The University of York in United Kingdom invites application for vacant Research and Academic Positions, a collegiate research university, located in the city of York, England

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Access and Outreach Manager

External Relations £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Open  Full-time  TBC 16/10/2023 Apply by:30/10/2023Reference:12734

Chef de Partie

York Commercial Ltd £25,350.88 per annum  Open  Full-time 30/06/2023 Apply by:31/10/2023Reference:11267

College Life Advisor

Student and Academic Services £25,138 – £27,181 per year (reduced pro-rata for part-time working)  Open  Part-time  To be confirmed 19/10/2023 Apply by:02/11/2023Reference:12378

Conduct and Respect Advisor


Student and Academic Services £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Open  Full-time  To be confirmed 19/10/2023 Apply by:02/11/2023Reference:12752

Head Chef

York Commercial Ltd £31,500 per annum  Open  Full-time 14/07/2023 Apply by:31/10/2023Reference:12505

Independent Member of University Council and Co-Opted Committee Member

Executive Operations Department N/A  Open or fixed-term (see job details)  Various 03/10/2023 Apply by:05/11/2023Reference:12686

Information and Engagement Officer

Student and Academic Services £30,487 – £34,980 per year  Open  Full-time  To be confirmed 19/10/2023 Apply by:09/11/2023Reference:12773

Laboratory Technician in Glycobiology

Biology £30,487 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirrmed 04/10/2023 Apply by:26/10/2023Reference:12707

Lecturer in Audio Engineering for Creative Technologies

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology £44,263 – £54,395 per year  Open  Full-time (flexibility available)  TBC 13/10/2023 Apply by:09/11/2023Reference:12724

Lecturer in Editing for Film and TV

School of Arts and Creative Technologies £44,263 – £54,395 per year  Open  Full-time  To be confirmed 20/10/2023 Apply by:12/11/2023Reference:12787

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Politics £44,263 – £54,395 per year  Open  Full-time (flexibility available)  TBC 02/10/2023 Apply by:29/10/2023Reference:12696

PDRA in Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time 24/10/2023 Apply by:21/11/2023Reference:12794

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Number Theory

Mathematics £36,024 – £44,263 a year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 17/10/2023 Apply by:13/11/2023Reference:12765

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Biology £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  TBC 04/10/2023 Apply by:31/10/2023Reference:12655

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Mathematics £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  13/11/2023 23/10/2023 Apply by:07/11/2023Reference:12743

Postdoctoral Research Associate (Gates Foundation)

Biology £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 19/10/2023 Apply by:16/11/2023Reference:12664

Professor and Head of Centre for Clinical Sciences

Hull York Medical School Clinical Academic Scales  Open  Full-time 03/10/2023 Apply by:01/11/2023Reference:12718

Programme Manager

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology £44,263 – £54,395 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  TBC 16/10/2023 Apply by:20/11/2023Reference:12742

Project Support Officer

Student and Academic Services £27,181 – £30,487 per year  Open  Full-time  24/11/2023 10/10/2023 Apply by:29/10/2023Reference:12682

Research Administrator

Health Sciences £27,181 – £30,487 a year, reduced pro-rata for part time working  Fixed term  Part-time  TBC 13/10/2023 Apply by:03/11/2023Reference:12732

Research Associate

Computer Science £36,024 per year  Fixed term  Full-time 13/10/2023 Apply by:29/10/2023Reference:12757

Research Associate

Environment and Geography £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time (flexibility available)  21st November 2023 02/10/2023 Apply by:29/10/2023Reference:12700

Research Associate

Computer Science £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time 13/10/2023 Apply by:26/10/2023Reference:12747

Research Associate

Health Sciences £36,024 to £44,263 per year (reduced pro-rata)  Fixed term  Part-time  22 November 2023 12/10/2023 Apply by:08/11/2023Reference:12754

Research Associate

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology £36,024 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  TBC 13/10/2023 Apply by:29/10/2023Reference:12744

Research Associate (Mixed Methods)

Health Sciences £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  w/c 4th December 2023 20/10/2023 Apply by:19/11/2023Reference:12711

Research Associate (Qualitative)

Health Sciences £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  w/c 4 December 2023 20/10/2023 Apply by:19/11/2023Reference:12709

Research Associate Developing Sustainable Polymers for Liquid Formulations

Chemistry £36,024 – £44,263 per year (reduced pro rata for part time working)  Fixed term  Full-time (flexibility available) 24/10/2023 Apply by:21/11/2023Reference:12768

Research Associate in Air Pollution Modelling

Chemistry £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time 03/10/2023 Apply by:30/10/2023Reference:12693

Research Fellow

Health Sciences £44,263 to £54,395 per year (reduced pro-rata)  Fixed term  Part-time  TBC 13/10/2023 Apply by:09/11/2023Reference:12753

Research Technician

Biology £30,487 – £34,980 a year, reduced pro-rata for part time working  Fixed term  Full-time (flexibility available)  16/11/2023 24/10/2023 Apply by:06/11/2023Reference:12766

Research Technician

Biology £27,181 – £30,487 a year  Fixed term  Full-time 13/10/2023 Apply by:29/10/2023Reference:12759

Senior Adviser to The York Policy Engine


Research, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange Directorate £67,500 – £93,500 a year, reduced pro-rata for part time working  Fixed term  Part-time  To be confirmed 18/10/2023 Apply by:01/11/2023Reference:12764

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Orthopaedics and Trauma

Hull York Medical School Clinical academic scale  Open  Full-time  TBC 02/10/2023 Apply by:29/10/2023Reference:11846

Senior Lecturer in Politics and/or International Relations

Politics £56,021 – £64,914 per year  Open  Full-time (flexibility available)  TBC 02/10/2023 Apply by:29/10/2023Reference:12703

Sous Chef

York Commercial Ltd £28,500 per annum  Open  Full-time 01/10/2023 Apply by:31/10/2023Reference:12482

Sous Chef (Events)

York Commercial Ltd £28,500 per annum  Open  Full-time 30/06/2023 Apply by:31/10/2023Reference:11737

Sports Assistant (Lifeguard)

York Commercial Ltd £25,350.88  Open  Full-time  8 November 2023 20/10/2023 Apply by:27/10/2023Reference:12791

Student Administrator (Student Records)

Student and Academic Services £27,181 – £30,487 a year  Open  Full-time  To be confirmed 20/10/2023 Apply by:02/11/2023Reference:12763

Student Services Coordinator

Health Sciences £30,487 – £34,980 per year  Open  Full-time  Week commencing 13 November 2023 16/10/2023 Apply by:06/11/2023Reference:12750

Technician (Gates Foundation)

Biology £30,487 – £34,980 per year (reduced pro-rata for part time working)  Fixed term  Full or part-time (see job details)  To be confirmed 18/10/2023 Apply by:08/11/2023Reference:12665

Technician (Grade 4)

Biology £27,181 – £30,487 per year  Fixed term  Full-time (flexibility available)  TBC 04/10/2023 Apply by:08/11/2023Reference:12659

Tutor in Psychology

Psychology £30,487 per year  Fixed term  Full-time 09/10/2023 Apply by:05/11/2023Reference:12678

Unified Communications Specialist

Directorate of Technology, Estates & Facilities £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Open  Full-time  to be confirmed 17/08/2023 Reference:12587

York Online Student Support Coordinator

Student and Academic Services £30,487 – £34,980 per year  Open  Full-time  TBC 11/10/2023 Apply by:31/10/2023Reference:12712

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