Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden invites application for vacant Academic, PhD and Postdoc Scholarships, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

20230619PhD Student for Tomorrow’s Sustainable Wood Materials31/03/2024
20230618PhD Student for Tomorrow’s Solar Cells and Wearable Electronics31/03/2024
20230617Join us – and share knowledge: The Department of Physics seeks three PhD students31/03/2024
20230642Postdoc position in Electrochemistry of thin films at surfaces and interfaces17/12/2023
20230656PhD position in Recycling of electrolyte from batteries by supercritical fluid process15/12/2023
20230634Postdoc in Combined passenger and goods transportation in suburb traffic10/12/2023
20230596Postdoctoral position in Plasma physics05/12/2023
20230529Postdoc in AI-driven optimization of variational algorithms for near-term04/12/2023
20230641Postdoc position in development of binder for battery03/12/2023
20230636Postdoc in bioinformatics with emphasis to ML01/12/2023
20230595Postdoctoral position in extragalactic astrophysics and galaxy evolution01/12/2023
20230594Postdoctoral fellowship on the structure of the interstellar medium01/12/2023
20230592Astronomy and Plasma Physics division recruits postdoctoral researchers01/12/2023
20230568PhD in chemistry for novel and sustainable Li-ion batteries recycling01/12/2023
20230535PhD student positions in Hybrid Quantum Systems01/12/2023
20230512Postdoc position in large language models (LLM) for automotive01/12/2023
20230652Research Specialist in Diagnostics of Gas-Solids Fluidization30/11/2023
20230644PostDoc Researcher in Circular Economy in the Built Environment30/11/2023
20230635Research specialist on distributed radio localization and sensing30/11/2023
20230631Postdoc position on hydrogen-based reduction of iron oxides in fluidized bed30/11/2023
20230620PhD student in modelling robust energy systems30/11/2023
20230610Postdoc position, Real time control of 2-wheelers, bikes and E-scooters for validating ADAS30/11/2023
20230601Staff Researcher in quantum sensing/foundations with mechanical resonators30/11/2023
20230600Two postdoc positions: UV-blue surface-emitting lasers30/11/2023
20230597Postdoctoral position, ML-assisted design of optomechanical devices30/11/2023
20230593Postdoctoral positions on the study of evolved stars30/11/2023
20230590Postdoctoral fellow in optical transport network security30/11/2023
20230582Postdoc position Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems30/11/2023
20230559PhD student position within WWSC: lignin chemistry and its engineering30/11/2023
20230647Postdoc in mass transport in absorbents used for hygiene products27/11/2023
20230503Associate Professor in Structural Dynamics26/11/2023
20230560Postdoc position in synchrotron-based studies of electrocatalyst surfaces25/11/2023
20230530PhD student position in synchrotron-based studies of electrocatalyst surfaces25/11/2023
20230637Postdoc in Atom Probe Tomography of Steels for Small Modular Reactors24/11/2023
20230591Tekniklektor (lärare) inom juridik23/11/2023
20230585Postdoc position, Oxyhydrides for Catalytic CO2 utilization and Selective Hydrogenations22/11/2023
20230603Staff researcher for Quantum thermodynamics and nonlinear optomechanics21/11/2023
20230588Marie Curie PhD student position in silicon photonics and microcombs21/11/2023
20230633Doctor in mmWave antenna systems based on Gap waveguide20/11/2023
20230616Post-doc in energy systems modeling20/11/2023
20230545Postdoc in Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Circuits20/11/2023
20230632Amanuense at Life19/11/2023
20230630PhD student position in human cell models19/11/2023
20230629PhD-student in Healthcare improvements19/11/2023
20230628Postdoc position in Machine Learning19/11/2023
20230623PhD student position in sustainable antifouling strategies for invasive species control18/11/2023
20230615Project Assistant: Heterogeneous catalysis17/11/2023
20230606Amanuens within research (BSc and MSc)17/11/2023
20230554Postdoc position complex aero engine propulsion systems17/11/2023
20230607Reducing qubit decoherence by materials modeling and process development16/11/2023

PhD student in AI-driven biomolecular engineering15/11/2023
20230602PhD student position in Optimal energy control for vehicle-home-grid integration15/11/2023
20230599Two PhD student positions: III-nitride-based lasers15/11/2023
20230587Postdoc in computational multi-scale modelling for H2-applications15/11/2023
202305622 post-docs: Development of novel catalysts for green chemical production15/11/2023
20230396Postdoc position in development of green separation methods15/11/2023
20230336Postdoctoral fellow in communications and coding for channels with memory15/11/2023
20230520PhD student position in New Materials Concepts for Stable Organic Solar Cells13/11/2023

Postdoc in Doping of Conjugated Polymers for Wearable Electronics13/11/2023
20230481Postdoc position in Machine learning for nuclear reactor core monitoring12/11/2023
20230604Postdoc in Early Life Nutrition and Allergy Development10/11/2023
20230651Administratör IMS med del av tjänst i VDL09/11/2023
20230561Postdoctoral researcher in theoretical nuclear physics06/11/2023
20230581Head of Department at Microtechnology and Nanoscience05/11/2023
20230028PhD student position in Materials Chemistry for Stable Organic Electronics03/11/2023
20230598Teaching assistant, CSE02/11/2023
20230539Postdoc in Materials Chemistry for Electrochemical Applications01/11/2023

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