University of Otago in New Zealand invites application for vacant Postdoc and Academic Positions, a public university based in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.

Assistant Research Fellow, Orthopaedic Surgery (2301539)Surgical Sciences  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:20/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Lead Officer Supply Chain (2301597)Supply Chain  (Permanent)Job Posting:19/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
e-Waste/e-Cycle Technician (Intern) (2301641)Infrastructure and Applications  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:19/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Storeperson (Supply Chain) (2301663)Supply Chain  (Permanent)Job Posting:18/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Administrator Client Services/Kaiwhakahaere Tari (Te Rangihīroa College) (2301618)Client Services (Corporate and Services)  (Permanent)Job Posting:17/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Product Manager (Student Management System) (2301666)Information Systems  (Permanent)Job Posting:17/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Student Advisor – Pathway & English Language Centre (2301642)University of Otago Pathways  (Permanent)Job Posting:17/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Administrator Client Services – Information Technology Services (2301644)Client Services (Corporate and Services)  (Permanent)Job Posting:17/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Postdoctoral Fellow, Physiology (2301587)Physiology  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:15/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Analyst Applications Support (2301602)Information Systems  (Permanent)Job Posting:12/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Bicultural Programme Leader (2301480)Organisational Development  (Permanent)Job Posting:12/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Library Digital Delivery Manager (2301599)University Library  (Permanent)Job Posting:12/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Laboratory Technician – Food Science (2301617)Food Science  (Permanent)Job Posting:11/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Senior Laboratory Technician (2301598)Food Science  (Permanent)Job Posting:11/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
General Counsel (2301626)Office of the Registrar  (Permanent)Job Posting:11/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Specialist Cloud Security (2301212)IT Assurance and Security  (Permanent)Job Posting:09/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer or Professional Practice Fellow/Senior Professional Practice Fellow – Education Adviser (2301416)Office of the Dean (Dunedin School of Medicine)  (Permanent)Job Posting:06/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Lead Teaching Laboratory Technician (2301567)Pathology  (Permanent)Job Posting:03/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Teaching Laboratory Technician (2301565)Pathology  (Permanent)Job Posting:03/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Deputy-Vice-Chancellor (Māori) (2301494)Vice-Chancellor’s Office  (Permanent)Job Posting:02/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Teaching Fellow – Botany/Ecology (2301557)Botany  (Permanent)Job Posting:01/Oct/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Research Advisor (2301545)Research and Enterprise Office  (Permanent)Job Posting:28/Sep/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Analyst Timetables (2301290)Student Experience  (Permanent)Job Posting:27/Sep/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Pro-Vice-Chancellor – Health Sciences (2301493)Vice-Chancellor’s Office  (Permanent)Job Posting:26/Sep/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Training Coordinator – Professional Development and Training (2301492)Organisational Development  (Permanent)Job Posting:26/Sep/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Joint Clinical: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor and Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology (2301147)Women’s and Children’s Health  (Permanent)Job Posting:22/Sep/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Plumber (2301248)Trades Services  (Permanent)Job Posting:20/Sep/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Energy Efficiency Officer (2301451)Energy and Building Controls  (Permanent)Job Posting:19/Sep/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Senior Site Reliability Engineer (2301440)Infrastructure and Applications  (Permanent)Job Posting:13/Sep/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Dental Assistant (2301364)Clinical Services  (Permanent)Job Posting:08/Sep/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Teaching Fellow – Ngāi Tahu Māori Health Research Unit (2301392)Ngāi Tahu Māori Health Research Unit  (Permanent)Job Posting:05/Sep/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Clinical Vascular Scientist (Sonographer) (2301160)Surgical Sciences  (Permanent)Job Posting:30/Aug/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Lecturer/Pūkenga in Theology (Pacific) (2301371)Theology  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:28/Aug/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Kaiarahi/Māori Student Coordinator (2300827)Health Sciences Divisional Office  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:28/Aug/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Clinical Vascular Scientist (Sonographer) (2301163)Surgical Sciences  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:21/Aug/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer – Kōhatu Centre for Hauora Māori (2301087)Kōhatu Centre for Hauora Māori  (Permanent)Job Posting:11/Aug/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor – Endodontics (2301019)Oral Rehabilitation  (Permanent)Job Posting:09/Aug/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Campus Temps – Administration (2300108)Organisational Development  (Casual)Job Posting:28/Jul/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs
Senior Professional Practice Fellows – Dentistry (2301083)Office of the Dean (Faculty of Dentistry)  (Permanent)Job Posting:24/Jul/2023Apply|Add to My Jobs

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