PhD Scholarships at the University of Gothenburg, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Doctoral Positions in Educational Work and Subject-Matter Education with Specializations (up to five positions)PAR 2023/10792024-01-31
Doctoral student in Natural science, specializing in biologyPAR 2023/11972023-11-28
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Mathematical modelling of cardiovascular diseasePAR 2023/6182023-11-22
Doctoral Student in Atmospheric Science at the University of Gothenburg (MSCA COFUND project PRISMAS)PAR 2023/11052023-11-17
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Translational breast cancer researchPAR 2023/11892023-11-16
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Cell and molecular biologyPAR 2023/10892023-11-13
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Comorbidity in the lower urinary tractPAR 2023/11622023-11-06
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Molecular mechanisms of neurodevelopmental diseasePAR 2023/10882023-11-20
PhD Student in Bio-composites as coating for WAAM metal: deep-learning-enhanced multiscale modelling of moisture diffusionPAR 2023/11712023-11-30

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