyMaster’s or Bachelor’s degree with relevant qualifications within molecular biology, nanoscience, biophysics or equivalent2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Re-advertisement: Nanoscience and nanotechnology in generalNanoscienceNanoscience, NanotechnologyMaster’s degree in nanoscience, nanotechnology or a related field 2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Readvertisement – Biochemistry of archaeal alkane oxidationBiologyAnaerobic processes, alkane oxidation, volatile alkanes, archaea-bacteria consortia, microbial physiologyMaster’s degree in biology, biochemistry, microbiology or equivalent2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Regulation of growth factor activityMolecular Biology and GeneticsGrowth factor regulation, protein function, molecular medicineApplicants must have a relevant Master’s degree or at least one year of a Master’s degree in molecular biology, molecular medicine or similar2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Safe-by-Design RNA Origami: Outwitting Antiviral Defence MechanismsMolecular Biology and GeneticsRNA nanotechnology, Zebrafish embryos, Innate immunity, Live imagingMaster’s degree (or expected to receive it in good time), for example, in Nanoscience, Molecular Biology, or Chemistry2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Topographic controls on the long-term behaviour of the Greenland Ice SheetGeoscienceGreenland Ice Sheet, paleo-ice-sheet modelling, landscape evolutionMaster’s degree or at least one year of a Master’s degree in geology, geophysics, physics, or similar2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Verified voting protocols and blockchainsComputer ScienceFormal verification, Blockchain, VotingApplicants must have a relevant Master’s degree or at least one year of a Master’s degree in Computer Science or Mathematics. A background and interest in relevant fields such as logic and semantics, verification and/or cryptology is required.2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Winding functionals in random matrix theory, flag manifolds and their infinite dimensional limitsMathematicsRandom matrices, Stochastic calculus, Free probabilityBachelor’s or least one year of a Master’s degree in Mathematics 2023/11/01 23:59 CET
Application deadlineProject titleProgrammeCandidate background
2024/01/18 23:59 CETHighly renewable energy systems under extreme weather events (EXTREMES)Mechanical and Production EngineeringApplicants must have a MSc in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Energy Engineering, Physics, Maths, Computer Science or similar.
2023/11/15 23:59 CETPhD position in Machine Learning and Physical SimulationMechanical and Production EngineeringA Master’s degree in Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
2023/11/15 23:59 CETEdge Intelligence for Digital Twin-empowered Tactile InternetElectrical and Computer EngineeringMaster’s degree (120 ECTS) in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or within a relevant area.
2023/11/01 23:59 CETPhD in diagnostics and management to prevent mortality in sows with special emphasis on liver lobe torsionsAnimal SciencesWe expect the candidate to hold a Master’s degree in veterinary science.
2023/10/26 23:59 CESTDetermining the Limits of Self-Adaptive Behaviour of Robots from a Safety PerspectiveElectrical and Computer EngineeringApplicants must have a relevant Master’s degree or at least one year of a Master’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
2023/10/20 23:59 CESTSustainability and Resilience Modeling of Complex Manufacturing SystemsMechanical and Production EngineeringWe seek excellent candidates with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Engineering, or a related discipline

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